Ryan Seacrest: Brief Recap on his Work Life

The busy day for Ryan Seacrest begins at six in the morning when beginning his daily routine. This is showering and shaving then applying moisturizer on his face. Also, since this is first time being positioned In New York he would need to see what the forecast is like every day. When he goes downstairs after putting on his Uggs, a T-shirt, a hoodie that zips up, and Sweats, he has matcha tea and then after that coffee. Seacrest also has a rule to only take an interview on a phone call or other desires. Some advice he gives in order to get the most success is saying “yes” or “got it”. Also, he finds putting his phone away and on lock is a good idea. When he is on a trip he would do just that.

As mentioned in an article posted at www.nytimes.com, Ryan Seacrest recalls getting advice from Dick Clarke after he worked for him before he passed away. He gave him advice to make people think that you are making the job look simple. This means that you are doing well in it.

Ryan Seacrest has involvement in many different areas on television and radio. For example, in radio he hosts a number one show that’s nationally syndicated on radio called “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. In television he co-hosts along with Kelly Ripa on Disney and ABC talk show in the morning “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. This show is syndicated. He also returned to hosting singing competition show “American Idol”. He is the producer too. It had its first season back on another channel “ABC”. This began March 11th 2018. He also has a clothing line by the name of “Distinction”. It’s sold at “Macy’s”. This is also skincare line for men polished by Dr. Lancer partnering with Dr. Harold Lancer, famous dermatologist.

Ryan Seacrest also has efforts he did in the field of philanthropy. He has been the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation or RSF. This has opened something called “Seacrest Studios”. These are ten centers of broadcast media. These are featured in cities and pediatric hospitals over the country.

Here’s the original source: https://www.forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

Milan Kordestani- A Talented Equestrian and a Farmer

Milan Kordestani love for racing and horses began early at ten years, and his dedication and devotion has brought him fame and success. He is renowned for being an international and also a national equestrian competitor, a farmer and a written. Milan owns the Milan farms and frequently publishes various articles in the Huffington Post about matters touching on mental health, politics and also agriculture. He thinks that farming should be simplified and uses the most natural and straightforward technology and techniques in his Milan Farm.

Milan Kordestani lives in the Atherton California, and his life began in 22nd April 1999 at Stanford California, and he attended the Phillips Brooks Elementary and later moved to London. In London, Milan went to Eaton Square Schools, and his love for America saw him relocate back and attended his high school at the Bay Area School. In 2017 Milan Kordestani graduated at the Sacred Hearts Preparatory in the Suburbs of California in Bay Area and currently he is attending college.

Kordestani is a robust equestrian, and in 2017 becomes 3rd in the World’s Championship competition and previous he had won the Under Parks Division in 2015. Additionally, in 2016, he finished 2nd in the Worlds Competitions, and this makes him undoubtedly a smart and also talented equestrian. Milan Kordestani has an excellent connection for horses and his dedication to learning riding classes has seen him embracing equestrian as a sport and even career. He has progressed tremendously becoming known in both local and international horse racing’s arena.

Milan Kordestani love for natural touch saw his start the Milan Farm during his high school sophomore year, and the farm has tremendously grown focusing on poultry rearing, and its core agenda is producing of high quality and natural chicken eggs and meat. The farm pride in creating various connection naturally and it’s also distinguished for production of the saffron spices in hydroponically way and using the microfiber sponges.

Milan farms boast of offering free-range and organic eggs, natural saffron spices and various mint flavors. According to Milan Kordestani, his farm trusts in providing hits clients with an honest opinion and being transparent on their farming ways and they have adapted the technology of using only organic plants.

Top Private Equity Investment Firm Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a well established investment management group based out of New York City managing over 43 billion dollars in assets. They offer high end investment services to private and institutional clients using their five core competencies to achieve results.

Fortress Investment Group’s core competencies fall under five broad categories to cover all of the possibilities in their investments. First is a focus on asset-based investing that utilizes their team’s vast experience in diversified asset investing. This experience with a wide range of assets has allowed Fortress Investment Group to build a portfolio that can withstand market downturns over time. In depth knowledge of the the industries that they invest in means that Fortress can best judge how an investment should pan out. Having industry knowledge also means having a team who has many connections and knowledge as to when a profitable investment may come available. The focus on operations management experience allows Fortress Investment Group to understand the working of their investments and pull the best value from them over time. Fortress investment managers have a high degree of experience with corporate mergers and acquisitions. Using this experience, Fortress works with all parties to plan and execute investment strategies as efficiently as possible. Finally, Fortress has a large amount of experience in capital markets making for quick, effective securing of financing for potential investments.

In December 2017 Fortress Investment group was acquired by Japan’s SoftBank as part of a strategy to become the world’s leading managers of alternative investments. This has led to a return to the private sector for Fortress but has otherwise changed very little with their internal workings. SoftBank has gained significant experience in real estate and more traditional credit based investing with their acquisition. They also gain considerable real estate investments that were already a part of Fortress’ portfolio. Despite being acquired by a larger institution, Fortress Investment Group plans to continue their services just as they always have and use their considerable knowledge to help others grow and succeed in their financial endeavors. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

The Undeniable Reality About Press Release Distribution Service That No One Is Telling You

New Questions About Press Release Distribution Service

Press release distribution is pretty inexpensive. It can be a useful tool for search engine marketing and business advancement. Press release distribution works like the way our favorite TV shows wind up on our community broadcast stations each week. Locate the most suitable budget and stick to each of the above guidelines and you ought to have a very prosperous press release distribution.

The Fight Against Press Release Distribution Service

News releases might be a good strategy to advertise your company with minimal or zero investment. When the submitted version is reviewed using an editor, it is going to be posted to the site and distributed via the news release distribution network. Online press releases provide a cost-effective alternative to classic advertising. Most press releases concentrate on significant happenings within a business. Distributing your press release is as comfortable as signing up for a free online service and filling in the required information in as few as five to ten minutes. You may hire a person to write your press release if you’re not too good with words, or you can do a little researcher and writes it yourself. Distributing press releases across the internet is a robust process to notify media professionals about recent news or events concerning your company.

You press release should address their requirements or region of interest. Thus, your statement may be somewhat less inclined to be picked up by mainstream media. Put simply; you can provide a press release to your clients with your very own private label. A You can’t be too creative with your press releases. Today press release writing and submission is getting a standard and efficient means to disseminate keyword helpful information throughout the various search engines.

Up in Arms About Press Release Distribution Service?

Even if you’ll only use free internet distribution websites, you would like your releases to come across as a professional as possible so avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes is a must. Paid news release distribution sites can vary in price from only a few dollars per month for a membership to fees that are a lot higher. Thus, you must choose merely the best paid and utterly free press release sites for press release submission. It’s possible for you to used a number of the paid and wholly free press release websites to file your press release. If you need payment for a press release sites, it is preferable to use one that enables you to entered pictures or videos. Today, you can concentrate on the free and paid high excellent press release sites which in fact have value. If you believe your readers want rich details about your service or product, the lengthier format will do the job well for that.

Life After Press Release Distribution Service

There are lots of news distribution services are available on the internet. The 500-word press release service allows you to include fuller specifics of the announcement which aren’t possible in a conventional 300-word press release. Consequently, it’s your responsibility to select which press release service will do the job best for your brand. Press release distribution services are a fantastic way to boost your release circulation and help it get into the proper hands. To get published, you will have to use an internet press release distribution services. Picking the most suitable press release distribution service is essential to boosting the success rate and internet visibility of your release. Keeping that in minds, here are the best press release distribution services known to create editorial coverage.

The release oughts to be distributed to markets where readers and potential clients will discover it. You may also spread your press release all on your own. A press release is an excellent means to have the news out about a new product or service business is offering. Your press release goes on their site and if you are fortunate, a few low excellent websites they own. White Label Press Release is among them. White label press releases supply a fantastic opportunity for pr agencies that are wanting to expand their offerings. You might also be interested in knowing what a white label press release is and the way they’re distributed.

Google how to compose a press release in case you have never written a press release before or get expert help. Remember that the chief target of a press release is to give useful info about your organization, goods, services, or industry to the reader. A 500-words press release may also include more quotes from experts and client testimonials.

To boost the likelihood of inclusion by the editor in his news, it is preferable to compose a press release in a given format. 24-7 Press Release is a somewhat superior service if you’re starting up your organization and don’t have lots of capital to spend on a single press release. It isn’t hard to compose a press release that will satisfy the distribution services, but it may take just a little practice before getting it right. A well-produced press release may result in massive media publicity for your business. A lengthier press release enables you to make a multi-part announcement.

Press releases have plenty of advantages, which means a whole lot of individuals submit them. Your press release must stick to a specific format. Publishing an internet press release is a remarkable means of producing brand awareness and boost visitors to your web business site. Posting it is a fantastic way of creating brand awareness and increase traffic to your online business site.


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Robert Deignan’s Entrepreneurial Journey To Success

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan and his company, ATS Digital Services, have been highly praised as the first call center to receive certification by AppEsteem Corporation to make premium support services available to consumer software applications.

AppEsteem established its credentials for certification in accordance with input from consumer groups, government regulators, the software industry, law enforcement and more. ATS Digital Services completed all of the 39 requirements that it takes to obtain certification.

AppEsteem, which was launched by a team of cybersecurity veterans, started its certification process in 2016 and plans to involve payment processors, advertising networks and more.

Making both free and premium services available, AppEsteem identifies applications and services that may harm consumers. The company encourages the development and sharing of clean applications while at the same time opposing fraudulent practices.

Deignan commented in a statement the company, which is excited to be connected to AppEsteem, works at the top level on the subject of consumer-friendly practices.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Purdue University, Deignan co-founded Fanlink and then went on to become executive vice president of iS3 where he worked for nine years.

The software company, iS3, tackles issues that include digital security, computer maximization and tailored technical support.

His departure from iS3 led the way for Deignan to co-found ATS Digital Services, which has provided technical assistance to hundreds of thousands of customers by telephone or by screen sharing since 2011. He is also the chief executive of the company.

The Miami, Florida-based company works with products and services that include tablets, desktops, laptops, network connectivity, digital storage and more. It also attaches the utmost importance to customer service.

Being from Florida, Deignan takes pleasure in a day at the Atlantic Ocean as well as a love for boats and fish. He has participated in many fishing competitions and tournaments.


Bob Reina Leads Top Marketing Company Talk Fusion

Over the course of his lifetime, Bob Reina has always said to himself I Will at the beginning of every day. These two words may be simple, but they have been vital to him achieving his many goals in life. The two words have driven him to build a breakthrough marketing business as well as being very active in charitable activities. While running a company and participating in charitable activities may lead to conflicts, they are not a problem for Bob Reina. He is able to manage both activities and contribute to making a better world for everyone.


I Will has been the key mantra for Bob Reina for many years. This phrase is very powerful once you put it into action. The two words are what Bob tell himself whenever he is looking to take on any endeavor. It is these two words that have given him the confidence and belief in achieving any goals that he sets out for himself.


According to Bob Reina, he never looks back on his life and always looks to move forward. He also looks to bring other people forward as well. When he built his company Talk Fusion, Bob knew that everyone had certain strengths and areas where they needed more help. These factors make up the importance of having a team in order to achieve various goals. By putting together a team, Bob believes that any organization will be in the best position to achieve anything it sets out to do.


Bob Reina is the founder of the company Talk Fusion. He started up this company in 2007 in order to capitalize on internet marketing. Reina put together video marketing where individuals and businesses can promote themselves through emails. The development of this new way of marketing has proven to be quite effective over the last ten years.


Before Bob started up his own company, he worked as a police officer. This was a rewarding career for Bob, but he had a passion for other things. One of these things was direct selling. As a result, he got involved in network marketing and experienced a lot of success. While he was involved in network marketing, he was able to make a decent income on a consistent basis. This allowed him to resign from being a police officer and focus on direct selling full time. Learn more: https://twitter.com/bobreina








Where Tourists In Samoa Can Learn About Samoan Culture And Buy Souvenirs

     Traveling to Samoa for vacation will require quite a bit of air travel if you live in North or South America but it is worth it. Many people first land at the international airport in American Samoa before getting on a small plane which flies to Fagali Airport just outside Apia. Once you’re out of Fagali Airport and have stowed your luggage at your hotel you have a number of options on what to do. There are cultural places to visit, great restaurants, and many outdoor activities.

Two of the main cultural events in Samoa to take part in are the Samoa Cultural Village and Fia Fia Night which is held each Wednesday evening at the Aggie Gray Hotel. Both will immerse you in this island’s culture and teach you new things. Another great place to experience culture is on Mulinu’u Peninsula which is where there is a historic observatory as well the tombs of important leaders of the past.

For those tourists who enjoy shopping there are a number of options. One of these is Marketi Fou sells produce and souvenirs. There are many fruits and vegetables you can buy here that can’t be experienced outside of Samoa. They also sell coconut-shell jewelry, lava-lavas (traditional Samoan clothing for men), hats, wood carvings, and more. Janet’s on Vaea Street is also a good option for those looking to buy souvenirs.

When leaving Samoa it is very likely your hotel is less than 10 minutes from Fagali Airport. It also takes a very short time to process your tickets and clear security. There is always less than 20 fellow passengers as that is the most people flights out of this airport can accommodate. This makes getting through Fagali Airport and back onto your journey home an easy experience.

Ryan Seacrest’s Secret To Success

Ryan Seacrest has become a household name in recent years. From his stint as host of American Idol to appearances on Live With Kelly and Ryan and much more, he is known for his diversity and entertaining nature. He comes from very humble beginnings and keeps that in mind as he becomes more and more famous. His life may seem like a fairy tale now, but he has had many struggles. One of these is his weight. Ryan Seacrest was not always as fit as he is today and grew up battling weight issues. Since gaining control of this, he has maintained a very healthy lifestyle which includes diet and exercise.

Ryan makes sure to include a daily workout routine in his schedule and feels that if he were to miss just one day of exercise, he could revert back to his old habits. Even though his busy schedule doesn’t always allow for this, he will cancel or reschedule other appointments to do it. He is as dedicated to working out as he is to accomplish his other goals in life. His competitive nature also helps him in this area as he has been known to play some very intense ping pong games with friends.

Ryan Seacrest has been hosting the Dick Clark Rocking New Year’s Eve show for the past several years and will do so once again this coming year. The show has been on the air for many years and Ryan took over hosting duties when Dick Clark decided to retire. He has been doing a great job and the ratings for the show continue to climb. Ryan feels the success of it has to do with the talent they have appearing on it as well as the talent of those who are producing it.

He has also shown the more charitable side of himself working with people who need help. Ryan Seacrest’s foundation has helped more than a thousand families who have come upon devastating times. He continues to work with the foundation in order to provide for more and more families. His work schedule is never ending. More info on his facebook account.

Ryan’s Biography on IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/

Talos Energy Closes a Merger with a couple of Others in Texas

The past week saw two major mergers in the energy sector. The two mergers in focus by the industry are CB&I and McDermott, and the Talos Energy deal with Stone Energy. Interestingly, both of the merger deals were sealed on the 10th of May. The Southern Gateway open season came to a close following cancellation by Buckeye. In other significant industry news, BP Energy is angling to raise $475 million in private equity fund. Texas has a lot more news for those interested in big and small business alike. In Summary

The $ 6 Billion Merger

McDermott and Chicago Bridge closed their $6 billion merger. Chicago Bridge is based in Woodlands. The deal also reined in Iron Company. The latter was consequently removed from the stock exchange and public markets in general. The latter company is especially good for the merger because it has been losing its capitalization on the stocks market for several years running now. Talos Energy on its part finished its merger talks and deal with Stone Energy. The offshore exploration firm was pulled into the stock markets. The previous holders of stocks in Talos hold 63% of the company in total. The former Stone Energy stockholders now own the remainder, which is 37%.


Buckeye Partners LP has got rid of the Southern Gateway open Season project. Instead, the company has decided that it’s a better business deal to partner with Phillips 66, and Andeavor, based in San Antonio, for the completion of the Southern Gateway Terminal located in Corpus Christi. The Gateway terminal is meant to take most of the Phillips 66 offtake, plus the massive Gray Oak pipeline; which is yet another of the Permian crude oil project. The latter has attracted lots of interest from the area shippers.

Bp Energy

Bp Energy Partners has initiated a regulatory filing signaling a second fund in the pipeline. The private equity firm was initially sponsored by T Boone Pickens; an oil tycoon based in Texas. The company is exploring ways of raising $475 million to run the fund project.

Other Developments

In other news, it has been reported that the final part of Enbridge Inc, Valley Crossing Pipeline has been delayed because of rough seas. The section measures over 1, 000 feet. The bridge crosses from the USA into Mexico and runs a couple of miles to the East of Rio Grande mouth. The project is supposed to reach the border by end of this month; the spokesman of the company has indicated. To know about Talos Energy click here.

NGP Van Is Making An Extraordinary Difference For Democratic Campaigns

Political organizing has become more sophisticated. Campaigns are connected to the voters with big data ensuring the platforms are more likely to be supported by the voters. This enables Democrats to identify their potential voter base. Many of the nationwide, massive campaigns such as President Obama’s were powered by NGP Van. They provide mobile and web tools for a successful campaign. NGP Van is a leader in technology and provides campaigns strategies based on technology. This provides Democrats with an edge.

Mobile software was being developed and tested in 2012. This was when NGP Van launched a mobile app called Pollwatcher that was used by the Obama campaign. The Democratic party began investing in resources to produce skills, knowledge, technologies and practices in 2004. This included the data, digital media and technologies necessary for contemporary electioneering. Political parties also use data bases, canvassing apps and mobile tools extensively.


NGP Van is a Voter Activation Network founded in 1997. They offer Democrats several tools for a technologically savvy campaign. These tools can analyze the data collected to quickly to determine if the campaign is progressing at an appropriate rate. These tools also provide a computerized program for fundraising. The platform keeps track of the donors and the donations. Canvassing is additionally uncomplicated with NGP Vans MiniVan. This digital experience was launched in 2018 and saves organizers time so the volunteers can begin canvasing door to door.


NGP Van has recently released their ActBlue integration. This provides campaigns with instant contribution access. This information is also available through the NGP 8 suite. These two programs share a unique interface to help decrease any redundancy while creating more efficient strategies for political campaigns and fundraising. A direct interface with the donation websites is made possible. NGP Van is improving the experience with marketing automation to enable candidates to run organizing campaigns through multiple channels.

NGP Van may be the catalyst for Democrats interested in winning the races in the Senate and House in 2018. NGP Van has even been recognized for the best company culture with the CampaignTech Award. As time passes, the Democrats continue to be empowered by NGP Van.