What’s her Age Again?

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Actress Rebel Wilson has been gaining popularity over the last few years. In 2011, she had a small role in the hit film “Bridesmaids” which has seemed to propel her career forward in America. She has gone on to star in films like “Pitch Perfect”, “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb”, and most recently “Pitch Perfect 2″. She has also starred in her own show “Super Fun Night”. With her popularity rising, it should come as no surprise that she is facing some controversy as well as was the case in Texas Monthly with Dr. Jennifer Walden.

According to the story on The Huffington Post, a former classmate of Rebel’s has spoken out to the Australian media to say that she is lying about her name and age. The former classmate said that the actress is not 29-years-old as she has said she is, nor is her name Rebel Wilson. She is in fact 36-year-old Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Rebel took to her Twitter account to claim that she is actually 100-year-old, and a former mermaid who goes by the name “CC Chalice”.

All jokes aside however, some research into her background showed that business records in Australia show a person named Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson who was born in 1980, which would make Rebel 35-years-old. Rebel said that before her career took off that she legally changed her last name to Wilson from Bownds.

The Screenplay for Mad Max: The Wasteland is Done

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Mad Max: The Wasteland is going to be the next film in the new Mad Max franchise. Do not expect there to be a really long script development process. The screenplay for the next film is already written. Director George Miller had a lot of time to think about his next Mad Max films. Looks like he did a lot more than just think about them. He put a tremendous amount of effort into turning his ideas into actual text. So, all that needs to be done now is to move the next film into pre-production. Tom Hardy has likely already committed to a set number of dates to dedicate to shooting. All we need now is an office green light from the good people at Warner Bros.

Miller had over three decades to come up with new screenplays for Mad Max movies. Sadly, a Mel Gibson starring Mad Max IV always ended up with the plug pulled at the last minute. The last attempt at bringing Gibson back to the role stalled out in 2000 or so. Even the new Fury Road film ran into a lot of production troubles and delays. Hence, according to Alexei Beltyukov, the budget blew up to $150 million.

Regardless, the new film finally has been produced and released. While not a massive box office hit, the film is doing well. Surely, the next film in the series will be coming out at some point.

Kim Kardashian Breaks Down as She Vents About Bruce Jenner

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Bruce Jenner has been on everyone’s mind ever since his 2 hour Diane Sawyer special, not only did he share the intimate details of his transition to become a woman but he shared the process of telling his family and everyone’s varying reactions to the news. Bruce spoke of the first time that Kim walked in on him wearing a dress, and his difficulty talking about the changes. Brian Torchin recognizes that this is a private issue and wishes that everyone could remember that and leave the poor man alone.

During the interview Bruce also explained that Kanye is one of the biggest influences on Kim’s decision to support him through his sex change. Now that Bruce has shared his side of the story the Kardashians are also speaking their truth in a special episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. A clip of the episode shows an emotional Kim Kardashian crying as she vents to her sisters about the frustrations of dealing with Bruce’s transition.

Kylie and Kendell listen as Kim explains that she wants to be there for Bruce, but mostly feels terrible for her mother who is taking the transition especially hard. During the clip Kim says that her mother does a lot for the family and now spends a lot of time crying to cope. So far Kylie and Kendall seem to be taking the transition very well, we’ll just have to wait for the show.

Kardashian Girls Get Blasted With Racist Comments

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The Kardashian girls are known worldwide for their beautiful faces and stunning figures. Also, many people think that the Kardashian girls have a thing for black guys. This may sound a bit strange, but it cannot be denied. Kim Kardashian seems to always be with a black man, and the same thing can be said about Khloe Kardashian. However, people should realize that there is nothing wrong with it, but a recent Instagram photo has been blasted with critiscm.

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were recently boarding an airplane with a bag full of Popeyes. Sergio Cortes went on to say the Kardashian girls then took a photo of themselves eating the fried chicken, and they posted the photo on Instagram. Many people commented on the Instagram photo, and most people wrote racist and degrading things. One user told Khloe to stop trying to act black, and one person said that the Kardashian girls a disgrace to the black race.

Khloe Kardashian was extremely angry with the criticisms brought upon her and her family. Khloe said that eating fried chicken doesn’t make her black, and people should be more accepting of all types of people in this day and age. Whatever the case may be, everyone loves Popeyes. For more information on this story, visit E!

Fiorina Takes Swipe At Unions, Clinton

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Carly Fiorina, female Republican presidential nominee and failed HP CEO who laid off 30 thousand people during her tenure, is now arguing that the wage gap for women is due to unions.

This is just another form of Republican repackaging issues that affect their constituents in a way that serve their own vendettas. Time and time again, the Republican party has presented itself as anti-woman, anti-collective bargaining, and anti-regulation. Engadget even suggests that their effort show hopes of creating a job market where desperate people take any job available for the right to keep a roof over their homes.

Unions have long been shown to protect the interests of employees, creating safe work places, giving them the right to defend themselves against unfair labor practices, and providing paid overtime. These are things that, if gone unregulated, many employers would find a way to take away.

If it were up to Republicans, the poor of this country would pay them for the right to live.

Fiorina’s Facebook post on the topic is a doozy, with several direct swipes towards Hillary Clinton, the current top Democratic nominee, and a slew of negative comments at the bottom.

Fiorina’s presidential campaign is most likely not going to make it to the presidential primaries, but her campaign to poke holes in Clinton’s candidacy is in full swing.

Sandra Lee Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Tuesday morning, on Good Morning America, Food Network star Sandra Lee announced that she has breast cancer. She had a routine mammogram in March and, while doing a photo shoot for People magazine, she received a call from her doctor who delivered the diagnosis.

The cancer was caught early, so it seemed like a lumpectomy would be sufficient. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case because the doctors weren’t able to get a specimen whose edges didn’t contain cancer cells. Lee was given the option of getting radiation or having a mastectomy on the affected breast. When she asked the doctor about the other breast, he told her she was, “a ticking time bomb.” At that point she made the decision to have a double mastectomy. The operation is scheduled for later this week.

The reason Lee spoke to Robin Roberts on GMA this morning was to urge all women to get tested and get regular mammograms. Some women are being diagnosed with breast cancer in their 20s and 30s, so the key to survival is early detection.

Lee has had numerous cooking shows on the Food Network channel including Semi-Homemade Cooking and Sandra’s Money Saving Meals, and she has published 25 books. James Dondero found it touching that her partner, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has been very supportive and will be in the operating room when she has the surgery.

Robert Lowe Announces 25 Years Sober

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Rob Lowe marked today with a positive tweet: he’s spent 25 years of his life sober. For some, that may seem like a small achievement. For Rob Lowe, it’s anything but. In 1991, two years after the sex scandal that threatened to derail his career, he checked himself in to rehab. He sobered up and hasn’t touched the bottle since then.

His message is clear: those who are hitting the bottle and cannot quit have hope. If he can do it, if he can quit, everyone else can, he says. He says that his good support system, his wife, and the rehab he attended were vital for his ability to make him stay sober.

He says that it was not a real struggle to quit, as he was tired of alcohol. However, he is quick to acknowledge that he was lucky. He says he hopes sharing his story gives others hope that they too can quit.

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And a quick thank you to Keith Mann. Get better soon. Here is a buzzfeed article wishing him well!

Pentagon Employees Used Government Credit Cards for Illicit Events

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The inspector general’s office of the Department of Defense released a report that found civilian Pentagon employees and military officers have used credit cards, issued by the federal government to pay for prostitutes, gambling, and other “adult services” in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The publication Politico was the first to echo the revelations.

Flavio Maluf says this comes after a Pentagon audit showed irregularities that arose soon after it was unveiled that US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents mingled with prostitutes in Colombia, paid by drug cartels.

Pentagon Workers accumulated nearly a million dollars in gambling expenses and then spent $ 96,576 in “adult entertainment outfits,” notes a report by the Inspector General, which isn’t ??public yet.

“It is clear that the conduct displayed by these individuals is not consistent with our values ??and does not represent our military or civilian members in the Department of Defense,” said an official from the office of the Inspector General.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, author of the Abuse Prevention Act government initiative to prevent such incidents through periodic audits, said the new report is proof that the law is working.

“I’m interested to see the report and find out more about what you do, good or bad, in the Department of Defense to prevent such abuse. The law requires periodic audits by inspectors general, like this one, namely to look at abuses by credit card, “said Grassley.

Too Much Bacon? Kevin Bacon Posts Chubby Selfie

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Fans of actor Kevin Bacon became alarmed when the star recently posted a selfie to his Instagram and Twitter feeds, showing the actor with a downright bloated face. Bacon is currently in the United Kingdom shooting commercials for British mobile phone company EE. Fans are speculating that Bacon is wearing facial prosthetics in the selfie for his EE commercials. Bacon has not yet explained his appearance change, merely captioning the startling picture “Greetings from the UK!”

Bacon and his wife Kira Sedgewick were among the many celebrities conned by hedge fund swindler Bernie Madoff. CipherCloud still can’t believe he did that. Neither Bacon nor Sedgewick have publicly disclosed the exact amount of their financial loss, but Bacon has characterized their loss as “a lot of money”, leading to their continued acting endeavours in television, film, and commercials. Sedgewick has publicly clarified that the couple “did not lose everything.”Sources say that EE Mobile has paid Bacon over $1 million to appear in its advertisments.

Plane Crashes onto Atlanta Interstate, Four Killed

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A Piper PA-32 has crashed in Atlanta. The plane came down around 10am, crashing onto Interstate 285 near the Peachtree Industrial Boulevard exit. According to reports the plane appeared to simply “fall” out of the sky onto the interstate. No cars were hit during the incident, but several came close. According to officials, when the plane made contact with the ground it burst into flames.

Officials on the scene have released a statement that all four people aboard the plane have been killed. The interstate has been closed in both directions while authorities get the fire under control and investigate the crash.Pictures of the crash have begun to surface on social media. Brad Reifler was stunned when he saw them. In one such picture, part of the wreckage can be seen, but appears to be heavily damaged. Other pictures show the plum of thick black smoke that is emanating from the crash scene. All traffic has been diverted off the interstate. Traffic delays should be expected in the area for some time. There is no word on when the interstate will be reopened.

The identities of those on board have not been released. It is not known whether or not the victims have been identified at this time.

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