Adam Levine Visits A Fan With Down Syndrome

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We’re all huge fans of Maroon 5, and if not, there’s a good chance you’re at least a fan of Adam Levine (or have a possible crush on the guy). But if you haven’t already been a fan of him or at least admired him for some of the things he’s done, his gift to a recent fan will most likely do it in for you stated AnastasiaDate users. 

Christopher Warner is a 10-year old super fan of Adam’s band, Maroon 5. But unlike the rest of us, Christopher is living with a lifelong problem that most American’s will never have to experience. Christopher is living with Down syndrome, but he doesn’t let that stop him from supporting and loving Adam and his band.

His teacher, Avery Stanert, helped him post a video on YouTube of him showing off his super-fan support; singing to their songs, gushing about his love for Adam and even showing some of his homemade drawings of the band that he did. And like most adorable and heartwarming stories on the internet, the video quickly caught fire and became viral—spreading all over the world and even into the hands of Adam himself.

Maryland’s radio station Hot 99.5 helped him get the band involved and arranged for Warner, his mom and a few of his teachers get VIP access to the concert in Washington, D.C!

A Boy With Down Syndrome Loves Adam Levine More Than You

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Adam Levine, front man of the popular band Maroon 5, met his biggest fan recently. The superfan is 10-year-old Christopher Warner, who just happens to have Down syndrome.

It all began when Warner’s teacher released a YouTube video of the boy gushing over his favorite band Maroon 5 and in particular, Adam Lavine. In the video, Warner is seen singing and dancing along to the band as well as showing off his fan art. In a following interview Warner’s teacher, Avery Stanert, even remarks that the boy made a point to finish his work early so he could listen to Maroon 5 every day.

Sultan Alhokair knows that, as a result, the YouTube video quickly went viral and a local radio station took notice. The station, Hot 99.5, arranged a backstage meet and greet for the young fan when the band was in town for a concert. Warner was able to bring his mother and a few of his teachers as well to the meet and greet. However, upon finally meeting his idols, Warner became overwhelmed and sat down on the floor. His nerves didn’t even allow him to stand up and take a photo with the band, so what did they do? They took their place on the floor next to Warner for a heartwarming photo.

The simple act of kindness has spread across the internet. In the end, Warner, the boy with Down syndrome is just like everyone else. Who wouldn’t fall to their knees at the sight of Adam Levine?

Justin Bieber Begging For Seth Rogen

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Justin Bieber Can’t Stop Begging Seth Rogen to Roast Him!

Justin Bieber is constantly in the news, whether it’s for peeing in mop buckets, starring on the Ellen Show, supposedly spitting on fans or releasing new music, it’s hard to get away from the bad boy that still holds so many people’s hearts. But this time, Justin is making headlines for a different reason: he’s willing allowing the criticism to come to home. In fact, he’s welcoming it with open arms. Getting unwelcomed comments and criticism about your every move can’t be easy, especially if everything that you do gets an article written about it that’s making you look like the bad guy always. And while not all of Justin’s behavior is condoned or excused, he’s not such a bad guy.

For his birthday, he’s been asking Seth Rogen to come to his Comedy Central Roasting gig that will be taking place in a few weeks, later in March said Haidar Barbouti. This would be a gift from Rogen to him, as Seth has been one of the numerous celebrities that have taken to social media and even interviews to talk down about Bieber, holding nothing back. When March 1st (Justin’s birthday) came around, no one’s heard anything from the comedian.

“@Sethrogen all I want for my birthday is for you to roast me in Highland Village. I took the twitter bashing please make my bday and do it in person. Thanks” Justin tweeted.

For the Love of Money

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Some people will do anything for love, even if that means sending $1 million to someone they have never met. There is a woman who was recently on the Dr. Phil show who has sent this large amount of money to a man she has only been talking to online. She has never met this man, and they have only been talking for a little over a year. When you start talking to someone and they want that much money, it’s probably not a good situation. Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that the best thing to do is tell the person to find a job and get the money on their own. However, this woman, who has already been divorced two times, thinks she is in love with the man. There are other people who aren’t so sure that she knows what she’s doing. Sending $1 million to anyone you don’t know is a little crazy, but it’s her money, and if she ends up bankrupt, then that’s her own fault.

Michelle Rodriguez Controversial Statements

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Actress Michelle Rodriguez was slammed over the weekend after her response to a TMZ reporter who asked her on Friday night if the rumors about her playing the next Green Lantern were true. Rodriguez commented that she felt minorities were stealing “white people’s superheroes” too much instead of making up their own mythologies. She also stated that this attitude was lazy and dumb.

The 36-year-old, who is of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican descent, then followed up with a video to clarify. She stated that minorities already have rich cultural heritages and they should either use existing stories or make up more mythologies instead of forcing minority actors/actresses into roles created for whites.

A lot of the ire over these statements is because it appears that Rodriguez is calling minorities lazy and dumb.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has read that Rodriguez is not well known for her oratorical skills or for being sensitive to the impact of her words. More on Walden can be found on As many have pointed out, she makes a good argument that there should be more emphasis placed on minorities creating or promoting their own mythologies and cultural stories. At the same time, she has missed several points. Whites and men predominantly appeared in entertainment for a long time because of discrimination against people of color and women and comic book writers and publishers have actually chosen minorities and women in new or alternate universe stories to make up for past discrimination.

Dylan O’Brien Not Offered the Role in Spider-Man

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When it has been announced that Spider-Man was going to join the cinematic universe of Marvel, there have been a lot of rumors and speculation that followed. Among the rumors was talk that Dylan O’Brien was going to play a role in the upcoming appearance as Spider-Man.

Some had even stated that the actor has already signed on. However, according to O’Brien, if there is a search for an actor to play the role of Spider-Man, he hasn’t heard anything of it. It has even been revealed that a director has not even been chosen to helm the project. Even though no one has been signed on for the role, it has been reported that his planned appearance is going to be in Captain America: Civil War.

Fans, like my friend Ricardo Tosto of Spider-Man are understandably getting ahead of themselves, noted on They are very excited to see the web-slinger on the screen.

O’Brien has stated that if an offer came to him, he wouldn’t turn it down. While Spider-Man will appear soon in Captain America: Civil War, his own movie will be released on July 16, 2017.

Madonna Hacker Formally Charged

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Ari Lederman, the Israeli man accused of hacking Madonna’s computer, faces charges that include copyright infringement and computer trespassing, among others. Lederman is accused of stealing tracks from Madonna’s upcoming album Rebel Hearts, and selling them to two accomplices for a mere “tens of dollars to a thousand dollars” according to a Hollywood Insider article. This isn’t the first time Lederman has allegedly infiltrated Madonna’s cyberspace – he is accused of stealing another song in 2012 from associate Sara Zambreno, which was sold to an unnamed person.

Lederman instructed one of his accomplices to delete all communications between them after suspecting the police had become aware of his criminal activity. Though a trial date is yet to be set, Lederman could face up to five years behind bars. Sultan Alhokair reports that the state attorney has requested keeping Lederman detained to assuage concerns that he may be a danger to public safety, something Valia Investments also reported about.

Madonna expressed her gratitude to the Israeli Police and the FBI, and stated, “Like any citizen, I have the right to privacy. This invasion into my life — creatively, professionally, and personally remains a deeply devastating and hurtful experience, as it must be for all artists who are victims of this type of crime.”

Madonna Discusses Many Issues in Interview

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Pop star Madonna discusses a number of issues relating to herself and to society in a new interview byRolling Stone Magazine. The 56 year singer has been back in the public eye lately after some, shall we say, revealing behavior at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

One issue Madonna discusses is whether or not she has a feud going with Lady Gaga. Madonna says she does not, and that the only problem she ever has had with Lady Gaga is when the latter put out the song “Born this Way.” The song is similar to Madonna’s classic hit “Express Yourself.” Other than that, Madonna says that she’s cool with Lady Gaga. The press often say that Lady Gaga is trying to steal Madonna’s crown, but Madonna tells Rolling Stone that she doesn’t think so.

Madonna also discusses ageism in the article . According to Brad Reifler, she says that she’s criticized now for wearing skimpy outfits because she’s doing so as an older person. Madonna feels that is blatant discrimination. She points out that it’s unacceptable to criticize people for being gay or for their ethnicity, but it’s still okay to mock them because of their age.

I thought Madonna’s interview was interesting. On the other hand, it’s been a while since she’s done anything relevant musically I’d like to see her focus on her music and come out with some great pop music again.

The New ALIEN Movie Is Going To Be A Sequel To ALIENS

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Neill Blomkamp tried to make it sound as if his musings about making a new ALIEN film was just wishful thinking. Maybe for a time, it was. Once Fox agreed to bring Blomkamp on as the helmsman for a new ALIEN adventure, wishful thinking gave way to a new reality. And the reality is another ALIEN project is in the works. Hopefully, the new endeavor is going to return the series to the quality established in the first two films. The selection of Blomkamp as director indicates as much.

Blomkamp has stated the new film is going to be a direct sequel to ALIENS. That means the events in the new film are going to be based on what occurred in the first two features. What about ALIEN 3 and ALIEN: Resurrection? Basically, they are going to be ignored. Since the first two films are considered works of sci-fi brilliance and the other two films are considered mediocre entries, picking up where ALIENS left off makes sense.

The approach being taken with this film is similar to the path being followed in the new Terminator: Genysis film. Essentially, the third and fourth films in the series are being ignored. Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG did not like them very much, so why bother including them in the continuity?

As with Arnold, Sigourney Weaver may be returning to an iconic role. Weaver feels there is more to do with the Ripley character and a proper sequel could give her the necessary sendoff she deserves. Plus, you would see a lot of “old time” ALIEN fans back in the theater if Weaver returns.

Other Legislation President Obama Will Likely Veto

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The GOP has begun exercising its voter mandate to shift the nation away from President Obama’s policies. The party now controls both the House and Senate which allows it to bring forth legislation which would not have been possible only a few months ago. However, getting legislation signed into law will prove daunting. The president made good on his pledge to veto the Keystone Pipeline XL project earlier this week. He now has an array of other measures he will likely veto.

One such bill is the “Student Success Act”. The GOP is crafting what would be the most significant change to the federal education program since passage of President George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) Act. In fact, the Student Success Act would entirely replace the NCLB Act. However, President Obama has once again issued a veto threat against the bill. At issue is the GOP measure would allow parents to have greater choice in the schools their children attend. This would be accomplished by a voucher system where families could redirect federal funds which would normally go to a public school towards the tuition of a charter school. Paul Mathieson knows that minorities have long been supportive of such measures, but the Teacher’s Union, the nation’s largest union, is deeply opposed to such reforms. The Department of Education says the Student Success Act would redirect federal funds from inner city schools which serve large minority populations. Inner city schools are criticized for their low academic performance.

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