Graham Edwards: Leading Telereal Trillium Ltd

Telereal Trillium Ltd is a firm specializing in managing commercial properties, and they also offer investment products and services. The company’s headquarters can be found in London, United Kingdom, and it was formed in 1997 as Trillium ( When the company was acquired in the year 2000 by Land Securities, it has gone through several overhauls, and it was later on rebranded into its present name – Telereal Trillium Ltd. The organizational structure of the company also changed, giving way to Graham Edwards to become the company’s chief executive officer. Since becoming the leader of the company, Graham Edwards has shown his competence in heading the company, and he has taken several steps that would leave a great impact on the industry (Glassdoor).

His skills and expertise in doing commercial transactions have been his edge ever since he got the job as the CEO of Telereal Trillium Ltd. A few years ago, Graham Edwards was able to seal off a transaction which multiplied the number of properties being managed by Telereal Trillium Ltd. The number of properties which were transferred under their ownership was estimated at around 6,700, and the cost of the whole deal was about £2.4 billion. The whole transaction went easy, and Graham Edwards managed to raise the company’s value because of his brilliant move.

Another event a few years back made Graham Edwards as one of the most important people working for the company. He negotiated with Land Securities Group to acquire Trillium, and because of his skills in negotiations, he successfully closed the deal which cost more than £1 billion. It has also cemented the reputation of Telereal Trillium Ltd as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Before joining Telereal Trillium Ltd, Graham Edwards has worked with several companies, but he was never satisfied so he decided to look for another company which would make him feel at home. When he found out about Telereal Trillium Ltd, he never hesitated to join and become one of the company’s most hard-working employees. Now that he was bestowed an executive position, Graham Edwards promised that he would be doing everything that he can to continue the growth that the company is experiencing.



What Does The SAAS Company Glen Wakeman Founded Really Do?

Sometimes the biggest mark of success in entrepreneurship is not what you do but how you do it, and the how is what business leader Glen Wakeman has emphasized throughout his career. Wakeman has been a part of business expansion projects that not only have added to the parent company’s client base, but have seen new leaders brought in who were personally mentored by him and have added to the overall value of those companies. Wakeman currently runs his own business leadership company, Launchpad Holdings which runs in a software-as-a-service (SAAS) format at This collaborative platform assists people with turning a business idea into a plan.

Glen Wakeman said he founded this company because he did some research into the startup market and saw a lot of businesses get started, but many either didn’t get access to funding that could have helped them, or failed even despite the funding because they didn’t have the organization needed to prevent failure, see also In fact, Wakeman has even mentioned that most startups will fail within the first five years because they don’t have a sustainable plan in place. What Launchpad Toolkit does is ask business owners hard questions about how they’re going to govern their company, how their finances will be managed, how they plan on getting investors a return on funds and many other questions in route to building a company that will thrive when confronted with competition.

Glen Wakeman started his business career at GE Capital after graduating from Scranton University with a bachelor’s in business. He later completed an MBA at the University of Chicago and right from the get-go was interested in building businesses under GE’s auspices. He helped establish several branches of GE Capital and subsidiaries in the UK, the greater part of Europe, the Asian Pacific market and Latin America. His duties included reforming struggling financial businesses with new administrative policies, restructuring debt and liquid assets in those companies, and helping make deals in mergers and acquisitions. Wakeman also was a founder of the Nova Four company. In addition to currently presiding over Launchpad Holdings, Glen Wakeman also is an advisor to Sitterbees and DreamFunded.


Larkin & Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two people who have views that are on the left side of the political spectrum. They are all for the social and political acceptance of immigrants—whether those immigrants are undocumented or not.

A browse through their website and their social media reveals that they are very pro-DACA, anti-Trump, anti-Sheriff Arpaio and pro-DREAMER. They believe that the value of human life outweighs the theoretical economic and social benefits of keeping undocumented immigrants out.

Well, we all know who Trump is and what DACA and DREAMERs are. However, Sheriff Arpaio might be a hard one to recall. For those who don’t know, or for those who forgot, Sheriff Arpaio is a man who stood in authority over Maricopa County. Uncountable amounts of corruption, hate and bad jail conditions prevailed under his rule as Sheriff. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

He oversaw the establishment of a “tent city,” which housed prisoners who would have gone to jails that were too packed full of people. When some of us think of “tent cities,” we think of encampments of homeless people in cities and outside cities. Calling them “tent cities” does not have the same peculiar, negative ring to it as “tent jail cells.” The “tent cities” that were put up were not pleasant places to be.

A variety of abuses happened in jail settings under Sheriff Arpaio. For instance, inmates were haphazardly restrained in ways that were highly dangerous. Some of these inmates died.

There was a diabetic female who was not allowed to have her much needed medication. The list of horror stories goes on and on when we talk about jail conditions under the watch of Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Arpaio also maligned people who he did not like. He maligned two critics, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. First, he banned the two journalists from his press conferences.

Then, he issued unlawful subpoenas to Larkin and Lacey for requests that were too invasive. After the men published information about their experience in The Phoenix New Times, they were randomly arrested in a very surprising, scary, heart-jolting way.

The Phoenix New Times was regarded by larger publications as a small, alternative type of publication that wasn’t really radical or dangerous.

This leads us to beg the question of why Sheriff Arpaio thought that it was so important to persecute two men who were practicing their right of free speech. Was it because there was some truth to what they were saying, or was Sheriff Arpaio just asserting his dominance?

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End Citizens United Wants Conor Lamb For Pennsylvania

     We know that the possibility of a blue wave in 2018 grows stronger with every second. The best way to make sure that this happens is to give people who want to change things a chance to make a difference. Conor Lamb has decided he wants to be the voice to make a big difference in Pennsylvania. He is running to become the representative representing the 18th district of Pennsylvania. If he is successful we will realize that the special elections we’ve seen so far spell good fortunes for the Democratic Party going into the November midterm elections. His ambition is certainly palpable, but so is his strategy.

The 18th district of Pennsylvania is a blue collar area. It was well known for its support of Trump and it extols many of the values that brought the middle class into the mainstream. Now, they are at a point where they aren’t happy with Trump but aren’t sure they want to give Democrats a chance. Lamb is there to convince them that they are going to have what they need and that they are in good hands. He wants to be the representative that gives this district what it needs to thrive.

End Citizens United has recognized that we need to have people in office who can help change the direction things are going. They know that Conor Lamb is going to do his best to bring things into the direction that will best serve the American public and provide his district with the help it deserves. The special election coming up is going to provide proof that this is what people want and that this is how you go out with the people behind you. We’ve already seen another special election go in their favor last year, but this is going to be worth so much more.

The campaign to take over this district is going to serve as a bellwether for what November will bring. It is going to prove that people want to take back their government from the people that have determined they are not entitled to it. It’s going to make sure that the big spenders and corporations are not able to decide what goes anymore. Conor Lamb is trying to do something that is difficult in and of itself, but he has created a strategy with the determination to make sure things go the way they should.

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Taking Points from Jeffry Schneider’s Leadership skills

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and chief executive officer of an emerging company. Jeffry’s business is in Austin Texas. As the company’s CEO Jeffry has been able to train and employ over fifty persons. Jeffry believes dedication and a good work ethic are the keys to his company’s growth. Social work is also part of what Jeffry Schneider and his company take part in by visiting and interacting with the less fortunate.

Below are guidelines on how to be a good leader:

High ethical standards and morals

The primary purpose of a leader in an organization is to guide junior workers. Therefore, a good leader should always demonstrate good morals.  A leader should be fair thus ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Fairness will promote a sense of direction within oneself and the organization at large. One simple way to notice high ethical standards is behaving or making a decision consistent with one’s values.


In an organization, every employee has a different skill from the other thus it is essential for the leader to identify these skills before delegating a duty to an individual. A way to know one’s abilities is through assessment and training. After the evaluation and training of individuals within a given skill set the leader is then free to delegate duties. By delegating tasks, there is an ease in working and a higher quality output by the organization.

Open to new ideas and approaches

It is vital for a leader to be ready to accept whatever changes that come their way. Resistance to change impedes growth both intellectually and as a company at large. A leader who is flexible will create an environment that provides the safety of trial and error to all employees. Through openness to new ideas creativity is encouraged.


Openness to new ideas goes hand in hand with creativity. Once a new approach is brought to the table, the leader is then tasked with implementation of the concept. In recent times there has been a significant influence on leadership by social media and young people. It is thus crucial for a leader to consider unconventional and non-traditional ways to solve company problems.


It should be every leader’s motto to ‘create a feeling of staying together as a pack in the good and bad times.’ It is also notable that energy flows, therefore, a confident leader translates to positive employees and vice versa. A positive environment will also increase the morale of the employees.


It is crucial for employees to always feel safe to talk to an employer about their ideas. Honesty can only be achieved when these employees respect their leader and can trust them. This means that a manager in an organization has to be open and honest. Let the employees know about you, and they will also let you know whatever they feel. A key point to remember is to smile. Smiling to employees creates a conducive environment for the employees to air out their views.

In conclusion, it is vital for every leader to first focus on improving their work performance and career in order to promote growth and improvement in their employees. This has been the case with Jeffry Schneider. With over twenty-five years’ experience he has been able to amass the knowledge to become a leader.

Eric Lefokofsky Makes New Discoveries in Medicine

Unfortunately, about 40 percent of adults in the United States will get a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Mostly everyone has a friend, family member or colleague who has battled cancer. The National Cancer Institute even asserts that about 14.5 million citizens in the U.S. had cancer in 2014. By the year 2024, this number is expected to increase to over 19 million. Thanks to advances in medicine being made by Tempus and similar companies, however, the future of cancer treatment is looking a bit more optimistic. Erik Lefkofsky is the cofounder of of Tempus, and Lefkosky is also one of the founders of Groupon. Tempus is shaping up to be a leader in data-enabled precision medicine.

It would stand to reason that since there was such a demand for the medical industry to develop EHR or electronic health records, that the healthcare world would be more familiar with modern technology; however, this has not been the case. Lefkosky had never had real experience with cancer treatment until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was surprised to learn about the work that still needed to be done in terms of digital technology and data collection in the world of healthcare. Even though a considerable amount of data is collected about patients and their medical treatments, there hasn’t been an efficient and easily accessed way to gather this information. That’s where Tempus comes in.


The company has very impressive objective: to change the way that patients receive cancer care. Tempus has developed a system that analyzes the molecular and clinical data of the patient. The organization is also committed to gathering data and scientific information that will hopefully get rid of cancer for good. Lefkosky and his wife are committed to furthering their cancer treatment efforts and improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

Lacey and Larkin Give Some People Justice

I am disheartened to see that Joseph Arpaio, who was the former Sheriff of the Maricopa County Police Department, is not facing justice for all the crimes that he has committed. I am even more disheartened to see that he is considering a senatorial run for a seat in the state of Arizona.

To see a man like that not only not pay for his crime but rather have a thriving life in the public sphere makes my soul wither and my heart cry. I am glad to see that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are doing all in their power to make sure Joseph Arpaio’s victims receive justice.

While Joseph Arpaio was Sheriff of the Maricopa County Police Department, he committed an untold amount of evil against the Hispanic community.

The first evil was creating a local Police Department that was geared to racially profile the Hispanic community. This was accomplished by firing all previous police officers on staff and then re-staffing the Police Department with officers who were more than willing to let their racial biases show.

The second evil was the time when Joseph Arpaio ordered an innocent family’s home to be burned down to the ground because he wrongly raided the home looking for drugs.

The third evil was another time when Joseph Arpaio allowed an unborn baby to die. This occurred when a woman, who had been detained earlier that day, began complaining of bleeding from her lady parts and pain in her abdomen. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

The guards were informed that she had not felt the baby move and she needed a doctor. Rather than being concerned, they laughed. Unfortunately, because of their error, the child died. To show how cruel Sheriff Joe Arpaio is he refused to allow her to even go to the child’s funeral.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin reported on these atrocities, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio came under heavy scrutiny. He decided it would be best to get out from under the microscope by obtaining the evidence that Lacey and Larkin had. To obtain this evidence, he would get his hands on an illegal warrant and unlawfully burst into their homes.

This illegal assault would end up as a settlement where Lacey and Larkin were rewarded with $3.75 million which was then used to begin the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This non-profit opposes the Senatorial run of Joseph Arpaio.

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Nick Vertucci Strives To Give Back Through His Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Vertucci has developed multiple educational programs to help people maximize their potential through real estate investing. Vertucci is always looking towards the future.

Vertucci was shaped by childhood, where things were tough. Vertucci lost his father at an early age, and his mother worked long hours to provide for him and his siblings. Vertucci initially became an entrepreneur through selling different computer parts. However, once the financial crisis happened, Vertucci faced obstacles once again. His life changed when he attended a real estate training seminar. Vertucci listened closely and received important advice about how to overcome the financial hurdles in his way. Vertucci used real estate to change his life, and he wants to help others do the same.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

One of the key components of Vertucci’s program is the NVREA System. Vertucci helps his students find the best deals. He believes in the philosophy of buying low and selling high, as he believes that is the best way to for students to maximize their profits. Flipping is important too. Once students have found the right properties, they must be able to flip in order to turn a profit. Once students have flipped the property, the next step is to head to the bank to receive the income earned from the sale.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy will help students learn about the daily challenges associated with pursuing a career in real estate. The Academy will help students gain insight into the necessary principles that will help them succeed. Some of the topics covered at the Academy include; rehabbing and flipping properties, commercial investments, asset protection, and properly using an IRA to fund investments. Vertucci is proud of his staff that assists him in providing an excellent real estate education to those would like to enhance their financial fortunes.

Fabletics Loves Using Positive Reviews

Fabletics is one of the savviest brands in the fashion industry today. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, it’s also one of the only celebrity-owned companies where the celebrity actually works. Kate Hudson doesn’t use Fabletics as a free-cash business, in which, she just collects checks every few months.

She’s a big part of making the company successful. Sure, being world-famous for her acting talents and fashion sense is a huge bonus. Her fame didn’t make Fabletics a $250 million business. It also didn’t increase the brand’s sales by 43 percent last year. All her fame did was help the brand get its name out into the world.

Once people knew what Fabletics was, it was up to their creativity to stay in people’s minds. So far, Fabletics has done a brilliant job at creating an amazing culture around itself. For a start, it was one of the first affordable, on-trend fashion brands producing activewear.

Fabletics also produces lines for all women – regardless of size or age – that women actually want to wear. Their fashion is meant to inspire women to embrace a healthy lifestyle. That personable trait comes from Kate, who wants to help America with its struggles with health.

There’s a lot to be earned in the activewear market these days. As millennials influence society’s trends, the world becomes more health conscious and relaxed. According to NDP Group, activewear generated $44 billion in the U.S. last year. By 2020, they predict that U.S. consumers will double that number.

As more companies try to get a piece of the multibillion-dollar pie, the economy is shifting its favor. For the longest time, companies had the power to easily persuade customers to buy anything. All a company needed was good products or services at fair prices.

These days, companies don’t have as much power. The truth is that people no longer trust traditional advertising or marketing. As everyone’s life becomes more digital, consumers developed a new way of determining final purchases. Now, they research a company before buying, which includes reading online reviews. It’s just a simple matter of trust. Without trust, companies have no customers.

People trust online reviews like they’re recommendations from people they know. Unlike traditional advertising, online reviews aren’t sponsored. Technology has allowed average people to effectively crowdsourcing their purchase decisions.

The Brazilian Trabuco And Its Modern Use

A trabuco is simply a trebuchet. These two words can be used interchangeably since trabuco is the Portuguese way of saying trebuchet. Trebuchets were used in ancient and medieval warfare. They were invented by the Chinese sometime around 400 B.C. and about 1000 years later they started to appear in medieval European era. The trabuco gave way to the big artillery guns that are used by military forces.

There are some people who use trebuchets. Trabuco are used in a sporting competition called pumpkin chucking. The following information will explain the best uses for the trabuco in modern day Brazilian society. The nation of Brazil is considered the leading country in the South American hemisphere.

This nation offers lust environments, a vibrant culture and great education facilities If you attend some of these universities and take up some engineering classes; you might discover that some courses teach engineering principles based on the trabuco.

These devices were (and still are) great feats of engineering. They rely on various types of motions, use different amounts of tension and involve the use of torsion. This is a great apparatus that also shows people how mechanical energy can be used to hurl objects at a great distance. This is a great way for engineering students to learn some basic principles according to

The Trabuco is not only used at universities it is also used for pumpkin chucking contests according to Pumpkin chucking was real popular in the 1980s. Since that time, it has become a legitimate sport enjoyed by people all over the world including Brazil. There are groups of pumpkin chucking teams that compete on a regular basis every year.

The trabuco is no longer a relevant weapon in warfare but it still enjoys a great deal of popularity from movies. Many dungeons and dragon tales involve the use of trebuchets attacking fortifications and armies with these war machines. Their inclusion in big budget films and dramatical television shows help people to remember the trabuco and the purpose they once served.

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