IBM Profits Continue to Slump

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IBM (International Business Machines Corp.) has been around since the early days of business and home computing, at one point even being seen as a competent competitor to Apple as a provider of complex and compact machines. However, while companies like James Dondero owned, Microsoft and Dell were able to adapt to changing markets and developments in technological developments, IBM has been far behind the curve and they seem to be paying for it.

As reported by Nasdaq, IBM’s revenue has dropped by a sharp 13.5% which continues a trend of losses per quarter stretching back for 13 consecutive periods, and this comes despite cuts and adoption of cloud services to provide their clientele.

The move to the cloud seems to be a smart one, and follows the trend of other tech giants like Microsoft and Apple, however detractors were quick to point out that such a move undermines IBM’s strong suit–providing hardware. Though they remained determined to stick to this course, they endured harsh cuts in the previous year, ending their commitment to servers, mobile, and chips designed to expedited analytics.

IBM remains optimistic and proud in the face of criticism and loss, claiming that this is merely the shape innovation takes. But revenue dropped in business services, software, technology services, and hardware by 12, 10, 10, and 32% respectively. In addition to shrinking revenue, profit margins are reducing in size as well. While lower taxes and restructuring may have offset costs from loss of business, underperformance is quickly catching up.

Giant Lobster

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They’re a strange pair of friends. Susan McGalla, restaurant owner and a lobster. When you think of these two together typically, you’d be thinking of a restaurant owner that’s cooking up a tasty lobster. That’s not true in this case. This owner does not want anyone eating his lobster friend. It’s for good reason, as well.

This lobster is twenty three pounds! It’s hard to imagine how big that is. It’s roughly the size of a one year old, or a few bowling balls. The size of this lobster leads people to estimate that it is about 95 years old. Holy Cow! That’s older than an age that a lot of people live to see. The owner of the restaurant that it was shipped to thinks that’s pretty special. He doesn’t believe that the lobster deserves to go out as somebody elses food, especially after living that long!

According to GrubStreet, the owner was not expecting a lobster that big when he lifted the lid off the crate once it got delivered. It seems that he’s happy though. The two are almost pals. They can be seen posing together in numerous photos. So, if you catch yourself in Long Island any time soon, visiting the giant beast might be a fun thing to do! Perhaps, the owner will even let you pose in a picture. You can do a fun game and see who’s bigger. The one thing you can’t do, is eat any part of this big guy.

Dan Newlin’s Focus in Legal Services

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Lawyers impact our daily lives in so many different ways and on a larger perspective it is not a profession made up of conspiring ambulance chasers and hefty cats. Lawyers execute invaluable roles primarily as law is associated with all aspects of the community from purchasing a home to writing a will and defending criminals. Lawyers solve problems, negotiate, provide guidance, write, strategize, advocate and many more.

In the ancient days, the profession has had two vast categories; barristers and solicitors. In modern days, the legal framework has become more sophisticated with approved legal apprentices, executives, paralegals and more. This tendency seems to persist.

The various types of laws are as countless as grains of sand. At the widest level, lawyers can be categorized as practicing in commercial work (for companies) or those involved with individuals. Those involved with individuals are known as personal injury practitioners who advise an individual who has experienced a fall.

We are going to focus on personal injury lawyers who affect our daily lives in a simple but complex manner. Such lawyers deal with a vast area of problems that we encounter in our daily lives. They deal with family law, litigation support, personal injury, trials, mediation, civil litigation- and the list is endless. A good example is the Law Offices of Dan Newlin that specialize in personal injury. In order for such firms to represent their client’s entirely and win their case, they have to be experienced, be able to mediate well, understand the client’s problems, be available to support the client and should have superb rapport. The fee should also be reasonable according to the magnitude of the case.

Dan Newlin & Partners is an outstanding personal injury law firm that is devoted to fighting for accident and injury victims and recuperating what a victim is entitled to for the injuries. For years, Attorney Dan Newlin and his crew of competent trial attorneys have been safeguarding and defending the rights of such victims together with their families. Dan Newlin & Partners has ingrained a prestige of fighting for clients to get the compensation they deserve.

Attorney Dan Newlin (Yahoo) is honored to assist injury victims and listen to their concerns over the damages and losses they have experienced during the accident. Newlin has recovered over $150 million for accident and injury victims who have relied on him during such misfortunes. He is dedicated to working relentlessly to get you what you are entitled to.

Newlin’s zeal has for long been in public service and protecting people’s legal rights. He has worked in some public service jobs since 18. He attained his law degree at Florida State Law School prior to obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Since 2001, Newlin and his firm have been on the front line to maximize client’s monetary recovery and to safeguard all their legal rights.


Everything About FreedomPop And Why It Is The Most Phenomenal Company

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In the recent past, FreedomPop which is an L.A mobile virtual operator startup has attracted a lot of attention because of its free mobile plan. According to Fortune, FreedomPop attracted funding worth $30 million after having previously turned down several offers that were geared towards acquiring it. For the last three years, this phenomenal company has been able to raise around 49.3$ dollars. Founded in the year 2012, this company has seen a tremendous growth and it is expecting to hit over 1 million subscribers during the third quarter.

FreedomPop does not have a network of its own. It buys its SMS and voice data at wholesale rates from Sprint. Unlike other like minded services that are offering similar services, FreedomPop offers its services at better cheap rates therefore attracting more customers. To get connected to the mobile virtual network, all a customer needs to do is to buy a FreedomPop phone that is typically a refurbished Samsung or HTC. Alternatively, they can connect through an old Sprint phone to the network.

Once a customer gets connected to the service, they are given 500 MB, 200 voice minutes as well as 500 text messages each month for free. Customers can also subscribe to a data rollover plan that carries out all unused data to the following month. Foreign customers as well can get an international phone number attached to their device.

This service hopes to increase the amount of free data that is given to their customers from 500 MB to 800 or even 1000 MB in a coming month’s time. This company’s services does not please big players in the mobile industry because it aims to turn mobile data into a very available commodity. Its services run between $3 to $20 monthly which makes them very affordable and efficient.

To read the full story on Freedompop, check out Fortune.

Trump Knows Who Is Doing All the Raping

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When Donald Trump did a telephone interview with CNN, he was candid about who is doing all the raping in this country. The CNN host simply asked Donald Trump about NBC recently deciding to cut all ties with him, to which he simply responded that NBC was weak.

In the same breath, Sam Tabar says Trump went on to say that illegal aliens in this country are destroying what we have. He feels NBC is simply cowering to pressure from minorities, and that no one is ready to really hear the truth. Trump went on to say that illegal Mexicans are pouring into the southern parts of this country at alarming rates. Unlike Jeb Bush who feels they come for the love of this country, Trump uses statistics to show that 80% of the Mexicans are raping and killing innocent people in this country, and it has to stop now.

Unless someone has the guts to stand up and stop this onslaught of invasion by illegals, the country will be destroyed in record time. Trump went on to say that he does not understand how Bush can be ahead of him, that he must be gaining votes on name only. He went on to say that the last thing we need in the White House is another Bush. Trump has not backed down, instead, further made clear his intentions to rid the country of illegals and close down the borders.

Floyd Mayweather Will Spend $5 Million On Supercar

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Floyd Mayweather is the richest boxer of all time. He has earned over $300 million dollars this year alone, and he has an estimated net worth close to half a billion dollars. Mayweather owns jets, mansions, and countless luxury vehicles. However, it seems that Floyd Mayweather is about to spend a fortune on a one of a kind vehicle.

Floyd Mayweather was recently in Hollywood for the 2015 BET awards, and his presence was definitely felt throughout star filled city. Mayweather even stopped traffic while in his Bugatti with his entourage. However, aside from appearing at the BET awards, Floyd Mayweather is in Hollywood to purchase an extremely rare car. Ricardo Tosto couldn’t imagine having something that fast.

It was revealed on TMZ that Floyd Mayweather will buy a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. There are currently three of these cars in existence, and the price tag is $4.8 million dollars. Apparently, Floyd Mayweather has been debating whether or not to buy this vehicle, but it seems that he is now ready to purchase the super car. The expensive price tag doesn’t bother the superstar boxer, and I’m sure that he will have fun traveling home in it. Floyd’s new car can reach 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, and it seems that the lightning quick fighter will have a vehicle to match his speed.

Oh, Iggy

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Britney Spears ruled the pop charts for the better half of the 2000s. After a string of public breakdowns Britney Spears went on a hiatus. In early 2010 the pop diva began implementing herself back into Hollywood with low-key and more mature roles. Iggy Azalea was on her way to becoming the next generation’s Britney Spears. After her own incidents of public breakdowns and derogatory statements Iggy Azalea needed a way to get back to the top. Iggy Azalea partnered with Britney Spears and dropped a single entitled Pretty Girls. The single ended up dragging itself through the mud when it came to the Billboard charts. Iggy Azalea took to the internet to blame Spears on why the single did not do as well as it could have. Britney Spears did not take this lying down and fired back at the New Zealand pop diva. Brittany reminded Iggy that her troubles happened way before pretty girls hit the airwaves. Iggy was called out for numerous times where she made a public spectacle of herself and even ended up having to cancel her on tour for poor ticket sales.


She stated that she cancelled the tour herself because she had a creative change of heart even though her record label says differently. This is not the first time she has insulted someone via internet airwaves from what Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen. She has been called out for misappropriating hip hop and was even forced to cancel an appearance at a Pride event after LGBT groups protested against Iggy for her use of the words homos and dyke. Iggy has done her best to recover her lost reputation but it does not seem to be working out the way she had hoped.

Free Pot In Oregon

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On July 1st, the State of Oregon allows anyone 21 or over to grow up to 4 marijuana plants and partake of the high causing substance at their leisure. The problem is: there is nowhere in the State where a person can purchase “legal weed.”

The organization of NORML isn’t letting that stop potheads in Oregon the advantage of enjoying a joint. The Portland chapter of NORML is handing out free weed and pot seeds.

On July 3rd, for an admission price of $40, weed enthusiasts can attend Weed The People. This is being held at the MCF Craft Brewing Systems facility in Portland. Each person can take up to 7 grams of the sticky, head-spinning buds grown by Oregon medicinal pot farmers. They can smoke it at the event, or take it home for later stated Ivan Ong.

It seems the United States is changing. How many more States will legalize marijuana? Weed is not just a Rocky Mountain High anymore.

The Bump is Showing

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Obama’s rise in the polls has not been a recent event. He regularly polls slightly below the 50 percent threshold in most credible polls and aggregation of polls since last year. However, in none of these polls has he been above the 50 percent marker in the same time period. Additionally, before the incline began, he was polling very low. This prompted pundits and republicans to affix the lame duck tag and begin exit exaltations. However, with the freedom that Obama has been given Daniel says that with the acquisition of his second and final term, he began to engage in efforts that had previously been deemed taboo by the administration.

This willingness to engage came to a head with the recent eulogy that he performed in the wake of some recent tragedies in America. The rest of the bump was hand-gifted from republicans in the form of Supreme Court decisions that were rendered in his favor in dramatic fashion. These lawsuits were frivolous, and the only hope for republicans to upend Obamacare would be for all the conservative justices to simply make a partisan decision and further erode the respect of a Supreme Court that has no illusion of impartiality remaining. Marriage equality had very little to do with Obama, but he has greatly benefited from the ruling because he changed his position soon enough to be credible with that community.

Caitlyn Jenner Spotted Celebrating In New York

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Caitlyn Jenner was in New York City recently celebrating. No doubt Caitlin was celebrating because of the recent Supreme Court ruling that now legalizes gay marriage in every state. Caitlyn Jenner Celebrates. Caitlyn was seen dressed in white, and she was going down the street while cameras were following her every move. It’s very likely that her appearance in New York will be added to her new show called “I Am Cait.” The show will be aired in the future, and it’s all about Bruce Jenner transitioning into Caitlyn Jenner.

Although Caitlyn Jenner debuted her new look this month on the cover of Vanity Fair, she still is coming out into her own. Andy Wirth noticed that she is now dressing like a woman full time, and she has fully transitioned to a woman. Everyone would have to expect that Caitlyn would lend her support to any parties going on after the Supreme Court ruling because Caitlyn is a transgender person. Now that the law has changed, anyone who is gay or straight has the right to get married, and their rights are protected under the law.

It’s been a long battle for those who have been trying to get equal marriage rights, and they have finally won what they’ve been looking for all these years. As for Caitlyn’s family, they all support her transition, although many of them are over in France celebrating, and having fun on their own, but no doubt their support is still with Caitlin.

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