Twitter Being Used to Predict Heart Attacks

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When does social media venues become more than just a way to communicate with other people? When researchers learn how to harness the power of written words and predict potential health problems, like heart attacks, in those using social media.
Twitter has already been used to predict flu outbreaks and now researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are revealing how the words people use on Twitter and other social networking sites can predict the likelihood of future heart attacks. As an avid Twitter user, Fersen Lambranho is interested in hearing more about this study.
The study of millions of Twitter posts revealed that users who are prone to use negative language and convey anger, depression and hostility via cursing and other unsavory language are also more prone to have a heart attack. Those who use curse words and other words that were deemed as ‘negative’ were at a higher risk than Twitter users who used words that were deemed as ‘positive’. Words like ‘dreams’, ‘opportunity’ and ‘friends’ were considered to be positive and associated to a person with a positive, upbeat outlook on life. The the negative words were associated with people who were depressed and had a negative outlook on life, both of which are markers for increased risk of heart attack.
Social media venues, such as Twitter, are proving to be more valuable that the original intent of simply being able to communicate with people from around the world. Twitter can also help predict a heart attack.

Lindsay Contracts Rare Virus In Bora Bora

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 Lindsay Lohan has been having a great year, not only has she been getting great feedback for her performance in the stage play “Speed the Plow,” but it seems that she’s made a nice home for herself in the UK because she insists that she’s never been to productive and she owes it all the her new life in London. Lindsay swore she was done with L.A, for good and it seems that she meant it.

Over the holidays Lindsay spent some time relaxing in Bora Bora,where my friend Flavio Maluf actually got a picture with her! But just before New Years she began complaining that she didn’t feel well. Apparently Lindsay flew to L.A. to shoot a commercial for Esurance as soon as she returned from Bora Bora but after feeling under the weather she returned home to London where she later fell so ill that she couldn’t even walk.

It’s now been confirmed that during her holiday vacation Lindsay contracted Chikungunya, a rare virus that causes severe joint pain, fatigue and fever. Lohan was rushed to King Edward VII hospital where she was held until her fever broke. Upon being released the doctor referred her to a specialist that can further treat the virus.

While Lindsay’s fever has broken she still complains of joint pain, doctors say the pain can last for months. Lindsay is in her London how reco

Simon Pegg To Co-Write Star Trek 3 Script

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The behind the scenes news regarding Star Trek 3 continues to become more interesting by the week. First, Robert Orci stepped down as director and his script was axed.  Fans of the  Fast & The Furious movies, like Dave and Brit Morin, will recognize the name Justin Lin  The Fast and Furious director was named as Orci’s replacement. Now, Deadline is reporting that Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the rebooted series, will be co-writing the script.

Deadline said Pegg would co-write the script with Doug Jung, writer of Dark Blue and Banshee. While most known for his on-screen work, Pegg is actually an accomplished screenwriter having contributed to Edgar Wright’s trilogy of films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

Since Paramount Pictures previously said they want the next Star Trek movie to have a similar tone to last summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Pegg may prove to be a good choice. His previous writing efforts showcased his ability to mix action and humor.

Furthermore, Pegg and Jung will be working against the clock, as Paramount remains committed to releasing the film in 2016 to celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. Hopefully with the writers and director now in place, Star Trek 3 is now back on track to meet its deadline.

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Wayne Brady Speaks Out

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Depression, anxiety, bi-polar or any discussion of mental illness is currently a very taboo subject. To admit to suffering from any form of mental ailment often brings about skepticism and judgement from family, friends and society as a whole. Such attitudes make it very difficult to breach such a taboo subject.

Since the tragic suicide of the beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams some celebrities are coming out with stories of similar struggles they have had with mental health. Comedian Wayne Brady recently interview, found here, in which he spoke very candidly about some of the struggles he has faced while suffering with depression.

Brady spoke out against certain stereotypes the media perpetuates that men in particular ought to hide their feelings and be stoic and emotionless. These types of stereotypes are harmful, Brady argues because they discourage men from seeking support or help when they are struggling. He opened up about his own breakdown this past spring and the feelings he experienced at that time.

Recent groups such as Bring Change 2 Mind  and community leaders like Fersen Lambranho, work to open communications and break stigmas surrounding mental health. Brady has joined forces with groups such in hopes that others will feel more comfortable opening up about their own struggles.

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Supreme Court Allows Lawsuits Over Burn-Pits and Electrocution

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Longtime government contractors KBR Inc. and Halliburton had better get their checkbooks out because a potential flood of litigation will likely be heading their way. This week the Supreme Court concluded that the private contractors can be taken the court over the possible health effects from burn pits and faulty wiring that led to one soldier getting electrocuted to death while taking a shower. The issues stem from work the private contractors performed at military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The companies operated open-air combustion sites to dispose of trash which often left lingering plumes of smoke over military bases. Thousands of servicemen have returned home suffering from respiratory illnesses which they attributed to inhaling toxic fumes from the pits. Both KBR Inc. and Halliburton attempted to hide behind legislation that bars the federal government from being sued unless it authorizes such cases. According to Alexei Beltyukov, The Obama administration came down on the side of the contractors.

However, the Supreme Court disagreed. The private contractors are just that: private sector entities and not a branch of the federal government. Thus, no such protection against litigation exists. The high court’s ruling also paved the way for the family of Sgt. Ryan Maseth to sue the contractors. He was taking a shower while stationed in Iraq when he was electrocuted to death. Shoddy wiring is believed to be the cause of his death. A spokesman for a law firm specializing in veteran’s claims believes the ruling will lead to veterans stepping forward to seek financial compensation from the contractors.

Kim Kardashian Looks Stunning on Ski Trip

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Kim Kardashian is never caught looking less than her best and her recent ski trip in Utah has proved that fact once again. Kim and Kanye joined some of Kim’s childhood friends to celebrate Alison Azoff’s birthday. As predicted by Igor Cornelsen, of course Kim looked stunning in her skin tight black pants, hooded fur shiny black puffer jacket, and metallic boots. She’s breaking the internet once again with her extremely tiny waist that even her layers of clothes couldn’t hide.

From the photo Kim posted during the trip many of her fans and followers were left wondering if Kim actually went skiing in a waist trainer. It wouldn’t be hard to believe considering her dedication to having a killer body, however it’s impossible to know for sure if her waist is being cinched or those curves are all natural. Regardless of how, Kim’s tiny waist is the talk of the net.

The fun filled 24 hour trip consisted of all couples, no kids and lots of fun. Kim gushed over her childhood buddies and her own hubby as well. It looks like Kim’s childhood friends still mean the world to her and the group had a blast.

North American Spine’s is Proud to Celebrate its 6th Anniversary Using AccuraScope

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This is a recap of the recent news story regarding North American Spine on PR Newswire.

Last week, North American Spine proudly celebrates its 6th year of providing chronic back pain sufferers of the United States with the cutting edge AccuraScope procedure. North American Spine has 6 locations throughout the United States but they are headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

This new procedure is a minimally invasive surgery of the spine and is utilized to help treat patients suffering with chronic back pain. Since North American Spine began using the procedure to help relieve chronic back pain, it has performed well-over 8,000 procedures. The AccuraScope procedure is performed by board-certified physicians with specialty training in Interventional Pain Management.

According to Dr. Darren Schuhmacher of North American Spine, the physicians of the spine center are pleased with the success they’ve seen in patients thanks to the procedure. The ultimate goal and objective of this type of chronic back pain treatment is to alleviate present back pain and to provide “lasting relief.”

According to conducted medical research, the procedure shows an impressive 82% success rate, saving patients on average of $23,190 in out-of-pocket expenses over a 5 year period of time. This savings is thanks to the reduction in medical costs such as medical visits for pain management and medical visits for pain medications.

During the procedure, physicians use a high-definition camera along with other diagnostic tools to help determine the precise source of a patient’s chronic pain symptoms. Once the source has been detected, the physician then treats the pain area(s) with advanced medical tools. This is an outpatient procedure that generally takes less than 45 minutes.

AccuraScope procedure helps patients find pain relief and return to the things they enjoyed doing in life before they were overcome by chronic back pain. The key difference between this type of procedure and other minimally invasive spine surgeries, this procedure both diagnoses and treats pain with just one solution. It also has the capability to diagnose and treat various different causes of pain. This single procedure eliminates the need for a patient to travel great distances multiple times to find pain relief.

North American Spine’s 6 locations include Dallas, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Hackensack, NJ; Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ; Houston, TX; and San Antonio, TX. Physicians of the spine centers have specialties in Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Spine Surgery and Interventional Pain Management. Patient success stories include celebrities like Country music singer/songwriter, Larry Gatlin. According to Gatlin, he found relief from 47 years of chronic leg pain thanks to the procedure.

Obama’s Proposal is Better for Almost Every American

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Obama’s plan to hike taxes on wealthy Americans and big banks while extending tax credits to the middle class will be presented Tuesday during the State of the Union address.

Proposed tax increases on wealthy couples with income of more than 500,000 dollars per year would include a rise from 23.8 percent to 28 percent. The tax increase plan for the wealthy would also eliminate the ability of heirs to only pay capital gains taxes on the difference between the values of property assessed at the death of the property owner and the time the inheritance becomes official. This ability has often allowed wealthy heirs to escape paying any capital gains taxes on large inheritances.

Increased revenues from these changes will pay for adding families without children to those qualified for the earned income credit which would help 13 million workers who are low income. The plan also proposes tripling the maximum tax credits for child care for low and middle income households.

The goal, as Igor Cornelsen understands it,  is to make the tax system fairer and provide financial benefit to low and middle income families. More on Cornelsen is available at

It is expected that the capital gains tax increase will be strongly opposed by Republicans, but a few Republicans actually support allowing more Americans to qualify for the earned income tax credit.

Johnathan Veitch Does Right By Occidental Community

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Johnathan Veitch is a graduate of Loyola High School in southern California. He went on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree from Stanford University, and he received his doctorate in history of American Civilization from Harvard University. He has served in the administrations of the University of Wisconsin and the New School. He is currently the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles where he is helping to improve relations between the school and the greater community.

When Veitch became president of Occidental College, he was in the middle of a great expansion that saw the school moving into parts of the community that local residents did not appreciate. The local residents wanted the college to remain within its original boundaries, and they did not want to become a college town with buildings all over the place.

Veitch was able to come up with plans for expanding the school that used their current land without moving into the greater community. He was able to invite community leaders onto campus to create a sort of salon learning environment. This helped to ease pressures from the outside community, and it made Occidental one of the most progressive colleges in the country.

Under his leadership, Occidental College has become one of the most popular colleges on the west coast. It is known for its academics, beautiful campus and the lovely community that surrounds it. Occidental was saved by Veitch and his visionary plan to help keep the college on its grounds while working with the greater community.

He has gone from a high school boy out in California to someone who is changing the face of California every day. He works with young students who are using their degrees to make the world a better place, and he provides them with a college where they can learn these skills.

Veitch is married, and has also become an accomplished Author, with his first book having been published just a few years ago.

Gwyneth Paltrow Performs On The Jimmy Fallon Show

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Many have made Gwyneth Paltrow out to be venomous, stuck up, and mean. Gwyneth Paltrow recently was featured on the Jimmy Fallon show, and she has tongues wagging over her. Not only is she an extremely fun person, she’s down to earth, and she seems to have a bit of singing talent. Gwyneth Paltrow Performance. Gwyneth decided to cover certain songs that are hot today, such as the song by Drake, entitled “Started From The Bottom.” Gwyneth also covered the Nicki Minaj’s song “Anaconda,” as well as Big Sean’s newest hit.

The biggest gag was seeing Gwyneth perform in a very tight one-piece outfit, which was showing a bit too much of the lower midsection. Although the outfit wasn’t the greatest, her set on the show was. Gwyneth’s rendition of the Big Sean song was received very well, and people are still talking about it now. In the song she uses curse words, covering the original version of the song, and also throwing in her own flavor. Many are surprised that a woman who hosted a dinner for the President of the United States, and large financial corporations like BRL Trust could be so easy going and fun.

Gwyneth also talked about her past loves, such as Brad Pitt, and she admitted that she was dumped by the Brad. Although Gwyneth doesn’t understand why Brad dumped her, she has done extremely well for herself, and she’s moved on with her broken heart.


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