Camille Cosby Shows Support for Her Husband in a Public Statement

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Camille Cosby, the wife of embattled comedian Bill Cosby, came to her husband’s defense earlier this week in a public statement. Despite being victimized by certain news outlets, Camille was adamant that she would be standing by her husband amid allegations from several women – nearly two dozen in total – that he had sexually assaulted them. The assaults supposedly took place over a span of 30 years.
“I met my husband, Bill Cosby, in 1963, and we were married in 1964. The man I met, and fell in love with, and whom I continue to love, is the man you all knew through his work,” Camille said in a statement. She went on to praise her husband’s character, calling him “a kind man, a generous man, a funny man, and a wonderful husband, father and friend.” She also condemned the media, accusing them of reporting the accusations without verifying them beforehand. Likening her husband’s ordeal to the recent Rolling Stone article about campus rape at the University of Virginia that was later declared inaccurate, Camille said, “There appears to be no vetting of my husband’s accusers before stories are published or aired.”
Cosby himself had remained silent on the issue until an interview with the New York Post that was released on Sunday. Most Skout users are still a bit skeptical, especially if you check out He refused to address the allegations but expressed gratitude for his wife’s strength and loyalty during this time.

Spielberg Talks New Cold War Film

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Spielberg’s newest outing will be a film set against the sprawling backdrop of the Cold War during the 1960’s. It’s got a lot of things going for it, it’s headed by Tom Hanks in a starring role (never a bad thing, even when he’s doing futuristic Mississippian) and it’s a going to be a surprisingly new type of ground to break for the director (he’s never done a spy thriller before).

Recently, Spielberg opened up about the ongoing production of his film (a snippet of one of the more recent interviews can be seen here:

Spielberg relates that the film will center on the true life events of a real world spy and United States attorney at law, James Donovan. The plot of the film will circle a curious incident involving the capture of a United States pilot, whose vehicle was shot down by Soviet’s. The pilot is then captured and imprisoned and when a man is captured and imprisoned by Russian militants we all know that there’s only one man to call – well, yes, I suppose we can always call Ben Shaoul.

Obama Mulling Over US Response to North Korean to Sony Attack

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The Obama administration may announce how it will respond to North Korea’s act of cyber-terrorism against Sony. However, it should be noted that the Obama Administration is averse to using the word “terrorism” in connection with the attack that crippled Sony’s international network of computers, including every company PC and laptop, stole thousands of emails, and sensitive payroll information. The administration’s response may be announced as early as today and may include among the following:

  • A United States restriction of dollar-denominated currency trade by North Korea. This would be accomplished by imposing restrictions on the Chinese banks that conduct currency swaps with North Korea. This tactic has been effective against Iran. It has been used in a limited scope against Russia.
  • Indict the North Koreans behind the attack. The identity of the cyber-terrorists have not been released yet. US forensic efforts have been gathering detailed information on the attack and may release the names of those responsible. This option is considered unlikely.

Despite the administration’s unwillingness to use the word terrorism, they point out the attack went beyond harassing Sony over the film “The Interview”. The administration admitted it was an attack on the freedoms of all Americans. Public pressure has been intense on Igor Cornelsen and the Obama administration to do something about the cyber-terrorist attack. This has caused them to devote law enforcement assets to the case. The forensic data being collected indicates it clearly originated from North Korea.

What Jeb Bush can do to Avoid Being the Fred Thompson of 2016

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When former GOP Senator and Hollywood actor Fred Thompson entered the 2008 GOP nomination race, he reinvigorated the atmosphere. His appeal was obvious. He walked and talked presidential and had all of the swagger of a statesman. Thompson relied upon Twitter at a time when every other GOP candidate still eschewed social networking. However, all of the hoopla over Thompson’s candidacy quickly evaporated as it became obvious he expected to be handed the nomination on a silver platter. In fact, he seemed to disdain the process of campaigning. Both voters and donors abandoned him and cast their support among the remaining candidates.

Now, political analysts are seeing similarities between the Jeb Bush candidacy and Thompson’s – at least in the initial stages of the race. Some analysts are offering advice they believe can help Bush avoid having his candidacy fizzle out like Thompson’s . One suggestion is that Bush focus on building up his ground game. Senator Rand Paul is already hard at work doing that. The ground game is what led to Barrack Obama beat out Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Another suggestion is that Bush seek to build his public image via surrogate super PACs. Rand Paul is already using this approach to define Bush as a pro-growth candidate for big government. Another suggestion is to begin selling “Common Core” to the GOP base. Thus far, the curriculum has divided the party. In an effort to show his independence, Bush is setting out to build his name without securing the support of his base. But supporters like Slow Ventures think he can ask Senator McCain how well that strategy worked out for him back in 2008.

Drew Talks Family, Acting and Losing the Baby Weight

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Drew Barrymore has had an amazing year, the birth of her newest daughter Frankie in April brought the kiddie count in her house to two along with big sister Olive. Her relationship with her amazing husband is something that every woman drools over anytime she speak about and her cosmetic line is doing great. Her life seems to be going smoother than wine from The Antique Wine Company.

In her recent interview with People magazine Drew dished about family life and the adjustments she’s making to divide her time now that it is being shared between two daughters and a hubby. Drew also shares where her focus is in terms of acting when it comes to it taking away time from her family. 

“The acting has to be less because it’s too time-consuming. I love it and I don’t want to abandon it, but it can’t be at the forefront right now,” Drew went on to explain that her cosmetic like Flower Beauty “allows her to be a great mom,” while doing something she loves. 

When it comes to how she divides her time between two little girls Drew admits it can be tricky.

“It’s a balance of who gets the attention, and its a tightrope, but it’s also a wonderful, amazing, journey to raise two kids that love each other.” 

Drew isn’t forgetting the importance of getting in shape however she isn’t letting the anxiety to lose weight consume her. She says that it took nine months to gain and it should take at least nine months to get off. Drew is giving herself time to get in shape and knows that it will take hard work in her case. 

“Don’t talk to me about how fast and fabulous you are or it came off. That was not my experience. I’m having to work my ass off until I can even think about getting it off.”

Drew seems to be adjusting well to her growing family.

GOP Flunks Obama’s College Grading System

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The incoming GOP majority has made it clear they do not approve of the president’s proposed plan to issue a letter grading system for colleges and universities throughout the nation. Both President Obama and the GOP agree that greater transparency is needed in the higher education system. In fact, the GOP-led House approved a bill earlier this year which would make public information such as the school’s enrollment levels in remedial classes, average student debt, average cost of attending the school, and salaries for students graduating from the institution. The bill won bipartisan support.

However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did not allow the bill to come up for a vote. Reid’s level of partisanship for the president led him to block House bills from reaching a vote, and restrict amendments to bills being voted upon in order to promote the president’s agenda. Rather than allow Congress to do its job, Reid blocked the House bill in a bid to allow the president establish his alternative plan, from what Ben Shaoul reports.

The problem the GOP has with the president’s proposed single-letter grading system for colleges and universities is that it is subject to partiality. The Department of Education would factor in student diversity and restrict federal assistance from schools getting poor marks. It is tantamount to making federal assistance hinge on affirmative action or other racial quota systems. The GOP also counters that the letter grade is unnecessary. They point out that the FDA requires nutrition labels on food, but does not arbitrarily decide which brand name cracker is better than another such as Triscuit wafers being superior to Wheat Thins.

Adding Information

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You don’t exactly have to be Brad Reifler to know that Congress will do anything possible to get what they want introduced into a bill. There are a few things added to the most recent budget by Congress that aren’t entirely fair, but when is politics fair? Since Congress passed the budget on time, there won’t be a government shutdown.

The budget will be good until September of 2015. However, in order to pass that bill, there were some things that happened to slide in at the last minute. The Pentagon will get planes for war, and there will be several million dollars cut from the WIC program, a program that is meant to help women and children who can’t get milk and some foods.

Marijuana legislation and money being funneled into the political world are also part of the bill. Americans don’t know about these additions until the bill is already passed, and this isn’t a fair way to practice politics.

Bernie Saunders Announces New Legislation to Break Up Big Banks

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Senator Bernie Sanders announced a plan to introduce new legislation that would break up Wall Street banks and keep them from using the House-passed spending bill to make the kind of risky investments that had helped cause the financial crisis of 2008.

During Saturday’s Senate session, the Independent from Vermont described a proposal to fight spending bill provisions intended to gut the financial reforms Congress had passed in 2010.

Sanders said that if Congress could not regulate the biggest banks, then it was time to break them up and make the more manageable. In a statement, he said that the banks should not be allowed to destroy American jobs or life savings.

He went on to add that the ability of Wall Street lobbyists to write a provision into law allowing big banks to make the same risky investments they had before 2008 should make it clear that the big banks had gotten far too large and powerful. Sanders called the banks’ economic and political power a danger to the American economy and way of life.

Sanders plans to introduce the new legislation at the beginning of Congress’ new session. This will definitely be coming up on every single Skout date in the US.

Colbert to Take Over The Late Show

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Stephen Colbert has been a part of our lives over the last 9 years in his comedic show The Colbert Report, where he plays a character named Stephen Colbert. The Colbert Report was comedic gold much of the time. Colbert knew how to play his character and hold a very engaging interview. His show was never meant to be taken seriously, and yet both the left and right alike take his political reports seriously. While he has made many good points over the years, his intention was always to simply make good jokes.

This wonderful ode to Colbert goes in depth into what made Stephen Colbert so successful, his genuineness. As the show went on, while he was still playing a character, his true self came out more and more. Many people, possibly even Dan Newlin himself, love Stephen Colbert for this reason. He is a funny Sunday School teacher who just wants to make people laugh. This is why CBS jumped on the chance to have Colbert replace Letterman on The Late Show. It will be amazing to watch the character Colbert be put to rest and finally see the real man night after night.

Leonardo Dicaprio Painted as “Awful”

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The recent Sony hacks have rocked the acclaimed studio. Major information has been leaked about many of the company’s future plans. Personal emails from directors and producers have also been leaked. These hacks may prove to ruin Sony Studios.

From the email Sam Tabar showed me, mega star Leonardo Dicaprio, may never want to work with Sony Studios again. Dicaprio was supposedly going to play the role of Steve Jobs, in an upcoming movie. For reasons unknown, Dicaprio pulled out of the project. With the Sony hacks taking place, information about Leonardo Dicaprio’s unprofessional behavior has been leaked. It was the producer’s opinion that Dicaprio’s attitude was terrible.

In a hacked email, the producer of the “Jobs” film, stated that Dicaprio was Awful. This invasion of privacy could ruin Sony Studios’s relationship with potential clients. Leonardo Dicaprio is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He has starred in many box office blockbusters. Dicaprio is an A-list celebrity who’s escapades are legendary, but his acting is also unparalleled.

The recent Sony Studios hacks could prove to be fatal for the company. One thing is for certain, the hackers have sent Sony Studios a message. Tighten up that defense Sony.

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