Why Investing In Gold Is A Smart Idea

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The Advantages Of Investing In Gold

Gold has long appealed to investors looking to preserve wealth and make a return on their investment. This precious metal has great value and offers many benefits over investing in stocks, real estate, bonds and businesses. Gold has always held great value by people and continues to today. One of the biggest advantages of investing in gold is liquidity. Gold can be turned into large sums of cash very quickly and easily. It also does not matter where you are located in when you have gold available. Gold is accepted as a universal currency by any government and any financial institution.

In economic downturns gold acts as a buffer against inflation. Currencies may lost value and may even become worthless when the governments that back them decline economically or become unstable. Gold will not lose its value however. It will retain its value regardless of what happens to a currency’s value. Currencies lose value over time, in a process called inflation. Gold meanwhile is only expected to become more and more valuable. Experts predict that gold will continue to increase in price and reach over $5,000 an ounce in the future.

The US dollar has been losing value rapidly. This is shown by the fact that a dollar purchases less now than what it did 50 years ago for example. The US dollar is also projected to decline in value. Historically gold has moved in the opposite direction of the value of the dollar. With the dollar expected to lose value in the neat future, investing in gold seems like a smart idea to protect against inflation.

Recent economic turmoil such as the great recession fueled by the collapse of the housing market has ruined many banks. Interest rates in savings accounts and investment accounts remain low. Gold on the other hand has shown handsome returns even through the recession and economic downturns. Gold also routinely outperforms stocks as an investment. This is yet another great reason why investing in gold is a good idea as it will protect against inflation and provide a higher return than stocks, bonds and investment and savings accounts at banks.

Invest in Gold With Confidence With US Money Reserve

One of the best ways to invest in gold is through the purchase of gold coins. US Money Reserve is a leading seller of certified US Mint issued gold, silver and platinum coins. The company has a former US Mint director as its head, and is built around providing its customers with the best and highest quality gold, silver and platinum coins available in today’s market. Coin experts, financial experts and a superior customer service experience is why US Money Reserve has hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients who have invested in gold coins around the word. Learn why gold coins are one of the best investments you can make, and choose a plan that fits your needs and goals with US Money Reserve, the company that works around its clients needs.

Integrity And Innovation Make For Better Dog Food

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Dogs make our lives more fulfilling and happier. We love them and consider them our family. For some the dog is their friend and confidant and the one who is with them day in and day out. Wouldn’t it be great to know that the companies who make the foods we feed our dogs feel as passionately about them as we do?

This is a possibility with Purina. Their company loves pets. Many of their employees are pet owners. They believe that feeding your dog is just as important as the bonds that we form with them. They are continually striving to create foods that will help our canine friends to live longer, healthier lives and generate more energy.

The Purina line of dog foods like Beneful are a results driven nutritional line. They are formulated to promote healthier coats, brighter eyes, and abundant energy. Their team of more than 400 scientists and nutritionists work hard to produce the best food possible for your dog.

Extensive research has been performed to determine the best ingredients for the best foods to enhance your dog’s life. They are pro-grain and pro-corn. Both have been found to help your dog be healthier and live longer. Proteins are also a vital part of the formulation of Purina Beneful dog foods.

High quality protein attained through the use of lean meats helps your dog have the healthiest life possible. Research partnerships developed with a number of top universities assure that Ourina foods are the best that they can be. Universities such as Cornell, U. C. Davis, Texas A & M and colorado State are among some of the universities that help conduct Purina’s research.

The core base of the research philosophy of Purina is as old as the company itself. They believe that meeting people and learning from them is the best way to produce foods dogs will love and want to eat. It is also the best way to formulate the highest quality foods that will be nutritious for your dog as well.

Purina has a long history of caring for our pets. They feel that the relationships formed with our pets is what helps enhance the longevity of both their and our lives.Pets help bring meaning to our lives. They are our friends and the one we can always count on to care and love us unconditionally.

Hard work is how they produce great food. Experience, integrity and honesty is why the foods made by Purina are some of the best for our dogs. Your pet is their passion and it shows in the high quality ingredients used and in their charitable donations.

Purina has donated more than 6 million pounds of food to shelters across America. They have also provided these organizations with treats, cat litter and other essentials needed to help those animals in shelters to have a better life. They also periodically sponsor adoption drives and informational conferences to aid people in finding the best pet for them.

Purina is a company that cares about your dog’s life and nutrition.

Providing A Fun Way of Making Friends and Meeting New People through Skout

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Skout is a social networking app and website that is designed to enable its users to exchange pictures, meet new people and make friends. The parent company offering Skout service is called Skout Company. The corporation has been in business since 2007. It was started by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. Wiklund serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company while Lindstrom handles all issues of technology for the firm.
Skout has been designed to be interactive and enhance communication between individuals. To use Skout, users have to sign in through Facebook or their email addresses. After login in, they have fill in their basic information in order to build up their profile. This may include the kind of people they are interested in, which is either male or female. Such information helps others users identify with the people that they are interested in and initiate conversations. Skout has been improving its service offing with the view to enhancing consumer experience thus gaining a huge client base. It is the experience of the users that it relies on to make the service even better and reliable to the users.
There is no other App today that has made a major impact on the dating world and the tourism circuit as Skout. It makes it easy for travelers to connect with other tourists whenever they are on the road. The app facilitates users through its travel features to make virtual journeys. These virtual journeys are undertaken with the help of local people in the areas that the users are interested in visiting. Some of them have been making trips with the people that they meet through the app hence making the experience even more fun. Skout has been offering a different way of providing a fun way of meeting prospective dates.
Skout can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The app is compatible with iOS device with easy functionality. The main screen of the app indicates a grid view of individuals who are online at any given time. By tapping on any image, the screen brings up the profile of that person. An individual can thus view the hobbies, likes and dislikes of such a profile. It also shows the number of points they have on hand. At this point, it is possible for the user to initiate a chat with them or add them to a favorite list. The user can also be alerted when they come online, and can send them a virtual gift. If there are posts directly from their profile, the user can leave comments or likes. It is also possible to block and report the other users if they do not act appropriately. Skout has enhanced dating experiences and improved the making of friends in that it has helped link people from different parts of the globe.
Teens and adults can use Skout. It is developed in such a way that it categorizes each group into its own section. Consequently, it offers more safety to teens than any other social networking app.

What You Need to Learn About Environmental Laws

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Environmental law comprises of a complex set of laws that are instituted to protect the environment from harmful human activity. This includes the protection of natural resources to ensure no activities may interfere with the ecology. There are different categories in which environmental laws are addressed. The environment is comprised of different natural resources, which include water, soil and atmospheric air. For this reason, there should be several laws to help secure all these resources. Most of the activities humans carry out have been listed among the most dangerous pollutants.

Pollution control is among sections that are addressed in environmental laws and which every person should strive to understand. Most activities that involve the use of machines and chemicals lead to the emission of harmful gases, which when released to the atmosphere cause an imbalance in the composition of atmospheric gases. Manufacturing industries have been especially notified about the effects that would occur in the event they fail to treat their waste materials before disposal. This law also outlines technologies that are recommended for certain industries to ensure toxic emissions are minimized. Safety is also another issue that is addressed in the environmental conservation laws to ensure all activities that are carried out within the industrial level do not expose nearby inhabitants to risks.

The quality of water has in recent past been compromised, with many industries channeling harmful chemical wastes to water streams. The resulting pollution has caused massive deaths of sea animals and has made it difficult for marine environment to be habitable. This collectively could lead to the extinction of special species of marine animals that may also be useful. To ensure the purity of water is upheld, all industries that operate near water sources are expected to comply with stipulated procedures that allow them to prevent water pollution. This is mostly implemented through purification procedures that seek to detoxify waste materials before disposal.

Mining operations have also been listed as among the biggest contributors of pollution. Uncontrolled mining activities have resulted to weakening of soils, thereby leading to soil erosion. The results are drastic as the land is left with weak soils that cannot support the growth of vegetation hence desertification. Therefore, environmental laws have been put in place with consideration to the need to address mining operations that may lead to the destruction of the environment.

There are professionals who have also been offering invaluable guidance on this field to ensure the environment is guarded appropriately. Frans Schoeman on medium.com is a leading legal industry player, who works as the director of Phatsima Diamond and TG Mintster Consulting. Frans Schoeman has been instrumental in the legal industry by offering guidance and advice on matters regarding the regulation of the environment. He is a well educated attorney who has served in corporate law for more than seven years.

When contaminants are identified, procedures of cleaning the harmful elements are put in place. This includes getting the requisite technology to aid in the cleanup process to ensure no traces are left. All individuals who breach the environmental laws are convicted and most people have ended in jail.

Handy’s Fantastic Home Cleaning Services

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Every home owner or renter (or really anybody that lives in a house, trailer, apartment, or other housing complex), unfortunately, must clean their home on a regular basis in order to have a neat and clean living space. Washing and drying the laundry, cleaning the dishes, sweeping, mopping, organizing papers and books, dusting, and cleaning the gutters are just a few of the home cleaning services one must perform on their living area in order to have a clean place to live. Not everybody likes a spot-free home, because it is so hard to maintain, but everybody – messy or not – cleans in some capacity or another.

Hiring people to clean a home are sometimes hard to find. Looking in phonebooks, Google searching “home cleaning services,” or asking friends and family for reputable individuals who provide pristine home cleaning services typically takes a long time to find someone who provides such services. Handy is an app accessible on all types of smartphone that allows users to search for and pay home cleaners to clean their home.

Handy’s home cleaners on slate.com provide their services to an average-sized home for an average of approximately fifty five United States dollars, which is a steal for home cleaning services. Handy was founded by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan about four years ago. They realized that there was no home cleaning apps in existence, and they had the genius idea to capitalize on the absence of such apps. Handy has performed very well since its inception four years ago, and currently books more than one million dollars worth of home cleaning services per week – yes, per week!

No matter how small a home is, there seems to be an almost unlimited cleaning need around the home. There is nearly always something to do to better tidy or clean up a home, even if it is as simple as picking up items and rearranging them so they appear more tidy. Some home cleaning services are exponentially harder than rearranging items, such as cleaning out gutters or pressure washing a home’s siding, steps, or any other concrete structures around a home.

Some home cleaning services are simply too expensive for the majority of home owners and renters to perform on, in, or around one’s home. Not everybody owns a pressure washer to clean a home or its concrete with, and purchasing a pressure washer for such purposes is far too expensive, and takes way too much time for most people, to boot.

Hiring individuals or groups of home cleaners that are experienced, possess the expertise necessary, and have the needed equipment to properly clean a home is most of the time worthwhile, especially for people who work a lot of take care of their kids, and simply do not have the time to clean a home, or have money to buy the proper materials.

The Handy app is easily found on all major app stores. Handy operates in twenty five cities in the United States, two in Canada, and London, United Kingdom. Handy may not be everywhere, but for those who live in cities where Handy operates, Handy is definitely well worthwhile to download and browse.

The Executive Profile of James Dondero

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Jim Dondero, a resident of Dallas, is the president and co-founder of Highland Management Capital. He supervises the investment strategies and movements of both the institutional and retail investment goods and services at Highland. His experience in equity markets and distressed investments spans for over three decades. He is the brainchild behind the successful foundation of Collateralized Loan Obligation, a successful investment vehicle in credit sector. Before joining Highland, Dondero served as the chief Asset officer at Protective Life GIC Subsidiary, where he grew the company from startup worth of $ 1 million to current $2 billion over a period of five years.

Working Experience

Prior to working for Protective Life Insurance, Mr. Dondero was the manager of over $ 1 billion fixed funds for the American Express. In addition, he worked as the portfolio overseer and then the Joint Bond analyst at the same institution between 1985 and 1989. In addition to the Collateralized Loan Obligation funds, other award winning funds initiated Mr. Dondero include the Mutual Funds, Reits, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, and ETFS. He currently serves as the board member of the MGM Studios and the American Banknote Firm. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS medical.

Education and Accreditation

As an active philanthropic, Mr. Dondero supports numerous foundations in education and public policy. James Dondero received a degree in commerce with dual focus in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. Currently, he is an accredited accountant by the Certified Management Board of Accountants with the board’s designation and has the right to work as Chartered Financial Analyst at any place in the world.

All the funds under the management of Dondero have won various awards in the commercial industry. The awards include the 2014’s Five-star Morning Star designation for International allocation, the long and short HealthCare Morning Star award, and the Lipper award just to mention a few. Dondero management portfolio is diverse and includes common stocks, investment grade bonds, derivatives, mortgage backed securities, preferred stocks, emerging markets, and leverages loans.

  1. Brian Mitts, the chief financial officer of NexPoint Residential Trust named James Dondero a member and the chair of the company’s board of directors in May this year. While announcing the appointment, Mr. Mitts expressed the firm’s excitement to have the highly –qualified professional into their board and looked forward to working with him. NexPoint is a publicly traded company that deals with transaction of potential value-add assets. The assets may be located in large cities or suburban markets particularly in South western and Eastern of the United States. The company receives guidance from NexPoint Real Estate Advisors, who are affiliates of Highland and any other SEC-registered advisor. Indeed, Mr. Dondero has vast experience in the credit markets. Investors are asked to consult James Dondero and Highland Capital Management for the best investment opportunities ever.

Puppy Love and Purina Dog Food

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My wife has always been an animal lover. She grew up in the country and always had farm animals around to care for and to become some of her best four-legged friends. On the other hand, I was raised in a rented townhouse in a big city and we were not allowed to have a pet. I suppose I missed out on a lot of the joys of having animals around me.

After my wife and I had been married for a while, she mentioned that she would love to have a dog. I knew that there was a lot of responsibility in owning a dog and was a little hesitant. She was persistent and finally brought me to her way of thinking. We decided that the best place to get our new friend on Purina news wagon would be to adopt one from the local animal shelter.

The staff at the shelter was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Our pet adoption specialist, Sally, told us that it is an exciting time when people welcome a dog into their family. She reminded us that there would be many new challenges in the next few months. No matter what a dog’s age, he or she would need adjustment time and we would need time getting used to being a good owner.

We saw several dogs that we liked; however, the dog we adopted actually chose us. We fell in love with the chubby, little Corgi mix puppy that was running around our feet. She yapped at us as if she were saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” She cuddled in my wife’s arms like a baby and we decided to name her Peanut.

Sally told us that taking care of a puppy was much like caring for a human baby. They sleep in small intervals and often need to be taken out to do their business. Puppies are full of vigor and often have bursts of energy. She recommended that we buy lots of chew toys so Peanut would be less tempted to chew on furniture or our shoes.

Fortunately, all the animals at the shelter have good vet checkups and are current on their shots. When we talked to Sally about nutrition, she said that the shelter uses Purina’s line of dog food. Dog owners have trusted Purina for generations for a balanced, nutritional diet. It has pure meat proteins that dogs crave and the vitamins they need for a long, fulfilling life.

It has been three months, and we are a happy family. Peanut in nearly a year old and she has adjusted well with us. She goes out to play in the yard and has a great time. We love her and are grateful for the healthy benefits that Purina dog food provide.

3 Tips on Buying High Quality Men’s Shoes

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Many people don’t know what to search for when purchasing shoes. I have assembled the do’s and don’ts of shoe shopping. This guide can help you find the right leather shoes based on your needs. Here are some guidelines when shopping for that respectable look, especially since most men are oblivious to what really works for them and their style.

1. Leather Quality

– What Not To Do: Never, ever purchase leather that looks like the authentic product but is a cheap faux imitation. You will know the kind that when you touch it that it feels like plastic? It wrinkles effortlessly and remains and can split because of the absence of value.

– What To Do: You want leather that is supple yet firm. An Italian Leather is usually the best. The right kind can feel like silk on your feet after they have softened up. Leathers are not indestructible!! They will wrinkle and will break in the event that you don’t treat them appropriately.

2. Toe Shapes

– What Not To Do: Anything excessive is just not alluring by any methods. A shoe should never be too square, have too large of a point, or be weirdly rounded. It simply doesn’t look good. Leave the weird looking shoes to the mythical beings, and pick a stylish shoe that is in the middle.

– What To Do: Avoid anything super symmetrical and pick something that has rich blends that complement one another. You want a shoe to enhance the outline of your foot. On the other hand, since some of our feet are a bit obtuse looking, a little lengthening in your shoe’s toe area never hurt anyone.

3. Always Buy Quality

-What Not To Do: Just because those shoes are on clearance for $19.99 doesn’t mean they are worth the money. You want a shoe that is going to last. Sometimes even discount leather stores sell inferior quality shoes at rock bottom prices. These are the ones that ruin the first time you wear them in the rain. Never buy cheap shoes.

-What To Do: Always buy your shoes from an upstanding shoe company, like Paul Evans. These luxurious Italian shoes are pure luxury. Evans and his partner traveled around Italy trying to find quality shoes and practices they could utilize in their business. What they found was the prices were being inflated. They learned how to make their own shoe, so they cut out the middle man and give quality shoes at affordable prices. You won’t find second rate shoes on their website. They sell only the finest handcrafted leather than money can buy. Whether for work or play, they have a shoe and a style that meets your needs and your budget.

John Textor and the Future of PULSE Evolution

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Pulse Evolution Corporation, based out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, is a company known as a the leader and pioneering group of creating realistic digital holographs for live performances, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. The company has recently released their 2nd fiscal quarter results which ended on December 31st, 2014. In addition to their 2nd fiscal quarter report, the company has also announced that they plan on becoming fully-reporting and be listed on the National Exchange.

John Textor, who is the Executive Chairman of the company, has said that he is pleased with the way the company is developing in it’s early stages. Textor went on to say that Pulse Evolution Corporation has been able to establish themselves as the leader in creating very realistic digital humans. According to Textor, the company had been previously listed on the OTC Markets in order to receive linked security for their European Depositary Receipts. Now that the company is has gained interest from those looking to invest and provide strategic operations, they are ready to move to a fully-reported status as well as be listed on the National Exchange.

WPTV said that Pulse Evolution Corporation are best known as the people who created the hyper-realistic holograph of Michael Jackson doing a live performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. The company also has agreements with the Estates of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson. Pulse Evolution is able to create realistic humans that will be able to communicate through technology.

The Best Possible Wikipedia Writing

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Wikipedia is a site that has been created by people all over the world. The site was created initially with intention of provide people with the chance to be able share information they have learned with others. The site consists of articles that were written by users who do not have any specific training in the field of writing. Many people have enjoyed the opportunity to be able to place articles on a website that they know will be read by others. The pages they have created for the site have often been read by thousands of other people.

Many people are shocked at how easy it is to get onto Wikipedia and write articles for this site. They do not need to present credentials in order to write an article here. They also do not need to present credentials to anyone when they want to correct a mistake that someone may have made when writing an article on the site. Someone can easily create a basic account that can be done via a registration process that allows them to provide an email address and then use the site as they wish. The user can use their account to write articles, interact with others on the site and correct any mistakes they stumble across here.

Users can also create articles on the site that are about specific people. Someone mwy wnat to share information about an artist they happen to admire or contemporary of theirs who has done good work and they feel needs to be better known by the general public. Writing a Wikipedia article about the person in question can help bring attention to them. The user need not know the person personally. All they need to do is make sure that no existing page exists on the person on the site already.

Someone who writes for Wikipedia can also create personal profile about themselves for others who are reading the site. A personal profile is often something that people need help creating. This is why many people turn to companies such as Get Your Wiki for help in writing a personal profile about themselves. The company specializes in creating new Wikipedia pages for people around the world. Their skilled staffers know exactly how to write a Wikipedia page that is accurate and also easy for others to read. Working with the company can be quite helpful even for experienced Wikipedia users.

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