Goettl a Family HVAC Business from Ohio to Arizona

When warm weather hits it will not be long until the scorching days of summer are heating up the house and causing utility bills to rise. These are known as the dog days of summer and there are some tips that can help keep the home cool while keeping costs down.

First, keep the HVAC system in top running order this makes it more efficient and will keep parts from wearing out as quickly. This includes changing the air filters about once a month since they fill with dust and allergens especially when the unit is heavily used in hot weather.

Second use ceiling fans to help distribute the cool air around the room and house. It may be hard to believe it will help as much as it does, but the U.S. Department of Energy data shows thermostats can be set four degrees higher when using a ceiling fan. The operating cost of a fan is generally less than what it costs to use a 100 watt light bulb.

Another way to save on cooling costs is having a programmable thermostat installed that can be set higher when no one is at home and then lower the temperature when people are at home. When this is installed ensure that it is not in a location where the sun beats on that could provide inaccurate temperatures. The other consideration is when having an air conditioning unit installed it will work less hard if it is placed where it is in the shade. If shade is not optimum where the unit is located trees can be planted or another method to provide shade.

Goettl is a leader in the HVAC industry providing customers with the best service since opening in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926. The brothers who opened the HVAC service moved to Phoenix, Arizona during the Great Depression and the grandson of the brothers is co-owner of Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical since 1987. The company is carrying on the family tradition of providing exemplary HVAC services to customers.

Goettl Air Conditioning was purchased by ARS/Rescue Rooter who operates businesses in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Vice president of the southwest division Ken Goodrich said of the acquisition the Goettl team will bring a new dimension to the company. Check out the company’s profile on linkedin.com.

Review of the New Vegan Option From EOS

See through lip balm is the latest development from EOS now. Vegan and completely free of Beeswax, it is a product that is really taking the world by storm. The little colorful balm is even better than it was before. The other EOS lip balms have always had beeswax in them before this product was released. This one is free of that. Go to frenchtribune.com and read more exciting news.

Sold for $5.49 at the launch in August, on the 4th at various stores across the country. It has also been sold online for customers to buy. It has sold out everywhere since then. Called the Crystal Lip Balm, it comes in Hibiscus Peach or Vanilla Orchid flavors.

The product lines have always been organic in their ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients that are included in the new product line.

– Shea

– Coconut

– Avocado

– Natural Oils

It’s not surprising that the lip balms have sold out as they have been placed on shelves or in online supplies bins. The product has always been popular, but those that were vegan could never have the product. Now all of that has changed. Hopefully, there will be more of these products to come in the future. See this now.

Here come the review videos online. There will be collector videos on YouTube to come in the future. Now they will include vegan EOS products. Perhaps new collections next year will include new flavors like these new ones.

All of the new ingredients make everyone that collects even better about the collection that they have. Most collect two of each release, buy here at ebay.com. That way they have one to use and one to save in the original packaging. Opening them lowers the value of the product. Everyone loves things that smell good that makes the lips feel as soft as the EOS products make you feel.

View EOS official website for more amazing details, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html.


Edward Honig Represents Experience and Expertise as a New York Based Cardiologist

Being referred to a cardiologist by your physician is not entirely shocking. Today, the risk of heart diseases is very high, more so because of the lifestyle people are living today and the foods we eat. Sedentary lifestyles increase the chances of one being diabetic, and diabetics is a risk factor when it comes to heart diseases. The foods that are available in restaurants and food trucks today are full of cholesterol, which increases your chances of having a heart-related illness.

With that in mind, every person should visit a cardiologist regularly. A cardiologist’s duty is to diagnose, treat, or prevent any infections that affect the heart, blood veins and the arteries. He or she will ask you questions about your family history and will carry out some tests like EKG and blood tests if necessary. If the condition is not very advanced, you can be advised to observe a particular diet and do some specify exercises. In advanced cases, the surgeon will have to operate on you, offer some drugs and monitor you regularly.

When looking for a cardiologist that you can work with in New York City, referrals from family and friends will definitely help you, but not entirely. You will need to carry out more research to find out the most suitable cardiologist for you.

Experience is one of the key factors to look at. With experience comes mastery and thorough understanding of your specific heart problem. You will definitely feel more comfortable working with a cardiologist that you know has carried out the same procedures for years.

Credentials and the hospital where your chosen cardiologist works matter a lot. Although a cardiologist can be qualified and certified by the internal medicine board, the hospital where they work matters too. If you are taken to surgery, you will need to know that the hospital has the best equipment. When looking for academic qualifications and licensing, also look at the state of the hospital.

It is also important to find out how good a given cardiologist is at communicating. As a patient, you deserve to understand exactly what is going on in your body. A good cardiologist will take his or her time to explain to you using simple language that you can easily comprehend.

Although everybody should have a cardiologist number on speed dial, there is a group of people that need to have it everywhere they go. These include:

  • Individuals who come from a family where members have suffered from heart diseases in the past
  • Diabetic people
  • Pregnant women
  • People with high blood pressure
  • If you have been recommended by your physician and
  • If you are experiencing heart pain among other symptoms

For the residents of New York, Doctor Edward Honig is one of the most experienced cardiologists in the city. He is ranked first out of ten cardiologists in the city. His expertise hails from the many years he has practiced. He has been a cardiologist for 66 years.

Dr. Edward Honig is currently working at Glen Cove Hospital in New York, and he is licensed by the New York state medical license. He got his medical degree from Duke University and graduated in 1951. He did both his internship and residency at New York Hospital and later did his fellowship at Yale.

Greg Secker A Great Forex Trader and a Trainer

Greg Secker attended the University of Nottingham where he studied Food Science and Agriculture. He then left the college after graduation to join the reality and that is the World of hustling. He was employed by Thomas Cook Financial Services and achieved a lot while still working there. He developed foreign systems for trading and gave traders a great chance to trade effectively. He was awarded the British Telecom award for his innovativeness in creating such platforms. He then left the company at age 25 and joined Mellon Financial Corporation and became the company’s vice president. He worked tirelessly perfecting his trading strategies and eventually in the year 2003, decided to start his own trading platform. He was ready and went ahead to set up a trading platform in his living room.

Greg Secker has been able to amass billions of dollars from forex trading. While at his house trading, he thought of forming a trading group whereby he would be able to train several people. The Whole world has recognized him for his efforts towards ensuring that forex trading is not for the few but for an everyone who has the desire to start. He has been training people through his companies and so far has helped over 200,000 people to start trading. His companies include FX Capital, SmartChars Software, Learn to Trade etc.

Greg Secker apart from being a trainer is a very successful author and has written several books that help many traders to perfect the art. The books are Trading Your Way to Success, Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success and also contributing to The Book Of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success. He is undeniably one of the most prolific forex training books writers the World is proud to have produced. At his young age, he also happens to be among the most philanthropic people on the globe. He has his own Non-Governmental Organization called The Greg Secker Foundation that has helped so many people across the whole globe. He has helped the people with special needs and has given out a lot of dollars.


Jason Hope: The Tech Entrepreneur And Advocator Of The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is one of those people who tried to take his passion and turn it into a business. He has always been oriented towards developing technologies and has an extremely large pool of knowledge about it. Today, he uses that knowledge and skill to fuel other ideas and projects that are working to improve the technology that people are currently using. He is an individual who is always thinking about the future and what one can do to improve the technology that goes around these days. He actively invests into businesses that he believes can fuel our future and work for the betterment of our lives. He knows what it takes to be a tech entrepreneur and is thus helping other entrepreneurs live out their dream. By doing this, he owns his share in numerous tech ventures that have proven to be hugely successful.

Jason Hope is a firm believer in Internet Of Things, which is a concept that everything in the future will be governed by the internet. According to this idea, every thing that a person uses, right from their household appliances to all their work would be up on virtual servers. These control everything that a person owns, under one common network. Jason Hope is one of the people that sees this as a viable direction in which our society is heading into, and therefore thinks that investing into companies that function well with that idea is always good. Most of the companies that he has given life to stem from the fact that they can be viable if the internet of things comes into place.

Jason Hope has been working in the field of technology since the start of his career. He always knew that he wanted to enter the field of technology and work in it. Being an entrepreneur, he had a firm grasp over business ideas and methodologies that one could implement to be successful and to make his ideas the businesses that they are today. Today, Jason Hope is seen as one of the biggest tech investors in the entire country and is working to bring more and more ideas to live with every endeavor that he takes on. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity click here.

In addition to working in the technological sector, he is also a huge philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community and doing his bit to help society. He has stated numerous times that philanthropy is one of the main focuses of his life, and believes that he can contribute to making a difference. He has been the founder of numerous organizations that work to help people who have been diagnosed with a range of life threatening diseases and disorders.

MB2 Dental Solutions: Administrative And Organization Solutions For Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He is a dentist who knows what other dentists need in terms of running their clinic. When he completed his dental college, he was faced with the option of either starting up his practice or joining a large organization. The problem with starting up his clinic was that he would have to do all the tasks of running the clinic by himself. This is usually what the chief doctor at his clinic does. Right from administration to finance, the dentists have to perform all sorts of tasks, which can take away from the beauty of dentistry. The other option of joining a large organization is not something that a lot of people choose. These organizations are run by individuals who have no experience in medicine or dentistry and therefore only focus on the monetary aspects of each patient visiting. This can take away from the aspect of giving patients a more personalized experience. Just like Dr. Villanueva, dentists all over the country face the same predicament, which is why he saw this as a brilliant opportunity to start something that would be of great help to dentists in America.

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that was founded by doctors, for doctors. The organization works to give dentists their staff of professionals who will run the place so that the dentist can focus on providing top tier dental and orthodontic treatment to their customers. The organization works with two plans, one being for dentists who are new to the profession, and the other being for those who have been practicing doctors for a while. The first option takes dentists straight out of college and pairs them up with an existing MB2 Dental Solutions clinic, which already has a doctor who has a good amount of experience working there. This is done so that the new dentist can learn all that he needs to on the job and go on to leading his clinic some day. The second option is for those who have been practicing dentists for a while and who already have their clinic. This option lets them pair up with MB2 Dental Solutions so that they can use their clinic as their center and also offer them the people they need to help run the dental clinic.

Currently, MB2 Dental Solutions is operation in six states and has a large pool of doctors working with them.

New EOS Crystal Lip Balms Are A Treat For Your Lips!

Do you already have a collection of EOS lip balms that you love and adore? The new balm is one that you will want to add to your stash, because it has a cool new look! The new Crystal Lip Balms are translucent instead of opaque, giving the balms a jewel-like, luxurious feel.

The new balm is made with lots of the same hydrating ingredients as the old opaque balms. All of the ingredients are vegan, which makes EOS a great choice for those of us who love animals. They are also made with five essential oils, including avocado, coconut, and shea oils to nurture and moisturize.

The real treat about these fun new clear balms is that they come in excellent flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Check your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or Target to see these beautiful products for yourself, order here! You will find that the packaging is a little bit different.

Though you’ll still recognize the spherical shape, you will notice that the containers on the new line have a little bit of a triangular look. These pretty packages are fun to use and make a great addition to your already favorite collections of EOS balms. When you want to shake things up and channel your inner beauty queen, choose your jewel inspired Crystal balm and be treated like royalty! See also http://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/eos-updated-its-classic-lip-balm-photos-w496434.

EOS is a company known for their creative take on lip balms that moisturize and heal lips. Instead of opting for a unisex, clinical and medicated vibe as other lip care items were known for, the EOS designers wanted to create a balm that was stylish and unique. Buy here at ebay.com.

The EOS balms break the mold of tradition lip care items, yet still complete the task of hydrating chapped lips. The new wave of lip care was quickly embraced and the company has grown significantly since they launched.

Hurry and check out more updates on EOS’ facebook.com page.


Making It Big In The Architecture- Robert Ivy

He is an architect who has been the industry for the longest time. Robert Ivy has seen and participated in the various developments as well as planning in the United States of America. Being an architect for an extended period of time; Ivy believes that architects should combine their skills with software programmers to bring out a perfect effect to designs.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) can well be described as a membership-based professional organization, and Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of the group. Mr. Robert has mainly been focusing on design, construction, as well as building and encourages other architects to be creative and think beyond their education and professional.

Robert Ivy believes that architect is everything in the world and it is fully relied on improving the running of most industries including; the health sector as well as offering a resolution for disaster. In an interview conducted by SmartPlanet ; Ivy said that design has been playing a major role in the public health sector in the United States of America. He mentioned that from design took place in the draining of swamps in Washington D.C, and also the Olmsted of Central Park in New York. Robert did not forget to mention that architect is one of the most interesting sectors as it is a circle and architectures do different projects with different themes at different times.

Robert Ivy has been a leader and has taken the American Institute of Architects to higher levels. He is responsible for transforming the architect industry. Before his responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of AIA; Robert held another top position in McGraw-Hill Construction as the Vice President and also the Editorial Director. Ivy also served as the Chief Editor of Architectural Record Magazine. As the editorial leader; the magazine was able to be honored on numerous occasions. Robert Ivy is not only an architect but he is also an author who has published books including; Fay Jones. Mr. Robert is a graduate of Tulane University with masters of Architecture, and bachelors Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South.

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Impressionable Facts About The Trabucos

Trabucos was a great machine that looked like a catapult, which was used in the ancient days to throw stones far to enemies to cause damage. The engine like equipment profoundly contributed to the defeat of enemies by a certain community and aided people with less skilled warriors to achieve victory. The Trabuco was first used by the Chinese in the fourth century and later adapted by the people of Brazil in the later sixth century. The unique war equipment would later be adapted by the Christian and Muslim societies in their wars back in the twelve and fourteenth centuries.

Trabuco heavily relies on the force applied at its edge as a result of the heavy stone or object placed on it to attack. Its lever like looks enabled the heavy object to be placed above the ground and pulled with a lot of force to ensure that enough harm is caused to the enemy. The person involved in firing the Trabuco must ensure that he makes the throwing arm at least ten times longer depending on the counterweight portion. Additionally, a sling was also used to ensure that the attack achieved more success at http://pt.bab.la/dicionario/espanhol-portugues/trabuco.

According to the ancient history on help.madmoo.com, the Trabuco has first used a group of people known as the Mohists in China, back in the fourth century. The Mojing group also used it at the same time before the Avas community adapted its use later in the same century. It was later that the Brazilians adopted its use at the time when there was increased war in their country. As a result, Trabuco machine gained a lot of fame in many countries and continued to be used in many communities of the Chinese dynasty including the Jin, Sui, among others.

According to priberam.pt, due to the great advancements that people made in those days, the stone throwing machine was later outdone by the cannon powder which whose use widely spread in some countries all over the world. Though the Trabuco lost impact in the later centuries since its introduction, a significant number of individuals have used it in the recent years during the war including Syria and much more.

Scandal: Lime Crimes Scandalous New Lip Shade

Purple lipsticks are in, and popular makeup brand Lime Crime is catering to that fashion statement. Lime Crime recently released a new colour in their Velvetines line: Scandal. It is a beautiful deep purple colour.

Scandal is a matte liquid lipstick. It is vegan free, like every Lime Crime product, and animal cruelty free. The Velvitines Matte line will not dry out one’s lips. It is sure to stay on. It is kiss proof. No need to worry about eating and getting lipstick everywhere.

Scandal is for those who want to be daring and sexy all at the same time. It is for those who want to be themselves while also making a bold statement about their style. It is a colour perfect for anyone who wants to be a jaw dropper or just show off their punk style.

The new Velvetine lipstick, like the other colours in the line, will retail for $20.00. It is available now for purchase on their website, limecrime.com. For best results, first put on a moisturizer, wait fifteen minutes and then apply Lime Crime’s Scandal.

All of Lime Crime’s products are vegan and animal cruelty free. They focus on their make up not being to cover up imperfection, but to enhance the beauty that is already there. They think of makeup as a form of self expressionism and freedom. They have products for every makeup need. From liquid lipsticks, to highlighters to even eyeshadows, customers are sure to find a product that they will love and keep coming back to buy more.