Zayn Shows Early Signs of Leaving the Group

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No one would should be totally suprised that Zayn is leaving One Direction. The group has been around the world with music, and someone was bound to move on. Malik has had enough of the confinement of stages and hotels. He wanted to break free from this.

In one of the documentaries for One Direction there was a point where Zayn was on the phone. He was talking to family and his girlfriend. There seemed to be some complaining from people that wanted more of his time. He seemed conflicted about the whole idea of managing more time for family.

He has made so much money with One Direction. He is probably worth more than $20 million stated Alexei Beltyukov.
There is nothing that can cannot buy right now. Money is of no object to him. Money also is not a motivator anymore. He would have to really love the stage in order to return to it. Malik is burned out and tired of the fame. That has been evident as he has remained more low key in recent years.

Fans are somber, but this is about the time where egos and conflicts come into place. They are 4 albums into this. This is typically the time frame were groups fall apart. Everyone has their own agenda. His departure may simply be the first. The group may completely disband. Malik’s departure is the end of an era.

Angelina Jolie Has Precautionary Surgery

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Facing what could be a potential cancer scare, Angelina Jolie Pitt has confirmed that she recently endured a surgical procedure to remove her fallopian tubes and ovaries. At only 39 years old, Jolie received notice from her doctor that results from a recent test could be indicative of precancerous cells. Without delay, Jolie decided it was better to be safe than sorry and scheduled the precautionary surgical procedure.

Jolie experienced great despair in the days leading up to her surgery, running through a range of uneasy emotions. Informing her celebrity husband of the news, Brad Pitt quickly boarded a plane from France to be with his wife during the tumultuous time.

Before the surgery was scheduled, Jolie made time to visit a specialist for a series of tests and scans. Fortunately for her, all tests came back negative. Although she felt a huge sigh of relief after receiving the test results, the thought of future reoccurrences kept popping up in her head. The thought of not being able to live to see her children grow up and meet her grandchildren was daunting.

Jolie underwent a laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Doctors found only a slight benign tumor on only one ovary. Fortunately for Jolie, they found nothing alarming and no signs of cancerous tissue.

Jolie has a history of cancer in her family so taking these protective measures were very important to her. Two years ago she had a double mastectomy in order to diminish her risk of cancer.

Actor Jon Hamm completes 30-day rehab program at Connecticut hospital

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Mr. Lane, a spokesperson for Jon Hamm, star of Mad Men, has confirmed the actor has just finished a treatment program in a rehab center at a Connecticut hospital. The actor is said to have been having trouble with an alcohol addiction for years and felt, now that the series Mad Men had finally come to an end, it was time to seek treatment before the addiction became an even bigger problem.

Hamm himself spoke to GQ magazine recently about Mad Men coming to an end, and about his alcohol addiction.

He told GQ he had begun drinking alcohol in a serious way at the age of 20 right after his father died. His father’s death had upset him so much the only solace he could find was when he was drunk.

Sadly, life has not ever been very easy for Jon Hamm, so it may not be too surprising he turned to alcohol at such a young age.

The first death of someone close to him was when he was just 10 years old and his mother died from cancer. By the time his father died a decade later, Hamm has said on numerous occasions he felt completely alone and, for months afterwards, fell into a deep depression.

He finally went into therapy; and has stayed in therapy since then. Thus, a 30-day rehab program for alcohol addiction is probably then just a natural progression.


What is Skout For?

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Essentially, Skout is an app which people use to meet people. It has the ability to let others connect no matter from where they might come as it has millions of users around the world. People can be paired based on a variety of different factors such as location and interests. Two people with mutual interests whom live close by can easily get to know one another.

Skout is primarily used for dating. However, many people see it as being a great option for making new friends when they are standing in line or waiting on a bus. Once a potential person of interest is discovered, then a connection can be made.

For those whom love the idea of making new friends abroad, there is an option called “Skout Travel” which allows a user to “Travel” to a new destination and meet people there. This could lead to the perfect opportunity to learn more about a new culture or way of life. This feature is a premium paid feature, but is available to anyone regardless of whether they have a presence in the destination city or not.

Skout also has a mobile app called Fuse which is designed for people whom travel frequently and allows for completely anonymous communication. This separate app allows for more privacy as conversations and items which are shared are deleted almost instantly after the conversation is seen by the other person to ensure privacy.

Skout is a completely free application for now, and was among the first of the dating and social discovery apps. This application is designed for all of those whom are looking to meet new and interesting people. It can boast of having made 500 million connections, as it is the largest mobile network in the world for meeting new people and making new friends.

One of the concerns that people commonly have with regard to the app is safety. It is safe and secure as long as the right precautions are made. As the app is designed for use online, it is completely safe as long as parties keep the conversation online. If conversations go offline, then it is advisable to keep a few basic safety pointers in mind – such as not going to the other person’s house on the first date. Otherwise, this app is a perfect way for young singles to get to know each other and spend time together.

Deadpool Will Stay True to the Comics

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What do you get when you cross a live action comic book movie with a character that can break the fourth wall at will? Wait, let’s add in a director and lead actor that actually want to stay as close to the source material as possible. What does that lead to? The Deadpool movie that will be coming out in 2016, of course.

Ryan Reynolds first took on the Merc with a Mouth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and has long expressed an interest in returning. Now that the film has been green lit for production he is set to come back and do it up right. In the story seen here he says that this one is made in a way that will make all of the fan boys happy. And, just going by the test footage that has been making the rounds on YouTube for months; I have to say he might be right.

Fans at Anastasia Date know that director Tim Miller released the test footage last year in hopes that it would help get the film out of development and into production. Now with a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick that is being praised by everyone that has seen it, they are finally ready to go. Fans may have been disappointed with the liberties that filmmakers took with him the first time around but this time they might get what they want. Of course, with the way that Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and bends the laws of reality around him it is doubtful that this film will ever be a part of Fox’s main X-Men franchise universe. Crossovers could still be fun, in an irreverent, non-cannon kind of way.

Vijay Eswaran and His Hour of Silence

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An accomplished author, Vijay Eswaran, has written four books. One of his books is entitled, In the Sphere of Silence. It is a bestseller. His books are motivational. They focus on his philosophies in life. For example, many of them talk about his philosophy that silence should play a large role in the lives of human beings. Other themes in his books are about the quest for equilibrium and devotion.

In the book In the Sphere of Silence, Vijay Eswaran outlines how important silence is. He mentions that when individuals are able to get into the sphere of silence, they are able to acquire an intense insight into everything that they do and what others around them do. He encourages people to get into this sphere of silence on a regular basis. Vijay Eswaran says that it marks the beginning of a journey toward getting to know the innermost self. He feels that the quality of life of an individual drastically improves when they spend time in silence getting to know themselves and analyzing things that are going on in the world around them. In this book he further explains how he likes to start off every single day with an hour of silence.

In the Sphere of Silence was written in the year 2005. It was the first book he wrote. The second book he published is entitled In the Thinking Zone. This book mentioned some of his ideas of silence, but it is a collection of his reflections on life. This book was published in 2008. Just two years later, he published his third book. His third book is entitled 18 Stepping Stones. The last book that he published was released in the year 2011 and it is a collection of photography. This book is entitled On the Wings of Thought.

Spending time in silence and reflecting on his personal life and the lives around him has led Vijay Eswaran to participate in many philanthropic activities. For example, he established an organization called the Vijayaratnam Foundation. This is a charitable organization that he named after his father. The goal of this organization is to empower lives and transform communities. It has implemented a variety of long-term initiatives, particularly focused on helping children and young girls who come from underprivileged backgrounds in Malaysia. They provide mentoring programs for young girls and use empowerment seminars to help improve the lives of the young people they work with.

Scott Walker’s Response to Obama Falls A Bit Short

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Rank and file conservatives are frustrated over the GOP’s tepid reaction to criticism from President Obama. The party has long been muted in their criticism over the president due to concerns over being perceived as struggling over his race. However, that is not the case with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The prospective presidential candidate makes a strong unapologetic case for conservatism. President Obama recently criticized the Wisconsin governor over his state’s recently enacted Right to Work law. It was the latest reform to labor unions. In what amounted to a tacit acknowledgement of his Walker’s rising star power, President Obama took the unusual move to criticize the law and lecture the governor over the need to improve his state’s economy and wages for its workers.

Governor Walker is not afraid to push back against President Obama. Walker pointed out that if the president were truly concerned with job creation, he would have signed the Keystone Pipeline XL bill into law as it would create tens of thousands of new jobs. He also pointed out that his state has created 100,000 new jobs under his leadership including 30,000 new businesses. It did not take the governor long to attempt to argue the president’s characterization of his state.

But of course, any entrepreneur that has run in terror from Wisconsin can tell you that those statistics mean nothing when you consider how horrible Wisconsin has performed under Walker.  One of the worst states in job creation, and completely entrenched in debt because of Walker’s insistence on making himself look good ahead of his bid to run for President.

Liam Neeson May Quit Action Movies

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Liam Neeson May Quit Action Movies

Any action movie released in theaters is almost guaranteed to win big at the box office for that week. Having Liam Neeson starring in one of those movies, moreso as a lead role, is usually an even bigger win.

Liam Neeson has become one of Hollywood’s most famed actors, specifically with action movies, which have helped his career rise among the elites. Because of his many action thrillers, starting with Taken, in 2008, some may forget that he has been in the acting business well before that movie was ever filmed and he wasn’t at the forefront of all actors.

Many of his other well-known roles include being in Schindler’s List, as well as Darkman, Star Wars Episode I and even Batman Begins. His latest film, Run All Night, is set to hit theaters this weekend and will very likely pull in a significant haul. But with so many box office hits that are action thriller movies, even Neeson is starting to feel as though he may want to switch to another brand of films.

Dan Newlin has learned that Neeson said in an interview that he’ll stick with action movies “maybe two more years. If God spares me and I’m healthy. But after that, I’ll stop [the action], I think.” He has had a string of financially successful hits, notably with the Taken franchise, even if critics weren’t big fans.

Kanye And Diddy ‘All Day’ Studio Session Is Going Off

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It looks like Diddy and Yeezy are working together on some new music. Diddy announced on Tuesday that he will be spending the next 12 months working as a producer for Kanye West and a few selected other rappers.

In just two days of recording, Kanye came out with their first studio session and it was off the hook. The footage of the session was released on Revolt TV, which is Diddy’s TV channel. The newest song to come from the two is “All Day” which was first premiered at the BRIT Awards.

Fans like Brad Reifler have read that Revolt TV had the exclusive footage and only released it on their own channel, but MTV News got the scoop on what’s in stores between Kanye and Diddy. There will be a video release of the song ‘All Day’ which will be directed by Steve McQueen. The only people who got a preview of the video where the fans in Paris.

According to Diddy, ‘All Day’ is just the beginning, and there is a lot more work to be released from artists he will be producing for. Diddy has had success working with many artists and his label Badboy has been profitable for quite sometime time. Kanye is signed with Jay Z’s label Roc-A-Fella records, and recently there has been plenty of colabs happening between great artists.

Who knows whom the next two legends to make a song together would be.

Celebrity Colonoscopy Party for Three

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A colonoscopy is one of the most important things that men and women can do to ensure their health as they grow older. Getting the recommended exams can literally save lives. It not only detects things like ulcers and inflammation, it can also find cancer and bleeding issues. There is a lot of debate about whether the tests are really necessary, but some people prefer to sway on the side of caution.

Over 130,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer every year. Approximately 50,000 of those people will die as a result of the disease. The sooner it is caught, as with all cancers, the better chance of survival for patients. Early detection gives the patient more treatment options with fewer risks than those people who wait too long to be tested. Waiting for signs and symptoms to appear is, simply put, dangerous.

For those who take getting a colonoscopy seriously, some have learned how to make it fun. Dr Jennifer Walden says that Tom Hanks, Jay Leno and Martin Short, for instance, have a sleep over every year. Texas Monthly reports that they play cards, drink their barium and just enjoy the night prior to their testing. The trio then goes to the office together to get their tests done. It is a way to ensure that they will all go and that they all have support if something does show up on the tests. Maybe more people should have colonoscopy parties.

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