Senator McCain Attacks White House Over Slow Defense of Iraqi Cities from ISIS Attack

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The sanguine terrorist group knowns as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has launched a new offensive to capture the Iraqi cities of Baiji and Ramadi. The move represents further expansion of the group which seeks to put Syria and Iraq under their caliphate. Baiji is an oil rich city in Iraq. Loss of the city to ISIS would be huge. PR Newswire said that curiously, the Obama administration says that ISIS capturing the city of Ramadi would not indicate that his strategy to combat ISIS is failing. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that Ramadi is not symbolic in any way. Its fall to ISIS does not affect the goal of the US defeating ISIS. At the same time, he did state the city would need to be liberated. It was a odd position given that it is far easier to defend a city than it is to liberate it.

Senator John McCain acknowledged he was by stunned by Gen. Dempsey’s remarks. McCain, who chairs the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated that Obama’s ISIS strategy is feckless. He pointed out that many American soldiers lost their lives fighting terrorist in a bid to successfully recapture Ramadi during the Iraqi surge of 2007. The former Vietnam POW said it was beyond comprehension why a US general would say the fall of the city would not matter given the price in American lives that was paid to liberate it several years ago.

Rita Wilson Shares her News of Breast Cancer

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Actress Rita Wilson, who is married to Tom Hanks, has revealed that she has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The 58-year-old actress released a statement saying that she had to take a leave of absence from her Broadway play, “Fish in the Dark” for her health issues. She then revealed that during her leave of absence she would be under going a double mastectomy as well as reconstruction of her breast tissue. She said that thanks to wonderful doctors and the support of her family, she expects to make a full recover soon.

According to the story on, Rita reveals that she underwent a biopsy for her breast tissue. The results found a disease called pleomorphic carcinoma in situ (PLCIS) however no cancer was found. At the urging of a friend, Rita got a second opinion of the diagnosis. The second doctor found invasive lobular carcinoma which is a form cancer. Fans like Christian Broda have found that, luckily for Rita, the cancer was caught early and she should be on the road to recovery soon.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have been married since 1988 and share two children together, 24-year-old Chester and 19-year-old Truman. Tom was married once before and shares two children with his first wife. His first wife, Samantha Lewes, passed away from bone cancer at 49-years-old in 2002.

Justin Bieber Choked Out At Coachella

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Music star Justin Bieber has found himself in trouble once again. This time, Bieber was involved in a skirmish with security members of Drake’s team at Coechella. Things got pretty heated, and there were reports that Justin Bieber was injured during the incident.

Drake and Madonna performed live in front of the Coachella crowd, but Justin Bieber was there merely as a fan. However, Bieber tried to get into the backstage area of the auditorium, and that’s how the problem began. Drake’s security staff did not allow the pop star into the back area, and Justin Bieber began to throw a fit when he didn’t get his way.

Fans at Anastasia Date have learned that the altercation quickly escalated, and things got physical. There were reports that Justin Bieber was placed in a chokehold by a large security guard. The pop star screamed and kicked, but he was removed from the vicinity like a small child. Bieber did his best to convince the security team that he was invited to the back area, but no one listened to him. Justin Bieber is a spoiled celebrity that gets everything he wants, but not this time. For more information on this story, visit, Yahoo!

Drake Speaks On Madonna Incident

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Rap star Drake recently performed as the headline act of the Coachella Music Festival. Drake’s performance was masterful, and the fans of the event enjoyed his music. However,  according to Dan Newlin, something shocking would soon take place.

Drake was sitting in a chair while singing one of his songs, and legendary singer Madonna came onto the stage. Madonna walked over to Drake, and she pulled his head back. Madonna passionately kissed Drake, and it appeared that it was an unwanted kiss.

Drake seemed shocked, and many fans have since joked about the situation. People said that Drake was disgusted during the make out session. However, Drake has since responded to the rumors. The rap superstar stated that he was honored to share a kiss with the Queen of pop. Drake also apologized for his initial reaction to the kiss, and he says that he was completely thrown off by the moment.

Madonna is in her late fifties, and maybe she isn’t the sex symbol that she once was. Nonetheless, the incident has taken over the internet. Madonna should be a bit embarrassed, but luckily, Drake has thrown some water onto the fire. For more information on Drake’s reaction to Madonna, visit Yahoo!

The World Needs A Game Of Thrones

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A Game of Thrones is set to make its epic return later this month, and it seems that people cannot wait. The series is one of the most successful and popular shows of all time. A Game of Thrones has become must see TV for all. It appears that media sites are eagerly awaiting the return as well. The show will give entertainment writers valuable content to cover each week. However, sites like Rollingstone and Buzzfeed have already begun their Game of Thrones campaign.

Recently, Rollingstone posted an article that compares the characters of Westeros to those in power in the United States government. Joffrey Baratheon was compared to George W. Bush, and that may or may not offend some people. Joffrey was the most evil character that the world of Westeros had ever seen. He was a young king that earned his position because of the death of his father. Joffrey started countless wars, and he caused the death of millions. I guess there are some similarities between Joffrey and Bush if you really think about it.

The Rollingstone article continued its comparisons said AnastasiaDate. However, the funniest one was the comparison of Sarah Palin to the evil undead creature known as the White Walker. Also, Tyrion Lannister was compared to Bill Clinton, and Mance Rayder was compared to Rand Paul. I think it’s safe to say that the world quickly needs the return of a Game of Thrones.

President Obama Tours the Bob Marley Museum

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Last night, President Obama surprised many news media observers by traveling aboard Air Force One to a previously unannounced stop in Jamaica. He met in Kingston with local government officials and the U. S. Ambassador, and also took some time to make a surprise after hours visit to the Bob Marley home in Kingston. The late reggae musician’s residence has been turned into a museum. “One Love” played in the background as the United States President toured the premises and admired singer Bob Marley’s trophies displayed in the den.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, the tour guide Natasha Clark showed the President through the museum. President Obama was quoted as telling her: “What a wonderful tour, I still have all the albums.”

President Obama will depart from Jamaica to attend the Summit of the Americas meeting, where the United States is expected to face criticism from Venezuela’s strongman Nicolas Maduro over its use of economic sanctions. Cuban President Paul Castro will also attend that meeting.

Professor Anthony Bryan, an international relations expert who teaches in Trinidad, stated that the People’s Republic of China has forged stronger economic ties with many Caribbean nations during the past few years, where China has funded infrastructure improvement projects. The Caribbean suffers from high levels of poverty, and “China is running away with the gold in the view of many region watchers. Its footprint is visible and obvious through its ‘checkbook’ diplomacy in the Caribbean.

Black Candidates Elected to Ferguson City Council

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Ferguson, Missouri erupted in violence only a few short months ago after a white police officer shot and killed unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown. The death of the young man sparked controversy and violence in the city and around the world after the decision was made not to charge the cop with the death. As one might expect, race was the prominent issue in the case. Complicating things even more was the fact that the small town east of Saint Louis has a history of being a ‘white town’ with ‘racists.’

The city is back in headlines, this time after Elle Jones and Wesley Bell was elected to the City Council. What’s the big deal about these two names? They’re both African American. Also elected that night was former mayor Brian Fletcher, a white man who has often stood among protestors and demonstrations held against the police.

What does this mean for the city of Ferguson? Is it a sign that change is on the way? Or is it too late for that now? Most will agree that this is a positive sign for Ferguson, and that residents of the city want to unite together. With all of the looting in the city after the death of Brown, it is safe to say that this peace is much welcomed. Gianfrancesco Genoso said the two black Council Members were among several officials competing for a seat during the Tuesday night election. There were more black candidates that night than in the entire history of Ferguson. Approximately 64% of the city’s black community voted.

Nothing will ever bring Michael Brown back, and nothing will ever change the emotions felt during and after the murder. But this is a sign of improvement, and in a city with so much damage already, even a smile sign is a good sign.

More Kardashian Blackface Accusations

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Kim Kardashian was previously blamed for promoting “blackface” — the negative tradition of a light-skinned person wearing makeup to portray a black person in entertainment — when LOVE magazine revealed her feature cover. Now, Kim’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner, is in the spotlight for the same thing.

Jenner posted a photo of herself on Instagram that showed darker skin highlighted with gold glitter. The caption: “What I wish I looked like all the time.” Soon after, many people criticized the 17-year-old for portraying blackface.

Dan Newlin asks  what is the problem with this event?

In neither situation did these women purposely promote blackface. With Kim, the photographer and LOVE made the lighting/editing choices. With Kylie, she merely revealed her “ideal” appearance. She clarified that she would love to look that way — pink hair, blue eyes and covered in “sparkles” — “in another world.” Another photo showed that her skin was almost golden instead of black.

Like the blue dress incident several weeks ago, people are going crazy for no reason. Kylie’s images are no different than those of any woman who might show her skin under dark light with highlights and glitter except for the fact that Kylie is not African-American or black.

Many critics of the backlash are asking where it’s written that anyone of any skin color can’t portray themselves with darker skin — whether that skin color comes from a tan, makeup or lighting?

Bruce Jenner Destroyed At Justin Bieber Roast

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The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber recently aired this last week, and the event has caused much controversy around the world. However, the controversy is not about Justin Bieber or the jokes made about the pop star. The problem with the Bieber roast revolve around the jokes made about Bruce Jenner. Many comedians made fun of Bruce and his future sex change operation.

Kevin Hart told Justin Bieber to stay away from romancing the Jenner’s, especially Bruce. However, Kevin Hart was not the only one that destroyed Bruce Jenner. Comedy superstar Will Ferrell came out as Ron Burgundy, and he made several jokes about Bruce Jenner. Will Ferrell’s jokes were so brutal that they were not allowed on air.

Fans at Anastasia Date have become aware that the entire Kardashian family is angered with the comedians that participated in the Justin Bieber roast. Kim wondered why Bruce was even targeted during the Bieber roast. The Kardashians must have some power that we do not know about, because many of the Bruce Jenner jokes were not aired. The Comedy Central roasts are known for brutal jokes and vulgar one liners. Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians need to understand that the comedians were juat joking. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Michelle Obama Faces Jimmy Fallon In Mom-Off

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The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has become more popular than ever. Fallon regularly features famous actors and athletes on his talk show. However, once in a while, Jimmy Fallon will feature politicians. Usually, the Jimmy Fallon show is a lighthearted program says Brad Reifler. Sometimes, though, Jimmy Fallon will speak on important or sad news.

Recently, Michelle Obama was featured on the Jimmy Fallon show. She has become somewhat of a regular guest on the program. In the past, Michelle Obama has spoken about important charities and causes for America. However, her recent appearance on the show was nothing like her previous ones.

Jimmy Fallon challenged Michelle Obama to a dance off. The first lady of America boldly accepted Fallon’s challenge. However, this was no ordinary dance off. Instead, Jimmy Fallon challenged Barack Obama’s wife to a “mom-off.” Jimmy Fallon dressed up like an ordinary mom, and he also wore a wig. Michele Obama and Jimmy Fallon competed against each other in front of the live studio audience. What happened next was hilarious. Fallon and Michelle Obama were instructed to dance as if they were doing ordinary mom tasks. Dance moves included sweeping and taking out the trash, but it was Michelle Obama who captivated the audience. To see the dance off between Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama, visit Buzzfeed.

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