Fabletics Loves Using Positive Reviews

Fabletics is one of the savviest brands in the fashion industry today. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, it’s also one of the only celebrity-owned companies where the celebrity actually works. Kate Hudson doesn’t use Fabletics as a free-cash business, in which, she just collects checks every few months.

She’s a big part of making the company successful. Sure, being world-famous for her acting talents and fashion sense is a huge bonus. Her fame didn’t make Fabletics a $250 million business. It also didn’t increase the brand’s sales by 43 percent last year. All her fame did was help the brand get its name out into the world.

Once people knew what Fabletics was, it was up to their creativity to stay in people’s minds. So far, Fabletics has done a brilliant job at creating an amazing culture around itself. For a start, it was one of the first affordable, on-trend fashion brands producing activewear.

Fabletics also produces lines for all women – regardless of size or age – that women actually want to wear. Their fashion is meant to inspire women to embrace a healthy lifestyle. That personable trait comes from Kate, who wants to help America with its struggles with health.

There’s a lot to be earned in the activewear market these days. As millennials influence society’s trends, the world becomes more health conscious and relaxed. According to NDP Group, activewear generated $44 billion in the U.S. last year. By 2020, they predict that U.S. consumers will double that number.

As more companies try to get a piece of the multibillion-dollar pie, the economy is shifting its favor. For the longest time, companies had the power to easily persuade customers to buy anything. All a company needed was good products or services at fair prices.

These days, companies don’t have as much power. The truth is that people no longer trust traditional advertising or marketing. As everyone’s life becomes more digital, consumers developed a new way of determining final purchases. Now, they research a company before buying, which includes reading online reviews. It’s just a simple matter of trust. Without trust, companies have no customers.

People trust online reviews like they’re recommendations from people they know. Unlike traditional advertising, online reviews aren’t sponsored. Technology has allowed average people to effectively crowdsourcing their purchase decisions.

The EOS Clear Vegan Crystal Flavored Lip Balm

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is a company that produces a very popular line of lip balms that are natural and organic. During their short rein in the lip balm industry, they’ve attracted millions of EOS fans. This is due to their excellent products and marketing tactics that introduced a lip balm enclosed in a little sphere shaped container. EOS created a lot of buzz on social media recently. All the buzz was due to their releasing the new vegan crystal flavored lip balm to the consumer market. The response to the new lip balm was very positive and the lip balm sold out almost immediately.


What’s New

Wondering what is new about the new entry into the EOS lip balm family? The new EOS clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm is crystal clear. This is something that is very new and unique in the lip balm market, read also other info here on usmagazine.com. In fact, you are able to see right down to the bottom of the little orbs. In addition, it should be noted that the bees wax was completely removed from the new lip balm. However, the new lip balms is also organic in nature and packed with very nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

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EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is the little startup that decided to take on the big corporations with their entry into the lip balm market. They completely revolutionized the way that lip balms are manufactured and marketed to the public. They changed the shape of the containers, packaging their lip balms in attractive orbs. They also decided to use the digital world to market their product to millennials.

Today, EOS is a success. They produce one of the best selling lip balms on the market. They market natural lip balms that are designed to soothe and smooth the lips. The company also produces hand and body lotion, along with shaving cream.

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Cameron Clokie’s Innovative Bone Reconstructions at Toronto General Hospital

60-year-old Peter Russel lost seven centimeters of bone in his lower right jaw to a tumor that began in 2003. His disfigurement, though, has proven to be temporary, thanks to a new bone-growth treatment developed by Cameron Clokie at the University of Toronto. He discovered a protein can cause adult stem cells to grow new bone tissue. The result was Mr. Russel’s jaw growing again as it did when he was a newborn.

Mr. Russel is one of eight patients in Canada who have undergone this revolutionary new treatment. “This is pretty much back to the embryonic state of bone generation,” Dr. Clokie explained. It allows patients to regrow bones that are identical to the ones that were lost by tricking the bones into believing they are growing for the first time.

The procedures were done at Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital and represented a major step towards the medical dream of growing back damaged or lost tissue. Such procedures are much less invasive and painful than current techniques such as removing bone or skin tissues from one place on a patient’s body and grafting it onto another. Such procedures can involve operations over twelve hours long and require weeks of recovery in hospital. The procedure Mr. Russel underwent took four hours, and he spent only two days in the hospital afterwards.

Dr. Clokie specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery, but he is also a scientist and entrepreneur. He is CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a company founded to deliver regenerative solutions for the reconstruction of musculoskeletal injuries. He has spent thirty years both as an academic and in clinical practice.

He has published numerous papers, nationally and internationally, about bone reconstruction and tissue regenerative medicine. He holds twenty-five patents in the US, some of which are related to healing bone injuries, and has successfully developed alliances with businesses to bring his knowledge to commercial ventures.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helps Disadvantaged Kids Learn About College

For many disadvantaged and underprivileged children, the idea of going to college is something that gets wiped off their radar at an early age. Because they are growing up in poverty and living lives day to day, the concept that they might someday afford a higher education is easily pushed aside and forgotten about. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Of course, getting a university degree is among the most critical factors in determining how a person will fare economically in American society. It’s still a fact that those who achieve a 4-year college degree have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

That’s why people mired in the lower classes tend to stay there generationally. But now two Arizona women want to change that. Angelica Cruz and Nicole Fernandez have created what they call SySTEM Phoenix.

SySTEM Phoenix is a special charter school that focuses on children in grades 6 through 8. The idea is to get these youth thinking about college, but also in a way that makes them believe higher education is an attainable goal for them.

It includes programs which takes students on trips to college campuses to get them a first hand look of just what they are – and to get them thinking about what they need to do to get there some day.

The innovative program has received financial support from the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. This source of nonprofit revenue was established by journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey – to enterprising Phoenix newsmen who successfully sued Maricopa County (Arizona) for false arrest back in 2007. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://james-larkin.com/about/ and http://james-larkin.com/

The men were illegally detained by the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, the ruthless and unscrupulous Joe Arpaio – a man himself who was convicted of federal crimes, only to be shamefully pardoned by Donald Trump.

To make a long story short, Larkin and Lacey prevailed in their false arrest lawsuit against Arpaio and the county, and were awarded $3.7 million. This is the money that established the Frontera Fund – which now supports worthy causes such as SySTEM Phoenix.

It is significant to note that SySTEM Phoenix serves many children whose parents are undocumented workers and/or immigrants, the very group that were cruelly persecuted by the likes of Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and James Larkin are proud to assist efforts such as SySTEM Phoenix as part of the journalists’ mission to make the world a better place for immigrants in America.

Susan McGalla Say More Women Should Be Hired As CEOs

CEO and businesswoman Susan McGalla is considered a trailblazer. She was once one of the youngest CEOs in the nation, heading American Eagle Outfitters for several years. McGalla was highly-successful in her leadership positions because she was fearless, smart and always considered herself to be on the same level as her peers.

McGalla was raised in a family with 2 brothers and a football coach father. She was taught the importance of hard work at a very young age. She was also taught that she had to work for what she wanted out of life.

There are a lot of women struggling to work their way up through the ranks, according to McGalla. It’s not lack of work or trying that keeps them from getting into the boardroom, according to McGalla. It’s the lack of support from other women. Since there aren’t very many women in the boardroom in the first place, men still have all the power.

According to statistics, companies are about 15% more productive when they are gender diverse. “This is a stat that companies should really take a look at,” according to Mcgalla.

After graduating from Mount Union College, McGalla began working for Joseph Horne Company in marketing and management. She moved on the American Eagle Oufitters. After working in marketing, she was promoted to CEO and stayed there for five years.

McGalla says there were virtually no women in the boardroom during her tenure at American Eagle Outfitters. She also headed Wet Seal for a couple of years.

Today, McGalla has started her own company P3 Executive Consulting. She was also recently hired on by the Pittsburgh Steeler organization as the director of marketing strategies.

She says incentives should be offered to companies who hire women. This will undoubtedly make male executives more receptive to businesswomen and help them secure more executive roles.

EOS & The New Wave of Lip Balms

When your lips are dry and chapped, it gives your appearance a noticeable difference. If the lips are left untreated, then you’ll begin to feel pain thanks to the actual splitting of the skin. One of the best ways to rid yourself of this unpleasant situation is to either drink a ton of water or simply supply your mouth with a lip balm treatment. One of the best brands on the market for doing this is with Evolution of Smooth. Better known as EOS, Evolution of Smooth is loaded with beneficial ingredients that are organic in nature. The all-new Crystal lip balms are the perfect personification of such product because it’s loaded with aloe vera, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, vitamins and shea butter.

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One of the most intriguing attributes of the new Crystal lip balm is that it’s see-through. Yes, you can see straight through its transparent appearance. Thanks to the release of this oral care product, the brand has hit new levels of success, read review here on thedermreview.com. Besides its loyal following of customers, EOS has tapped into an untapped market that hasn’t been explored in previous years. The actual lip balms are at an affordable price range, which makes them even more attractive, buy here! Thanks to its ability to appeal to a wider audience, the new Crystal lip balms have been flying off the shelves at a record pace. Can you name another brand that can pull this off? Do you know of another brand that will attempt to try this?

EOS has solidified its place as the top lip balm producer. The brand sells around 1 million lip balms on a weekly basis, and the brand is worth an estimated $250 million. If sells and interest continue at this blistering pace, EOS might become the best-selling lip balm product of all-time.

See this remarkable video now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc!


Sweetgreen: Location, Location, Location

When it comes to opening a restaurant, people usually choose between a large corporate food chain and intimate mom-and-pop operation. Most of them aim for somewhere in the middle but have to choose one or the other at some point down the line. The co-founders of Sweetgreen found a way to stay on the center line.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the restaurant’s success; not least, brilliant leadership. Sweetgreen’s success attracted numerous big-name investors who can’t get enough of the salad chain. Since 2007, they’ve opened 40 locations and plan on adding more in the coming years.

The co-founders create several innovative strategies that apply to every part of the company. When it came to increasing sales and return customers, they decided to increase productivity. They accomplished this by adding technology during a time before technology became so popular. They used a website and mobile apps to facilitate transactions before most of their competition.

They also approached management differently. Instead of following the corporate headquarters traditional, they initiated a bicoastal management strategy that allowed them to grow their company at a comfortable pace while still maintaining a close relationship with customers. Essentially, this new strategy decentralized their headcount. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork and Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

What really sets Sweetgreen apart is how they decide where to open a location. Location is important to every business, but most businesses just look for the most foot traffic. Sweetgreen doesn’t want to be a hot lunch-time spot that people think of during their lunch break.

It’s also important that every restaurant looks clean and modern. It’s why they open in affluent and popular neighborhoods, to fit in with the local scene and attract new customers.

As important as the business aspects of the company are, the emotional aspects are just as important. Staying close to customers is important to all three co-founders. It’s a lesson they learned from their parents, who also started their own businesses. Their parents also taught them to be patient and see what happens rather than acting on impulse.

That advice came in handy when they faced their first winter break on campus. Their first restaurant just opened and was an overnight hit. When winter break came, most of their diners went on vacation, but they survived because of their loyalty to the diners who stayed.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://fortune.com/2016/02/18/sweetgreen-entrepreneurs/ and https://twitter.com/nathanielru

How Sweetgreen Has Grown Significantly

It was during their studies that Nathaniel Ru together with his other two friends found out the challenge that they had in finding good meals and healthy places to access meal around Georgetown. An idea arose in their mind of the possibility of having the solution to the problem would lie in the 560 square foot tavern on M street in the downtown area.

Their proposition has worked properly for more than six years since they opened a small eatery in the M street in the middle of the downtown. It has grown to become a 21-store farm-to-table type of restaurant famous as Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru recalls on how they first had challenges in contacting with the tenant of the tavern who also happened to be the tenant of the house in which they lived. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://fortune.com/2016/02/18/sweetgreen-entrepreneurs/

He says that after a month of bothering her, she finally accepted to hold with them a face on face discussion. The three had all they required for the business, and they decided on first naming it Greens. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Afterwards, as Ru says, they toiled for three and half weeks looking for a baker and an architect. He recalls how the tenant was very friendly and was willing to help them as newbies in the restaurant field. He admits that they had received a blessing to encounter such a tenant and that it was the best time they had decided on the idea.

The restaurant is now under the new name Sweetgreen- one ‘e’ is reversed, and all the letters are lowercase. It has developed to open other branches in the major cities in the United States such as Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington. Its foods are always composed of fresh and healthy meals whose ingredients are bought from the farmers and purveyors in the surrounding.

Nathaniel Ru is famous as one of the three co-founders of the Sweetgreen restaurant. The other co-founders are his former classmates at Georgetown University-Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme. The Sweetgreen they founded and run is a high-quality salad franchise and has now over forty outlets in many Northeastern Cities.

The three has many things in common. They are all from families that have private businesses. Their families are first-generation immigrants, and the three were also in the same entrepreneurship class.

Nathaniel Ru has continued to be steadfast in making Sweetgreen remain decentralised to avoid the restaurant depending on a single headquarter.

How Classdojo Is Revolutionizing Learning

Things always change, and this is evident in the education sector. This change has led the development of various innovations, especially of the technological variety. However, people in the education technology sector are still wary about debuting new products, considering the slump in sales experienced in previous years. However, there are various things companies can do to ensure that the products they release are always a hit with educators. These include;

  • Selling products that are developed to solve current problems faced by educators and learners.
  • Testing your products before you sell them to be assured of their quality and capabilities.
  • Set up a process that makes it easy to adopt and implement the use of your product in day to day learning.

One education technology company that has been working to create a positive culture within classrooms and school is Classdojo. The company is giving students a voice, by allowing them to develop individual online portfolios, which they can then share with their teachers and parents. This app works on various operating systems, allowing students teachers and parents to develop an accessible communication platform.

The company was established in June 2011, by Liam don and Sam Chaudhary and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Classdojo has been ranked as one of the fastest growing firms in its field. Its workforce consists of engineers, web designers and educators who work together to create the fantastic features found in the app.

Additions and changes made to the application, over time, may eventually cause parent-teacher meetings to be obsolete. This is because using the application teacher update their daily schedules. Additionally, since videos and photos can be posted using Classdojo, parents are always up to date on what their children are doing. According to their reports, about 8500 teachers working with children from kindergarten to 8th grade are using the application.

With time, the founders expect their app to grow and make learning even more enjoyable. This is by adding features that will allow parents to pay for things like lunches and field trips. Although the company is still young, they have managed to raise about 31 million dollars since 2015, and have lured new investors like Reach Capital, GSV, and Signalfire.

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End Citizens United Rallies Behind The Johnson Amendment

John F. Kennedy once said: “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.” This is one of the most important discussions that need to happen for Americans to understand the situation that the U.S.’ politics is in today. Read more on amazon .com to know more about end citizens united.

The separation of church and state is essential in a nation because everyone who does have a religion and follows it with their heart, tends to worship their beliefs as sacred, and therefore they must act when there are times that this is being breached. We only have to look in third-world countries for a lesson where religions almost have equal power to the government of those nations, and their politicians are afraid to go against the church because, if the church speaks against them, they will surely lose votes.

Although we can all agree that this is not exactly the state of the United States, and politics is a very separated entity from religion, but recent news might show otherwise.

You can hear stories of politicians giving brand new SUVs to bishops, sometimes women and other bribes, in exchange for that church or religion’s support. And, through this, churches become political tools and lobbyist.

There is nothing wrong with supporting the church that you believe in, or trying to gather as many votes as possible, but people need to be aware of what is happening since 2010 and why it has to stop.

These are the kind of things the Johnson Amendment is trying to prevent. It prohibits churches, welfare organizations, and charities from endorsing political candidates. However, this essential amendment is under threat right now, especially with the very unpredictable political climate we have right now.

Trump is one of the many examples why there is so much uncertainty and fear for the future in the air. In 2016, he promised that the Johnson Amendment is one of the laws that he’s going to work hard on repealing. Furthermore, with the GOP tax bill, it’s is being threated even further. With this bill, taxes for the rich, billionaires and corporations will get reduced, while the rest of the country bleeds. It can also turn churches into a hub of dark money.

Since 2010, there was a landmark that was approved called “Citizens United,” where the funding of candidates’ campaigns was allowed to be done by anyone.

Because of these events that challenge the transparency of politics in the U.S., the End Citizens United PAC is fighting the unlimited donations, bolstered by the court decision by Justice Anthony Kennedy, corporations can make and it is clear that these unlimited donations can be used as a form of bribe or lobby tool to endorse their own political interest. It is clear that dark political money should be removed in our system, it is the only way politics can be truly free from corruption.

Learn more:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United