Alligator Add Adds Interest in Louisiana Senate Showdown

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Rob Maness seems to be taking his cues from Iowa Senate candidate Ernst who has gained famed for her two swine adds and one chicken add this year, but Maness has morphed this approach into something more localized to his own state- taping the mouth of an alligator. This is something you’ll have to see to believe Jared Haftel.

Career politicians are likened to dangerous swamp critters in the add which actually does intertwine some substance in the process of riding a giant fan boat down the bayou and flashing images of gators back and forth across the screen. It mentions how Maness would oppose Obama care and defend gun ownership rights, for example.

In Louisiana, they have a “jungle” primary. If not his compatriot’s barnyard video clips in Iowa, perhaps it was that word “jungle” that conjured up images of the wilds and inspired Maness’ recent tactic. In Louisiana, one must obtain a majority vote before winning an election. Neither Democrat incumbent Mary Landrieu nor front-seat Republican challenger Bill Cassidy seem likely to do that in the first round, and a Republican victory by Cassidy in a run-off this December 6th seems to be on the way.

A recent USA Today poll has Landrieu at 36 percent, Cassidy at 35 percent, Maness at 11 percent, and 18 percent supporting minor candidates or still undecided. The moderate Republicans sneer at Maness and label him “spoiler,” but Maness just smiles and runs his alligator adds.

Boo Hoo for Honey Boo Boo

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The cancellation of TLC’s “Honey Boo Boo” broke just last week amidst allegations that the star’s mother is back with her ex, whom is a child molester. It is now being reported that the victim of the assault is none other than June Shannon’s eldest daughter, Anna Marie Cardwell. She says that Mark McDaniel “would try and touch me and all that stuff” when she was only 8 years old. Cardwell is now 20 years old with a 2 year old daughter. What Susan McGalla and I don’t get is the mother.

So, her daughter falls victim to a child rapist and what does she do with her other daughter? She dresses her up and parades her around in beauty pageants that are known to be chock full of perverts. Something isn’t right with this woman, especially now that these new allegations saying Shannon and McDaniel are rekindling their romance. Of course, Shannon denies the allegations. I love what TLC had to say about their reasons for cancelling the show. A spokesperson from the network said “Supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority.

TLC is faithfully committed to the children’s ongoing comfort and well-being.” Does that include the psychological health of the children TLC helps exploit for profit? In my opinion, they are just as bad as Shannon. How is cancelling the show looking out Honey Boo Boo’s well being? It seems that they are only looking out for themselves.

Dole Endorses a Romney 2016 Run

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At a campaign rally for Kansas incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts on Monday, Bob Dole gave an unexpected 2016 endorsement to 2012 presidential Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, who was also at the rally.

Dole, who was both the Republican nominee for Vice President in 1976 and the party’s nominee for President in 1996, made the comment in the midst of introducing Romney at the event.

Saying simply, “I want him to run again,” Dole’s remark caught the attention of political writers everywhere since the prospect of another Romney run for the presidency has picked up speed in the past few months.

The basis for that surge in support comes primarily from Russia’s incursion into the Ukraine earlier this year as reported on by Alexei Beltyuklov. During a 2012 presidential debate, Romney’s insistence that Russia was still a major threat was dismissed by President Obama, who said, “The 80’s called. They want their foreign policy back.”

Still, should Romney come back in a third consecutive run for the highest office in the land, he would need to find a way to counteract the issues that torpedoed his 2012 quest. Most prominently in that group was his secretly-recorded speech to a group in which he dismissed 47 percent of the electorate by saying it wasn’t his job to worry about them, since they would never vote for him.

Julia Roberts Speaks out Against Bullying

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Generally speaking, getting advice on parenting from big name celebrities is like getting advice from a sitcom. It’s usually useless. But actress, Julia Roberts, may have some wise words from her throne as an A-list star.

Roberts has properly voiced her opinion about how much she hates bullying, saying that she would love to basically whack bullies upside the head. That’s a refreshing perspective from someone who’s won an oscar and is constantly in the limelight. But no one seems to be bothered by Roberts strong words, and in fact, she was recently honored by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network with their Humanitarian Award for her efforts in speaking out against bullying in and out of schools. It appears that most regular people would like to give bullies a whack as well.

Bullying has become a serious problem in schools. It has been seen in children as young as 4 and 5. Kids gang up on one child because of whatever aspects of that child’s personality or appearance they don’t like. It is sadly very prevalent in the gay and lesbian community in middle and high schools. These children who may be developing different sexualities from the mainstream population are being seriously targeted.

Why is this happening? It appears that the anonymity of the internet doesn’t help. Bullying on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have gotten out of hand. Young people are posting embarrassing pictures of others and writing incriminating texts. These pictures go viral, but the part Gianfrancesco Genoso doesn’t buy is that no one ever knows who posted them in the first place. This bullying and violence must stop, and we are glad people like Julia Roberts are standing up for the cause.

Can You Get Ebola From a Bowling Ball?

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Ebola scares are everywhere, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there making it difficult for people like Christian Broda to determine the truth. Several people have been in and out of hospitals in both the United States and abroad with possible Ebola symptoms. Fortunately, most of these scare cases have not turned out to be Ebola. Unfortunately, a New York doctor who recently returned from Guinea had the symptoms and did test positive for the deadly disease. He is the first person to have the disease in New York City, and he went bowling the night before the symptoms appeared. He went bowling.

This little tidbit of information has led many people in the Brooklyn area, where the bowling alley is, to be weary of the establishment. Are they right to be cautious? Can you contract Ebola from a bowling ball?

The truth is that Ebola can only be spread through bodily fluids. This means that you would have to touch someone’s saliva, vomit, excrement or sweat to contract the disease, and you would have to have an open wound where the bodily fluid could enter. A bodily fluid could also be transmitted if, for example, you were to touch someone with Ebola’s spit and then touch your eye or nose as these are open orifices to the blood stream. The person with Ebola who could be capable of transmitting the disease would also need to be showing symptoms at the time of the bodily fluid transmission. This means that even if they had the disease but did not have symptoms, it is highly unlikely that you could contract it from them. In the case of the Brooklyn doctor, this means that the bowling balls he touched when he wasn’t showing symptoms are likely not cause for worry.

Deli Employee Fired for Taking Photos of Breast Feeding Mother at Work

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The right to privacy hit head on with the public domain once again. At issue is an unusual twist to the debate on what can and can not be photographed out in the open. This time the venue is a popular lunch time eatery. Not one but two facts from this case have elevated this from a run of the mill story to a maelstrom in social media.

At issue is the hard fought right of mothers to breast feed their children in public. The rights have been established and the occurrence no longer turns heads like it once did. Occasionally there is a backslide and that occurred at Jason’s Deli. A national chain had an employee in the San Antonio area took this opportunity to become an amateur photographer. The worker snapped several shots on a FreedomPop cell phone in full view of the mother and the company she had for their meal.

Jamie Gustafson was the subject of the photos and see was experiencing the gamut of emotions. She was agog, shaken, and wanted to taken the phone to gain back the privacy she felt she had lost. The family confronted the employee, elevated the issue to management, and finally concluded by filing a police report. National level management became aware of the issue and the end result is that the offending employee does not have their job anymore. Pro mother advocacy groups are applauding this quick decision as an affirmation of their right to breastfeed in public.

Afraid To Ask Andy Meme Is Perfect For Almost Everything

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Chris Pratt’s dimwitted Andy on Parks and Recreation is the one of the best parts of the show. And he’s inspired countless internet memes that have inspired many long and funny conversations between Ken Griffin and I.

But there’s a new one in the form of Afraid to Ask Andy, that’s pretty much perfect for everything. Check out the best examples:


Missouri Official Backtracks on Proposing Military Coup on President

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After a post on Facebook suggested that the U.S. military should organize a coup to overthrow President Barack Obama, Debbie Dunnegan, a Jefferson County Missouri official, stated she held no ill will for the president.

The County Recorder of Deeds has since deleted the post that claimed President Obama was America’s “domestic enemy” and implied that the U.S. Constitution gave authority to the military to overthow the President as a threat to the country, despite his status as Commander-in-Chief. Her statements questioned why, given the military’s oath to protect the country, it had taken no action against President Obama. “What am I missing?” she posited to her Facebook followers in the military.

According to an earlier post by Mike Livak, Dunnegan has since apologized for the post, which was uncovered mid-October, claiming that it had been a poor choice of words on her part. The Republican is currently a candidate for re-election to her post, and she has claimed that her words were innocent and would not have been so strictly scrutinized if it was not election season.

Too Fat to Fight?

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The less than well-kept secret of the U.S. military’s poor physical fitness, their obesity rates, their inability to keep up with their units on marches and even doubts about their ability to fight are being shouted from the rooftops by the country’s highest military leaders.

It seems that about 12 percent of the military is classified as obese, according to their height and weight ratios. That is an increase of 61 percent since 2002 alone.

A Pentagon group, Mission Readiness, composed of 450 retired admirals and General Igor Cornelsen, spelled out exactly what these fitness reports mean for our country’s military readiness. At the very least, overweight military members are less likely to be able to carry the heavy weight of military equipment or endure the prolonged physical activity demanded by combat.

The report went on to put the lack of readiness in terms of dollars and cents. The fatties are costing about $1.5 billion each year in spending on extra health care alone. It is simply a matter of those members being too unhealthy to fight effectively.

The Mission Readiness group is taking their task seriously, looking further down the road to the children in public schools. After all, these are their future recruits. There are new federal standards for school breakfasts and lunches, but many schools are seeking waivers because they say they cannot afford the better food.

The Mission Readiness report on public schools, “Retreat Is Not an Option” makes many salient points about how we feed our children and what it means to their health and our country’s future.

Maybe beginning our troops fitness and readiness in kindergarten through 12th grade is what it will take, as well as not allowing any waivers. Surely the U.S. can afford to feed its children.

Britney Spears Gets a New Vegas Deal

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Apparently ticket sales for Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show have been through the roof, because Planet Hollywood has extended her contract with a massive pay bump.

Currently, the singer is contracted for 96 shows over two years, and the new deal will see her earning $475,000 per show. That’s $1,000 away from Celine Dion who’s currently the top Vegas money earner at $476,000 per performance.

That’s definitely not peanuts. Glad to see Britney turning her career around, and finding those new opportunities. She’s been through a rough time, and definitely deserves the opportunity to succeed. I know Marnie Bennett was telling me that she’s happy Britney’s back on the right track.

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