A Look Into The Life And Career Progression Of Eric Pulier

A columnist, published author and renowned entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has achieved a lot in the business arena and his effort towards raising a generation of entrepreneurs cannot be overlooked. Having founded and co-founded ventures, Eric Pulier has managed to raise millions of dollars and supported many startups.

He also comes out as a confident public speaker and his mentorship has imparted a lot of value in focused individuals looking to start and run businesses. Apart from having a strong influence in business, Eric Pulier is also a member of several philanthropic foundations.


Eric Pulier can trace his skills to the growth of passion in computer programming that kicked in at a tender age.  Eric qualified to join the Harvard University, where he majored in English and American Literature.

At this time, Eric Pulier applied to join the editorial team at The Harvard Crimson and he started sharing articles on his column titled Pulier Leg. While at Harvard, he also enrolled for a degree in computer science at MIT College. He pursued both courses with great passion and graduated in 1988, earning high honors.

Career and achievements

Three years after graduating, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles, where his career as an entrepreneur would start. His first company was called People Doing Things and it offered updates on pressing matters in health, education and other specialties.

His prowess and strength at design and planning were part of the things that set him apart from his peers and in 1997, he was picked by the government to head the Technology Exhibition that was part of the inauguration of the president and his deputy.

This is a project that further marketed Eric Pulier since he skillfully arranged the different sections that were to be showcased. More importantly, he arranged for a live streaming event that connected the audience with space astronauts. His success at this event saw him win other big projects, both from the government and private companies.

Learn more about Eric Pulier: http://danielbudzinski.com/podcast/eric-pulier/

More Than Seventy-Five Percent Of All Venezuelans Are Suffering From Extreme Poverty According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

The situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate. Severe shortages of all the necessities that are needed to survive are scarce. There’s hardly any food, and if people do find something to eat the cost is astronomical. A dozen eggs cost $150. The lack of clean water, hospital supplies, medicine, clean water, and electricity have created crime-ridden streets in this oil-rich nation. There is one man is to blame for the agony that is taking place, and his name is Nicolas Maduro, according to Deputy José Manuel González. José Manuel González is a member of the National Assembly from the farming state of Guárico.  President Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked successor of socialist Hugo Chavez has managed to destroy the economy of Venezuela. He has single handily bankrupted the government, and he has turned Caracas into one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

González has been watching and trying to stop Maduro ever since he took office after Chavez passed away in 2013. González wanted Maduro to invest in domestic food production after Chavez passed, and he wanted to help the farmers get new equipment and supplies, but Maduro did the opposite. The inept president confiscated farms and let them sit dormant. What González calls one of the most successful socialist governments in the world under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, is now an inflation-ridden mess that is spiraling out of control.

The downfall of Venezuela could have been avoided if Maduro would have changed the domestic policies that put imported goods in front of domestic production. He could have avoided the lack of money if he would have focused on exporting more and experimenting less, but González said that’s Maduro doesn’t have the sense to change, even now. Even Peru’s president is concerned about its neighbor. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski talked about Venezuela’s issue at the United Nations recently, and all Maduro could do was accused the Peruvian President of meddling.