Why Many Americans Seek Beauty at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr. Walden is a leading plastic surgeon based in Austin Texas, where she runs a private practice in her Marble Falls Offices. She is the most sought out surgeon on the specialty of plastic surgery. Before founding her firm, Dr. Walden worked for the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Medical Institution.

Dr. Walden’s education background

Dr. Jennifer Walden graduated with distinction in Bachelor of Arts (Biology) from the University of Texas. She furthered her education and graduated with a Ph.D. from the same university, Texas Medical Branch. Walden was completed as a Salutatorian and was elected the President of the Alpha Chapter of the Medical Society. She has ventured into what is perceived as a men-only specialization and excelled exceedingly.

Plastic Surgery Specialties

Dr. Walden founded the Walden Cosmetic and Surgery Center, which has been involved in several surgeries including:

  • Aesthetic and facial surgeries
  • Rhinoplasty or the famously called nose surgery
  • Breast reconstruction and breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction and face-lifting surgeries and configuration

Certification and Practice

The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the institution that certifies plastic surgeons. Dr. Walden received this certification and became an active life member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She worked in the institution as the vice commissioner of communications and its spokesperson too. Dr. Walden has been crowned with many awards, accolades, and scholarships for her distinguished medical career and learn more about Walden.

Charges at the Walden Cosmetic and Surgical Center

The charges at the Marble Falls Cosmetic and Surgical Center vary depending on the surgical operations requested by a client. The costs have varied for nine years but have remained consistently steady. And her Linkedin, Here is a breakdown of the costs:

  • A face boosting operation costs 4 10,000
  • Augmentation costs $7,000
  • Rhinoplasty or nose surgery $7,000

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The Latest Oil Discovery From Talos Energy, LLC

On July 12, 2017, Talos Energy, LLC made an announcement regarding a historic oil discovery took place in offshore Mexico with the Zama-1 exploration well. This is the very first offshore exploration well that has drilled by the private sector in all of the history of Mexico. This is being touted as a significant and historical discovery and President and CEO Tim Duncan has nothing but praise for all of the highly skilled personnel from both Mexico and the United States that have been working to make this discovery a reality.


Duncan went on to explain that this discovery shows exactly what the energy reforms have wanted to deliver, which includes new participants, new capital and good, old fashioned ingenuity that can bring about not only government revenues for Mexico, but also local jobs. Duncan and Talos Energy are now eager to begin analyzing the discovery and working on drilling for more unique opportunities, stating that the future seems to be bright for offshore Mexico over the years to come.


Talos Energy is a private company for upstream oil and gas that has a focus on the exploration as well as the acquisition and exploitation of certain properties for oil and gas while focusing on the areas of the Gulf Coast and the Gulf Of Mexico. Talos Energy has been backed by investment funds that are affiliated with the companies known as Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos Management and Riverstone Holdings, LLC.


As a technically-driven and highly motivated company for independent exploration and production, Talos Energy, LLC has been focused on both oil and natural gas properties for several years that are primarily located in the Gulf Of Mexico for the developed deepwater and shelf, as well as the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast. Their year-end net resulted in reserves of well over 100 million BOE as well as the production of roughly 30,000 BOW per day that is net to the interest of the company. Across the year 2015, Talos had the ability to leverage both operational and technical expertise throughout projects in the Gulf Of Mexico to expand the acreage position for two blocks of shallow exploration located off of the coast of Mexico.

Managing Cancer Treatment Records and Bills with Clinical Pathways

Cancer treatment is not cheap. Patients will have to pay at least $4,000 for treatment. Cancer treatment facilities try to keep expenses down. However, this is not an easy thing to do. New research produces new drugs that must be charged as a high treatment option. Unless a person is fortunate enough to have a lot of money; cancer treatment can and will break most people financially. Not even their insurance can cover everything.

One of the best ways for oncologists to keep track of patient expenses is by having accurate records. Accurate records will allow them to keep track of treatments that work and to figure out if new treatments are needed as well. They can also use a patient’s records to find the treatment options that can be charged with as little money as possible. Even though patients usually have insurance that can be applied for treatment they will still have to pay out of pocket.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of American has teamed up with software vendors known as Allscripts and Nanhealth to create Clinical Pathways. This program provides accurate patient tracking of treatment and services. This way cancer treatment organizations can keep a cancer patient’s medical treatment costs under control.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been around since the 80s. This organization is a leading national cancer treatment provider. They ensure that patients receive the latest care form highly qualified and trained medical staff. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America will continue their fight to help patients to recover from and to manage this disease.

All You Need to Know About White Shark Media Review

White Shark Media is out there to help clients in marketing their campaigns. The leading company is dedicated to delivering effective, transparent management services to its clients who run mid-sized or small sized businesses and advertise online through the use of Bing Ads or Google Ads. With our offices in Denmark and Central America, Atlanta, Miami, GA, FL, Scandinavia and Nicaragua we have a large customer base. We currently have over 600 clients with their retention rate been 8-10%. The company which was founded in 2010 has 144 fulltime employees.

Our major clients include Platinum Pro Painters Canada, A star Movers Texas and iMarine Inc. The $3-$5 million revenue evaluated company offers primary services in Mobile Marketing, Web Development, Pay Per Click Management, and Search Engine Optimization. Among the secondary services, it offers include Landing Page Optimization, Pay Per Click Management and Conversion Optimization. The company is fair on pricing as it offers mid-level prices for its average marketers.

White Shark Media has experienced professional who has expertise in the field of marketing. The experts thus take on the customers’ needs and complain and approaches them in a professional way. The strategy employed to market your campaign will be made open to you upon achieving success. The company has grown from scratch making mistakes all the way, but it’s now on its feet. It is through the sharing of the customers complains and finding of appropriate solutions that this company has grown from grass to grace and achieved much success.

White Shark Media services are now available to their clients anytime of the day. You need to visit their website, and with a few clicks, you will have all the information you need about them. They also have a new mobile number that is monitored by their responsive support team. Call them today and get to be advised accordingly as per your need.

Try White Shark Media today, and your business venture will get a new phase.

Betsy DeVos, Disrupts the Status Quo

Elisabeth Betsy DeVos is a lady who has proven to be a leader, an advocate, an innovator, a philanthropist, and a disruptor. She is particularly involved in politics, business and education reform. She also pioneers fights that are geared to remove barriers, create thriving environments, and enact changes. Betsy is married to Dick DeVos with whom they have four children. The couple is also graced with five grandchildren.Betsy DeVos has been at the forefront of the educational reform movement in the U.S. Betsy has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Calvin College in Michigan. While she was still a young single girl, Elizabeth Prince became involved in campus politics at Calvin College where she was elected for many political posts.Ever since then, Betsy has remained active in politics even after her marriage to Dick DeVos. For 35 years, Betsy has led many campaigns in party organizations and political action committees. She was the president of the Michigan Republican Party, where was elected the president four consecutive times.

However, today she mainly focuses on political forums that are related to education reform Betsy DeVos is also very active in business, where she seeks innovative solutions to the social problems in the society. She is the Chairman of the Wind quest Group, which is a private group that invests in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. She and Dick DeVos, the husband, are the founders of the group. Betsy DeVos also pursues reform using many nonprofit roles. Case in point, she is the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, where they focus on giving charitable donations to firms and individuals. Betsy is also a leader of many national and local boards such as the Kids Hope USA, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Mars Hill Bible Church, and. Betsy is also the chairman of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children (AFC).

In an interview with Philanthropy Group, Betsy DeVos said that she now more than ever is very enthusiastic about further reform. She said that the private choice programs were expensing in the different states as last year the number of students in the programs grew by 40, 000. She says that people should take note of the high number of students who have realized that the traditional public cases are failing. Mrs. DeVos says that she was inspired by the private programs when she and her husband visited Potter’s House Christian Schools and saw how many parents had sacrificed to take their kids to a school that offered them a safe environment. They were touched by the scene, and they started supporting kids financially in the institution as they noticed the school had a positive impact.

A Closer Look at EOS Lip Balm Products

EOS Lip balm is all natural, organic, paraban free and the products contain no petroleum. EOS lip balms have a pleasant flavor and they are made with Vitamin C. Vitamin C nourishes the lips and gives them an appealing look and glow.

In addition to Vitamin C, EOS lip balm products also contain jojoba oil and shea butter. Jojoba oil and shea butter also assist in conditioning the lips for a soft and simply beautiful look. It is important to note that EOS does not test any of its products on animals. Read interesting articles here on blogwebpedia.com.

EOS balm “Organic Smooth Sphere” lip balms are available in a variety of pleasant flavors including Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Blueberry and Raspberry Pomegranate. Sweet mind and Honeysuckle are two of the newest flavors that have been added to the EOS lip balm collection, see related site at allure.com. These luscious lip products are reasonably priced under $4.00 a piece.

Visibly Soft & Smooth Sphere lip balms are available in Vanilla Mind, Coconut as well as Blackberry. All lip balm comes in an attractive decorative container which is compact and be carried just about anywhere. The Soft & Smooth Sphere collection of lip balms can also be purchased for under $4.00. All lip balms are sold separatly.

Shimmer Smooth Sphere lip balm is available in Pearl and Sheer Pink. The Shimmer line of lip balm comes in a black decorative case with an impressive design on the top cover. This line of EOS lip balm products are priced under $6.00.

EOS active protection lip balm comes in Lemon and Grapefruit. The active protection lip balm can be applied at any time however, one application will last most of the day. This product also carries an impressive price tag. You can easily purchase the active protection lip balm for under $4.00 a piece.

The “Organic Smooth Stick” lip balm is available in Mint as well as Vanilla Bean. Two very tasty selections offered by EOS.

Finally, EOS makes a fine selection of lip balm products. Lip balm nourishes your lips and it will give them a healthy look that is quite noticeable. You can visit the EOS web site for additional product information nd ordering instructions. Please see www.evolutionofsmooth.com.

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Self Expression For All Sizes Thanks To Don Ressler

There is one form of controversy in the fashion industry. This controversy has to do with size. For one thing, there are a lot of people who are outside of the normal limits of size that have a tough time finding any type of clothes let alone something that is stylish. Don Ressler knows that people who are not average in size are being left out because of the cap in sizes. When he has met with Kate Hudson on Fabletics, one of the talks they had was on how they can take their fun styles and bring it to the people who are outside of the size limits.


In many cases, designer retailers that have a lot of fun styles tend to reserve all of them for the regular sized people and then leave the larger people with rather basic clothes. Don Ressler does not want to just provide larger people with clothes. He wants them to have the same fun styles and designs that the average people have. This is one of the reasons that he has made Fabletics and other TechStyle brands all-inclusive. He believes that everyone has the right to be as stylish as they want.


Perhaps the mindset that many designers and clothing sellers have is that larger people should be appreciative that they just have clothes. Even though it is true that any piece of clothing is good, the sad thing that they often have to experience is the fact that they have to let all of these fun looking outfits go because they are larger than most people.


Among the steps that TechStyle is taking to influence the world of fashion is to bring about some of the new mentalities. After all, people that are into fashion should not be limited or restricted because they are too large. As TechStyle is hoping to bring an artistic and ethical approach to fashion that is going to benefit everyone. They are also helping people realize that great fashion does not have to be left to the runways or the richest celebrities and their special events. https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618

Patty Rocklage is a Therapist with a Golden Heart

Patty Rocklage is a Massachusetts-based therapist with her office at 270, Marlboro Road in Sudbury. She graduated from the University of South California in 1981 with a degree in psychology. She is a licensed therapist and currently has more than 20 years of experience in therapy. Her specialties lie in the areas of relationship issues, women’s problems and family conflicts.

She has a vast knowledge of issues pertaining adoption, divorce life coaching and life transitions. She is also involved with counseling teenagers during their adolescence.

Through her therapeutic counseling and coaching, Patty Rocklage has helped many people in the greater Boston area to overcome their life challenges. She describes her style of communication with her clients as warm and engaging. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: http://sudburyconstructioncompany.com/construction/case-studies/rocklage-case-study/ and http://chemistry.mit.edu/scott-rocklage-phd-2-and-his-wife-patty-are-celebrated-their-major-gift

This, she says, helps her clients relax and concentrate on the changes and transitions they need to effect in their lives. She enjoys her work very much as it gives her an opportunity to help solve someone’s challenges.

Since she started working as a psychotherapist more than two decades ago, she has had an excellent opportunity to grow and develop her skills set. Some of the skills she acknowledges she has gained include life and marriage coaching, public speaking, teaching, and team building techniques. She says that these are the skills she has used to assist several people in the greater Boston area and beyond to solve their life challenges and realize personal growth.

As a passionate believer in the value of having a well-rounded society, Patty Rockalage has always taken part in community outreach programs with a jovial heart. She is also committed to giving back to the community.

In 2016, Patty and her husband donated to the MIT’s department of Technology Chemistry. This gift was aimed at assisting the university to revamp their nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab, which was located in building two. This lab was where the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, Moungi Bawendi, did his work.

Patty is also involved with volunteer activities with the Sudanese Education Fund. The fund is focused on assisting South Sudanese people in Massachusetts to find steady jobs as well as achieve educational and financial stability. Patty is a firm believer in maintaining client confidentiality because of the sensitive information she receives from them.

Omar Yunes Named The World’s Best Franchisee After bringing Sushi To Mexico

Omar Yunes, one of Mexico’s most successful business leaders in the franchise industry recently attended the Bets Franchisee of the World competition in Florence, Italy and took home the largest prize on offer. The Mexico-based entrepreneur made his name as a franchisee in Mexico for the Sushi Itto brand he made his first investment in at the tender age of just 21 before continuing to establish franchises across the nation throughout the 21st century to bring his total to 13 by the end of December 2016.

Sushi Itto has become a major success for the owners of the brand and its Mexican franchise base, of which Omar Yunes owns around 10 percent of all Mexican franchises; after making his initial investment in a franchise in Mexico, Omar Yunes has set out to take the Sushi Itto brand to various parts of Mexico with franchises established in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz.

Although he himself was named the overall winner of the Best Franchisee of the World competition, Omar Yunes was quick to point to the 400 staff members who work in his Sushi Itto franchises across Mexico and the brand itself, which Omar explained had given his franchise the ability to innovate to create successful franchises across Mexico. The work completed by Omar Yunes over the course of his career with Sushi Itto has been recognized at a regional level for a number of years with this latest recognition at the global level seen as a sign of the growing importance of Mexican franchise holders and entrepreneurs on the global stage of world business.

Omar Yunes does not limit himself to simply enjoying his life as an entrepreneur and innovator on a business level, he has also been looking to expand his horizons by continuing his life-long love of soccer in support of Mexican team Pumas de la Unam and the Catalan giants FC Barcelona. As with every well-coached soccer team, Omar Yunes believes clear communication is the key to his work as a successful franchisee who can explain his needs to his employees with ease.

The Legal Assistance of Ricardo Tosto

Whenever you require legal assistance in areas related to civil and commercial law, Ricardo Tosto is an excellent professional to turn to. She has been one of the premier lawyers in the nation of Brazil for many years. His reputation precedes him, due to the fact that a great deal of people trust Ricardo Tosto any time they find themselves in need of assistance with issues related to bankruptcy, breach of contract, civil negotiation, the restructuring businesses and more. This has garnered Ricardo Tosto a great deal of a claim in both mainstream publications and legal journals.

On top of everything that has been written about Ricardo Tosto, she also publishes political articles related to the happening of resilient legislation. Ricardo Tosto Has practiced law in Brazil for many years and is the cofounder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Due to his time practicing at this firm, the firm has risen to prominence and is considered part of the Legal 500, due to their many contributions.

Ricardo Tosto holds a degree in law from Mackenzie and has several achievements to his name. In addition to his legal specialties, Ricardo Tosto specializes in politics and has written several articles related to his legal experience and as a whole in Brazil. He has served as a director for Brazilian companies and has extensive understandings of the ins and outs of both management and human resources.

Ricardo Tosto is a skilled attorney that is also bilingual – as he speaks fluent Portuguese and English. This is allowed to develop an international presence, as referenced by his belonging to the International Bar Association. He also holds the ship in the Brazilian Bar Association. Ricardo Tosto has served admirably on a number of boards and committees all of the world, including countries like Switzerland.

The more that you understand about the lawyer that you are looking to get representation from, the easier it will be for you to trust them for the work that you are looking for. Be sure that you get in touch with Ricardo Tosto if you need any sort of help and assistance in this regard.