How Roberto Santiago’s Passion has enabled him to thrive in Business

Roberto Santiago is a hard working entrepreneur who has always been determined to be successful. At the age of 59, he is worth millions of dollars and is the proprietor of Manaira Shopping. Santiago has been venturing into business since he was a teenager. He schooled at the University of Joao Pessoa and specialized in business administration. The first business that Roberto established was a small cafeteria in Santa Rosa. The enterprise was profitable, and it enabled him to accumulate capital that he used in founding a cartonnage business. By 1987, the businessman has enough wealth to venture in the real estate industry. He started the construction of Manaira Shopping, which was completed in 1989.


The business center is the most preferred shopping place in Joao Pessoa. It covers about 135,000 square feet, and its parking lot is big enough to accommodate over 8100 vehicles. The building has a variety of facilities that attract both tourists and shoppers from different parts of Brazil. Some of its features include a food court, a game zone, spa, salon, banks, a school, bowling area, electronic amusement park, over 200 shopping stores, and eleven movie theaters. The mall is open daily. Manaira Shopping is the largest business center in the Paraiba state. Santiago has invested in cutting-edge facilities that make it stand out. The constant renovations of the building enable it to look modern despite being in business for the past 28 years. Its size has also been increased about three times to ensure that it is big enough to accommodate the rising population of the city.


Manaira Shopping boasts of a very spacious concert hall that was constructed on its roof top in 2009. The Domus Hall is designed to host a variety of events that include conferences, fairs, exhibitions, and concerts. It has two floors that make its big enough to accommodate approximately 10,000 standing guests during a music concert. It is considered as one of the best in the city due to its excellent sound and air conditioning systems. The mall’s food court offers a relaxing environment where families and friends can hang out and enjoy the cuisine that is provided by its restaurants. It has both cheap and high-end eateries.


Santiago believes in offering the best products and services to his clients, and this has enabled Manaira Shopping to be successful. He has managed to grow his businesses and accumulate wealth due to his commitment, passion, discipline, and hard work. His achievement has made him an inspiration to many young business people. In 2013, the entrepreneur established Mangeria Shopping, which is a high-tech building that is also based in Joao Paulo. He donates to support various community-based projects in the city, and this has made him popular.


Eric Pulier the Entrepeneur of Today

Eric Pulier is widely recognized as one of the leading thinkers and business entrepreneurs today. Owning several diverse companies, focusing on technology and how they help people in everyday life, Pulier has contributed greatly to the technological advances of the modern age. Although not many people have heard of this man, if you speak to anyone in the industry his name is pretty well known.

Pulier has been familiar with technology from a young age. He began programming computers at the young age of four and has not stopped since. His first company was created in his high school years where he made computer database programs. Finding success, he later moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue more efforts. Currently he owns close to a dozen companies of his creation and is an important member on the board of many others. He has invested greatly in technology for children with terminal illnesses and special needs such as Starbright World, in which children can find others with similar illnesses or situations and share their experiences privately with security.

Having a family himself, he finds inspiration from his kids even through his busy schedule. No matter the day he likes to always find time for them, as he says in one interview for, “I do my best to get solid rest each night, and with four kids I’ve got a whirlwind of activity that normally fills any available moment with planned (and more often unplanned) activities.” Rare it is for busy business owners to set aside time for their family each day for more ifno: click here.

Looking to the future Pulier plans to keep up with modern trends, and expand his thinkin to new possibilities. He has realized that the invention of several smaller things can collaborate into something else entirely. In the same interview with he relates this to Uber. “Uber is a good example of this, where the proliferation of GPS enabled smart phones, the opening of Google Maps APIs, and low cost cloud computing, came together and suddenly remade the transportation industry.” Pulier is a successful entrepreneur and anyone else looking to build their own company can definitely learn a thing or two from his mentality, work ethic and charity.

Jim Larkin; Hero Of The Irish Working Class

Jim Larkin was born on the 21st of January, 1876, in Liverpool, England. He was an Irish activist for workers’ rights and a labor organizer. He founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union and is famous for his activism and his work to improve the quality of life for Irish workers.

After he had established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, it swiftly became the region’s largest union. The union collapsed shortly after the Dublin Lockout, and Jim Larkin moved to the United States in 1914, though he would later be deported back to Ireland. Politically, he was an ardent Marxist and continued his activities in labor organization well into the 1940s. He passed away on the 30th of January, 1947, in Dublin, Ireland.

The Fight For Workers’ Rights

As he grew up in the slums of Liverpool as part of the lower working class, Jim Larkin had a limited formal education. During his youth, in order to provide supplementary income for his family, he worked in a variety of jobs, although he eventually settled into a job at the Liverpool Docks, working as a foreman.

By that time, he had come to the belief that the working class was being treated unfairly by those in the higher classes, and he became a dedicated socialist. In 1903, Jim Larkin married Elizabeth Brown, eventuallygoing on to have four sons with her. By 1905, he had become a trade union organizer for the National Union of Dock Labourers full-time, as well as organizing workers’ strikes in order to advocate for additional rights.

However, Jim Larkin’s methods for strikes were rather militant, which alarmed the National Union of Dock Labourers. In 1907, he had been transferred to Dublin, which is where he created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union in order to bring all Irish industrial workers, whether or not they were skilled, under a single union. In the same period, Jim Larkin founded the Irish Labour Party, where he organized and lead a series of strikes in order to advocate for additional workers’ rights.

The most famous, as well as the most significant of the strikes he organized, was the Dublin Lockout in 1913, during which over a hundred thousand workers, both in the industrial sector as well as others, went on strike for almost eight months. The Dublin Lockout, however, eventually accomplished its goal, earning workers the right to fair employment.

After the first World War broke out, Larkin began to stage largeanti-war demonstrations within Dublin. After which, he had traveled to the United States in order to raise additional funds to aid him in his fight against the British. However, he was soon arrested and convicted of criminal anarchy as well as communism.

Jim was pardoned three years after his conviction and deported back to Ireland, where he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland and, in 1924, gained recognition from Communist International.

Jim Larkin continued his activities in labor organization over the rest of his time in Ireland, continuing to fight for socialism and workers’ rights, before he died in his sleep in 1947, at the age of 71.

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Why Classdojo is the Next Step in Evolvement in Education

Classdojo is an education app that allows parents, teachers, and students to work as a team to share the classroom experience to share what is and isn’t effective as well as sharing breakthrough ideas. Classdojo recognizes that an effective education does not work in a one-size-fits-all category as students differ in learning styles and abilities. It is currently translated in over 35 languages, is used in over 90 percent of K-8 classrooms, and teaches ideas about working positively from the inner self. The very latter refers to the fact that it teaches about things in a way that actually applies to the student, such as about the neural network of the brain and more effective ways to become a goal-setter. It also teaches students how to navigate from the inner self by teaching them how to better manage their emotions and strengthen their emotional intelligence in areas such as empathy and mindfulness.

Classdojo was ranked number eight on Fast Company’s 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year in September 2016. This is due to the fact that it not only promotes effective education but it also helps parents keep tabs on their children throughout the school day, shares important announcements about the school as well as snow day alerts. It also allows teachers and parents to instant-message each other and teachers can set aside “Quiet Hours” to let the parents know when they will not be available. The Stories category allows for students to make their own timeline or portfolios of what they learned and also allows teachers to share with all parents and guardians whose children are students in their classrooms.

As time goes on, we can probably expect to see more apps like Classdojo and even better. Classdojo helps to better globalize education and gives access to sharing great ideas around the globe.

Madison Street Capital, Helping To Make The World A Better Place

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized investment banking firm. The company is well known for its role in the mid market financial investment industry, as well as an important contributor to the United Way Fund.


In fact, a recent article published on highlighted the Madison Street Capital reputation. The article discussed the recent investment, and expansion, of the company; Sterling Packaging. It discussed the role that Madison Street Capital had in facilitating the investment, and facility, of Druid Capital Partners. The leading individuals in the transaction were also interviewed for the article. Both individuals stated they were excited about the new partnership between Druid Capital Partners and Sterling Packaging. These individuals were the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, Jay Rogers, and the Manager Partner at Druid Capital Partners, Martin Holt. The article also gave a brief description of each of these three companies involved. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. The company is a global force in the investment banking industry with offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. The company’s headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. The Chief Operating Officer of the company is Anthony Marsala. Jay Rogers, as previously mentioned, is the Senior Managing Director of the company. Madison Street Capital is a privately held company. Learn more:


The company specializes in the middle market investment banking industry. The experienced staff offers the company’s clients a wide range of banking tools to utilize. These products and services include; corporate advisory, business valuations for tax purposes, mergers and acquisition, venture capital services, and more.


Madison Street Capital is also very much invested in helping better the lives of underprivileged individuals, and those who suffer from catastrophic losses. The company has partnered up with The United Way to work diligently with helping individuals in these situations. The company has donated a tremendous amount of money and time to the charitable organization since they teamed up together. Learn more:


The Unique Lending Solutions of Equities First Holdings Add Value to Many Firms

Equities First Holdings, a leading securities-based lending firm based in London, adds value to many companies with its flexible, unique lending solutions. The company also provides advisory services along with shareholder financing services and margin loans to businesses and individual investors. Equities First Holdings collaborates with some of the biggest investment banks, international law firms, and largest custodian banks in the world. When the company founded in 2012, it was named as Meridian Equity Partners Limited, but after an acquisition in 2014, its name changed to Equities First. The acquisition gave a presence of the firm across the continents including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Currently, it is headquartered in London and has a significant presence in the U.S., China, Australia and and read full article.

In a recent report, the firm confirmed that it has returned all the collateral shares used to issue capital to Paysafe Group PLC. The loan agreement was made in March 2014 that was for a period three years, and recently, Paysafe paid the loan amount in full. Interestingly, Joel Leonoff, the CEO of Paysafe, chose strict instructions to ensure smooth pay back in the loan agreement between him and Equities First Holdings. The update from the firm confirms that the repayment completed on April 19, 2017, and within five days, the collaterals returned to Paysafe. Per the loan agreement, Equities First Holdings withheld 1,500,000, each of them worth 0.01 pence. The return of shares adds the total number of units held by Paysafe to 9,768,580 ordinary shares and  learn more about Equities First Holdings.

The loans offered by Equities First Holdings using equities as collateral has some impressive figures. It offers significantly high LTV of up to 75% with an average interest rate of 3-4 percent. The loans are usually for a fixed period and typically for three years. These factors ensure smooth capital for most of the financial, equity, and hedge fund management firms as Equities First Holdings also provides quick dispersal of funds. As of today, the company has completed more than 700 transactions and dispersed more than $1 billion. The firm has opened its offices in Suite, Singapore, Perth, Bangkok, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Geneva, due to the growth of major capital markets and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

How Boraie Development Has Helped New Brunswick

There was an article published recently on Central Jersey Working Moms which highlighted a company that has been an instrumental part of revitalizing New Brunswick; Boraie Development. It explained how Sam Boraie, the founder of the company, came to entering the United States and doing good for the community of New Brunswick. He is of Egyptian descent and originally moved to the United States forty years ago in order to pursue his education, intending on earning a Ph.D. in Chemistry. As often happens to people he changed his focus and after entering the United States he saw an opportunity in the real estate market which changed his life. Visit Fundacity for more details.

When Omar Boraie first entered the United States he was an immigrant that landed in New Brunswick, New Jersey. At that time New Brunswick was a failing community with most of its youth leaving the city for better opportunities elsewhere. The saving grace was that Johnson & Johnson made a commitment to stay in New Brunswick which immensely helped with saving the city as without them the city would have likely become a ghost town. Once Omar Boraie saw that Johnson & Johnson was staying put he saw an opportunity to begin a career in real estate.

How Omar Boraie got into the real estate market was by buying neglected properties that were grouped together in a way that he could buy them and then build a tower on the property. He focused on providing space for retail, homes, and office space. The first building he completed was Albany Street Plaza Tower One in the downtown core of New Brunswick. That tower was joined in 2007 by Albany Street Plaza Tower Two which was completed in 2007. Another building that Boraie Development has built in New Brunswick is the One Spring Street development which is a condominium structure which was completed soon after Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was finished.

While Boraie Development is primarily focused on the community of New Brunswick they have also developed properties in other communities. They have development plans that will result in building in Atlantic City and they also have a building going up in Newark, New Jersey. The Newark property in Newark was announced by the former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal who said that he was proud to be part of something that would help the youth of Newark.

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Tony Petrello helps revitalize economies

Natural gas drilling has vitalized many former coal towns in Pennsylvania and other regions. These small towns and small cities once had booming economies that relied on the nearby mines. The mining industry now relies more on automation, and coal no longer holds the power it once held. Gasoline and diesel have replaced this fossil fuel. Natural gas can be used to power cars, but it requires a special engine and it to be distributed as compressed natural gas.

Tony Petrello knows this. He has worked within the industry for many years. He is bringing his experience to NABORs. NABORs works with geothermal and natural gas energy sources. Not only does it help the people who develop these resources for exploitation, it keeps a watch out for new technologies to make process more efficient.

Petrello wants to help the United States develop its natural gas resources to help reduce the country’s dependence on foreign fossil fuel supplies. Because fossil fuels are a limited energy supply, Petrello knows the important of developing additional alternative energy sources, including geothermal energy. He continues to oversee plans to increase the adoption of geothermal heating and cooling systems in many homes. These systems, often called heat pumps, provide an efficient year-round energy source. They use nothing more than naturally occurring processes deep within the earth.

Tony Petrello has previously served as a director of the Texas Children’s Hospital and as a director and executive committee member for Stewart and Diesel. He will bring his decades of executive experience to his new position.

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Tackle the Issue of Sustainability

The world of fashion is riddled with problems. Among the problems is the issue of cost. It is up to each fashion company to figure out how to solve the problem. While each successful company has figured out its own solution to the issue, not all solutions are equal. One common solution is to just focus on providing reliable products in order to save money. The style may be basic. However, the point is to make sure that the products are durable. These types of products that come from the companies are often ethically sourced and long lasting for customers.


Another method that companies use in order to bring forth clothing is to cut a lot of corners so that they can bring forth a lot of trendy and stylish items customers. This is where all of the trendy items come in. This is the common approach of fast fashion retailers. The only problem is that a lot of these companies have fallen under fire for their breach of ethics. One of the reasons that they have cut corners is if they have put together these clothes in a more ethical manner, it would cost them tons of money, and they would have to charge their products by the thousands.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg has found something that is a great compromise in their business. They have figured out a way to bring forth some of the greatest unique styles to their customers in an ethical manner while saving them money. Customers are urged to sign up for a subscription and pay a monthly fee. While it may seem a little bit jarring for some, this payment opens them up to a ton of savings which can make it more than worth the money they pay for a membership. This is like a club store deal.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have the perfect solution to all of the problems that people are faced with. For one thing, people do not have to worry about trying to find a way to pay for this expensive piece of clothing. They can instead get some money saving deals from TechStyle.