Nick Vertucci Says Success is Inevitable

Nick Vertucci believes that the past is not a dictator of the future. You should defy all the odds in your life to become a success. According to Nick, obstacles are a stepping-stone into greatness.


Nick Vertucci was born in an average family where albeit the basic needs were met, there was no excessive supply. However, the condition changed when he was 9 years old when his father died. The mother was devastated by the news but she had to pick up the pieces fast to fend for the family. She worked long hours and took multiple jobs to meet the needs. Nick says that most times her mother came when they were already asleep as she worked night shifts to make extra money.

When Nick Vertucci hit 18 years, he left the home and started living in a van. Life was difficult but he was positive that he would one day make it. The big break came when Nick started selling computer parts and became an instant success. He made enough money since the computers were in high demand during the period.

Dot Com Crash

However, the unforeseen came when the dot-com crash hit the computer industry in 2000.Nick lost his business as customers no longer bought the goods. Unfortunately, he had no savings, a factor that made him lose most of his assets. For a span of 18 months, Nick had no income, and he lived off debts.

Real Estate Conference

One day a friend who was going to a real estate conference invited him. Although Nick Vertucci was apprehensive, he attended the conference. It was in that meeting that he found his purpose. Albeit he did not understand most of the content, he felt it was his way out of debt.

It took Nick ten years to learn the secrets that would make him rich in real estate. He is now a billionaire who has set up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) to educate others on real estate. His vision is to ensure that no one is entrapped in debts while they can make millions in real estate.


NVREA teaches you how to tackle the daily challenges in real estate. Some of the main topics are how to identify a viable property, repair it, and sell it as finished products.

The Next Generation of EOS Lip Balm

EOS decided to spread its wings and provide their loyal following with another fabulous product. Introducing, EOS’s new Crystal Lip Balm, more info here. It’s exactly as it sounds, it has a clear, shiny, crystal-like appearance. It has a sort-of lustrous, iridescent look to it. It’s hypoallergenic, paraben & petroleum-free, made from 100% plant oils, thus making it more appealing to all you vegans out there. Or, for those of us who just aren’t’ a fan of wax.

What set’s this product apart from the rest is, EOS has navigated away from its traditional egg-shaped fabulousness and brought us the pyramid shape. Just like its predecessor, it still appeals to all five senses. EOS has so kindly provided us with a couple of different flavours in their new Crystal Lip Balm line-up. They meticulously crafted a couple of flavours for us: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. The Vanilla Orchid has a robust and organic vanilla aroma to it, and the Hibiscus Peach flavour has a very spirited, bold, fruity smell. So, here’s how it’s going to play out, first, you’re going to smell it and think “oh-my-god!”. Then you’re going to glide this glorious smelling treasure onto your lips and realize how weightless it is. You’re now relishing in the unexpected, air-like pleasure EOS has named Crystal Lip Balm. Go on, take a few minutes to enjoy it. If you’re merely basking in what I’ve written and you’re dying to get some, go, go now! You can and should consider adding one or all of these to your arsenal of lip balms. If you’re wondering where you can buy this little gem, head on over to your nearest drugstore or shop online at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and to name a few.

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Amazing Lead by Michel Terpins in the 25th Edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team

Michel Terpins, 40, together with his partner, Maykel Justo, 37, took part in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally of more than 3,300 kilometers at the Autodromo International de Goiania. Michel and Justo participated in the Prototype T1 category with car #322 T-Rex manufactured by MEM Motorsport.

Michel who is currently leading Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in Prototype T1 started racing in 2002 with motorcycles before joining his brother Rodrigo Terpins in car racing. Michel is set to complete his 10th participation in the rally. He’s is also very confident of his partner, Justo, who has a vast experience in the rallies.

Michel and Justo won two of three stages in Prototype T1 category. The duo was leading in their category, and also took the 4th position overall with 11:45m23s time record and ranked among top 5 fastest in the competition.

Despite the car having mechanical problems in the third stage, Michel still worked hard to maintain their top position. The third stage had a lot of winding roads, depressions, and erosion. They managed to finish 4th in Prototypes T1 and earned 10th place overall.

Michel Terpins together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins have passion for speed and off-road drive. Together they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and had been competing for Sertoes Rally and also the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Michel, just like his brother Rodrigo rides in T-Rex which is developed by MEM Motorsport.

Michel’s car #322 is carbon free. The car received the carbon-free seal by the Green Initiative. Any carbon dioxide released by the vehicle during the rally will is compensated by planting more trees at the Atlantic Forest.


Michel Terpins who is 40 years old is a leading Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Together with his partner Justo, Michel has participated in several competitions among them being the 25th edition where they participated in Prototype T1 with car #322. Michel and Justo took the lead position in two out of three stages. During the third stage, Michel’s car experienced mechanical challenges, but this didn’t stop him from going for his win. They managed to finish 4th in Prototype T1 and 10th overall. Michel has passion in car racing just like his brother Rodrigo Terpins. He also appreciates the support of Justo, who has broad experience in rallies.

The Founder of Learn to Trade, Greg Secker

Greg Secker rose to fame for his role not only as a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur but also an international speaker. Additionally, he owns some enterprises such as Capital Complex, learns to Trade and SmartCharts Software.

It is through founding the Greg Secker Foundation, which is a non-profit making association that he is committed to facilitating positive transformation regarding the living standards as for the individuals and the communities universally.

It is worth acknowledging the fact that Greg rose to the status of a multi-millionaire at his age bracket of the twenties. It is after then that he progressed to establish and facilitate the management of a firm that is among the leading European trading companies that have emerged victorious.

As at now, he owns European best trader coaching companies. Additionally, he has a lot of passion about assisting the other people on the ways and strategies that one can get to the field of entrepreneurship and emerge prosperous from the activities in which they take part.

The professional life of Greg began with his service at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is on leaving here that he moved on to the business of foreign exchange to facilitate the operation of the Virtual Trading Desk. VTD is prominent for having been the initial platform of Forex trading, alongside online real-time, that enables clienteles to get real-time quotations regarding the large transactions of foreign exchange.

The progress in his career role was fast. His good performance in the course of his duties made him rise to the position of Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President. At that moment, this was the key investment bank in the United States about the venture by Fortune 500.

Notably, he acquired the opportunity to work with the globally leading traders. From the experience and the strategies that he gained, he made up his mind to establish the Learn to Trade Firm. The fact that he was experienced gives the reason as to why it took a short while to complete its formation.

Additionally, he has won many awards. They include the 2010 London Excellence Awards, the 2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.

Greg Secker has therefore been successful in his initiatives throughout his course of operation. He is a role model that the current and future generations should look up to



An Easy Solution To All Of The Challenges

You might doubt that there’s an easy solution to your many problems. But the long standing success of NexBank encourages us to believe otherwise. Yes, there’s a solution to the challenges you face and as a homeowner. You not only need insurance on the house or property you purchase, but you’ll need to maintain it and if you want future returns.

The process can be a handful if you’re not committed to it or if you’re working full time and with the space to leverage your property value. For these reasons, NexBank created the perfect financial platform for selling and owning property.

Why Owning Property Has Risks

Something may strike you if we listed out all of the possible risks with homeownership. If you think that what you’re uncovering as a new homeowner is easy, let us tell you that it isn’t. Though managing your property is more than possible, it will take the right steps and understanding. It’s also worth the time in the end.

As a home or property owner, you face the risk of natural disasters, you face a defaulted status on your loan and even foreclosure. If you don’t partner with the right bank, you set yourself up for longtime failure, and this mustn’t happen.

Your one solution is simple. Partner with NexBank, and let us take you into a better world of solutions or resolutions.

What We Do To Manage It All

NexBank has a special service and for people just like you.

It is called our property management service.

Consider your future and how to best piece it together. Once you’ve painted that image, get in touch with our staff. We’ll have answers to your questions and a world of solutions just for you.


Madison Capital hedge fund industry had closed 42 hedge funds in the year 2015 as compared to the 34 hedge funds in 2014. Hence, in 2015, the transactions that were carried out were 27% higher than in the year 2014. However, 2016 was the year that made a record. Although hedge fund has had some shortcomings in the year 2015, it has made tremendous growth in terms of the industry’s assets.

Madison Capital hedge fund industry has grown rapidly from the year 2014 to 2015. The various transactions taking place are being given the structure of incubator deals, revenue –share stakes, PE stakes and PE bolt-ons. The senior managing director has agreed to accept different partnerships so as to bridge the distribution of the product offering.

Madison Street Capital has the belief that constructing various businesses in the United States can be done through having interests with the needs of the customers and giving support to various organizations such as the United Way.

Madison Street Capital puts its efforts to ensure that it creates a difference both locally and globally. The employees of Madison Street Capital have enough knowledge, experiences, and relationships and this has made the industry to be globally known and be the best middle market investment banking firms. Read more: About Madison Street Capital

This has also made the industry to be the one leading in giving corporate finance, mergers and acquisition advice. The employees in the Madison Street Capital are able to plan and execute the right finance and capital structure so as to satisfy the customer’s needs. The headquarters of Madison is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Madison Street Capital has continued to record constant growth over the last couple of years. In 2015, the firm recorded an increase of 27% in volume of transactions that were carried out.

The ratings for the following year, 2016 were also expected to better even than 2015, taking into account that there was already momentum in the market that would drive hedge funds transactions up by a huge margin. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Madison Street Capital has been able to stay at the top of the game even when other hedge funds were performing poorly. The challenge that is facing many hedge funds in the industry is the lack of proper management on the part of the hedge funds to manage their portfolio capacities.

The experience of Madison Street Capital has been able to offer financial services such as the middle market investment banking, valuation services for hedge funds, restricting services, buying and selling services for private equity, giving advice to corporations, business valuation services, giving financial reports and giving opinions on finances.

The experience of Madison Street Capital employees has been able to comprehend the circumstances for various demands and recommendations since with experience a difference is always created. Information/ clarification on Madison Street Capital can be found on

EOS Lip Balm Is Available In Unique Flavor Varieties

When someone is looking to experience unique flavors by using a lip balm, they will find that EOS lip balm is available in some fun flavor options, shop here. There are many different types of EOS lip balm available for purchase, and there are flavor choices for all kinds of people and all sorts of tastes. is available in Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Cream for those who are looking to purchase the Visibly Soft line. Those who would like something that is minty and delicious will appreciate these options and the flavor that they offer. Those who would like to go with the Organic line of lip balms and still get something minty have the opportunity to try out the Sweet Mint variety.

Those who are fans of vanilla lip balms have options when it comes to all that EOS offers. The Crystal lip balm that EOS has put out has a Vanilla Orchid flavor available. The Organic line has a Vanilla Bean option. There are a mix of flavors for anyone who is a fan of vanilla.

EOS creates many fun fruit flavored lip balms. Those who enjoy lip balm that is made to taste like their favorite fruit will love all that the brand has to offer.

Don’t miss this chance to buy the latest lip balm on market here at!


George Soros: Cultivating a Legacy of Giving

People rarely understand the magnitude of a challenge till they have experienced it themselves. It is for this reason that the phrase “experience is the best teacher” was coined. This is one of the chief reasons why people who can tackle many of the ills that face societies today chose not to – they just have not experienced these ills first hand. Those who have experienced these ills, however, often choose to tackle them with vigor. Growing up under Nazi and later communist occupation, George Soros directly understood what it feels like to not have freedom. Consequently, after going out and building a fortune for himself, he has put his energy and money towards ensuring that as many people as possible have democratic freedom and learn more about George Soros.

Professional Background

After completing his studies in England, Mr. Soros first worked as a merchant banker at Singer and Friedlander in London. His time at the bank was brief, and he soon after moved to the United States to work at F.M. Mayer. After a few years at the brokerage firm, he accepted a position at Wertheim and Co. Following four successful years in the organization, he was poached by Arnold and Bleicheroeder which named him the executive vice president and Follow his Having amassed considerable experience in the American financial sector, he soon after felt that the time had come to venture out on his own. Consequently, he in 1969 formed the Double Eagle hedge fund, which would later be renamed Quantum Fund, with an initial investment of $12 million. Today, the fund has assets worth close to $30 billion, forming the bulk of his current $25.2 billion wealth.


George Soros’s involvement in philanthropic engagements goes as far back as the late 1970s. He assisted African students to gain admission to the University of Cape Town in the apartheid, South Africa. He would build on his philanthropic foundations by forming the Open Society Institute in 1984. The institute would later rebrand to the Open Society Foundations to show that it is a collective of national and regional foundations spread all across the world. As of 2017, George Soros has contributed $14 billion towards financing the Open Society’s operations and more information click here.


Unknown to many, George Soros is quite accomplished as an author. Since 1988, he has authored and co-authored numerous books covering the topics of finance, politics and the stock markets. In addition to being targeted at the general public, many of these books have been feature in-depth research and insight and thus find wide application among institutions of higher learning and even governments. In addition to books, he has also penned numerous journalistic articles and engaged in television lectures advancing his quest for holistic democratization and what George Soros knows.

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