How Sweetgreen Has Grown Significantly

It was during their studies that Nathaniel Ru together with his other two friends found out the challenge that they had in finding good meals and healthy places to access meal around Georgetown. An idea arose in their mind of the possibility of having the solution to the problem would lie in the 560 square foot tavern on M street in the downtown area.

Their proposition has worked properly for more than six years since they opened a small eatery in the M street in the middle of the downtown. It has grown to become a 21-store farm-to-table type of restaurant famous as Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru recalls on how they first had challenges in contacting with the tenant of the tavern who also happened to be the tenant of the house in which they lived. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

He says that after a month of bothering her, she finally accepted to hold with them a face on face discussion. The three had all they required for the business, and they decided on first naming it Greens. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Afterwards, as Ru says, they toiled for three and half weeks looking for a baker and an architect. He recalls how the tenant was very friendly and was willing to help them as newbies in the restaurant field. He admits that they had received a blessing to encounter such a tenant and that it was the best time they had decided on the idea.

The restaurant is now under the new name Sweetgreen- one ‘e’ is reversed, and all the letters are lowercase. It has developed to open other branches in the major cities in the United States such as Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington. Its foods are always composed of fresh and healthy meals whose ingredients are bought from the farmers and purveyors in the surrounding.

Nathaniel Ru is famous as one of the three co-founders of the Sweetgreen restaurant. The other co-founders are his former classmates at Georgetown University-Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme. The Sweetgreen they founded and run is a high-quality salad franchise and has now over forty outlets in many Northeastern Cities.

The three has many things in common. They are all from families that have private businesses. Their families are first-generation immigrants, and the three were also in the same entrepreneurship class.

Nathaniel Ru has continued to be steadfast in making Sweetgreen remain decentralised to avoid the restaurant depending on a single headquarter.

How Classdojo Is Revolutionizing Learning

Things always change, and this is evident in the education sector. This change has led the development of various innovations, especially of the technological variety. However, people in the education technology sector are still wary about debuting new products, considering the slump in sales experienced in previous years. However, there are various things companies can do to ensure that the products they release are always a hit with educators. These include;

  • Selling products that are developed to solve current problems faced by educators and learners.
  • Testing your products before you sell them to be assured of their quality and capabilities.
  • Set up a process that makes it easy to adopt and implement the use of your product in day to day learning.

One education technology company that has been working to create a positive culture within classrooms and school is Classdojo. The company is giving students a voice, by allowing them to develop individual online portfolios, which they can then share with their teachers and parents. This app works on various operating systems, allowing students teachers and parents to develop an accessible communication platform.

The company was established in June 2011, by Liam don and Sam Chaudhary and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Classdojo has been ranked as one of the fastest growing firms in its field. Its workforce consists of engineers, web designers and educators who work together to create the fantastic features found in the app.

Additions and changes made to the application, over time, may eventually cause parent-teacher meetings to be obsolete. This is because using the application teacher update their daily schedules. Additionally, since videos and photos can be posted using Classdojo, parents are always up to date on what their children are doing. According to their reports, about 8500 teachers working with children from kindergarten to 8th grade are using the application.

With time, the founders expect their app to grow and make learning even more enjoyable. This is by adding features that will allow parents to pay for things like lunches and field trips. Although the company is still young, they have managed to raise about 31 million dollars since 2015, and have lured new investors like Reach Capital, GSV, and Signalfire.

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End Citizens United Rallies Behind The Johnson Amendment

John F. Kennedy once said: “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.” This is one of the most important discussions that need to happen for Americans to understand the situation that the U.S.’ politics is in today. Read more on amazon .com to know more about end citizens united.

The separation of church and state is essential in a nation because everyone who does have a religion and follows it with their heart, tends to worship their beliefs as sacred, and therefore they must act when there are times that this is being breached. We only have to look in third-world countries for a lesson where religions almost have equal power to the government of those nations, and their politicians are afraid to go against the church because, if the church speaks against them, they will surely lose votes.

Although we can all agree that this is not exactly the state of the United States, and politics is a very separated entity from religion, but recent news might show otherwise.

You can hear stories of politicians giving brand new SUVs to bishops, sometimes women and other bribes, in exchange for that church or religion’s support. And, through this, churches become political tools and lobbyist.

There is nothing wrong with supporting the church that you believe in, or trying to gather as many votes as possible, but people need to be aware of what is happening since 2010 and why it has to stop.

These are the kind of things the Johnson Amendment is trying to prevent. It prohibits churches, welfare organizations, and charities from endorsing political candidates. However, this essential amendment is under threat right now, especially with the very unpredictable political climate we have right now.

Trump is one of the many examples why there is so much uncertainty and fear for the future in the air. In 2016, he promised that the Johnson Amendment is one of the laws that he’s going to work hard on repealing. Furthermore, with the GOP tax bill, it’s is being threated even further. With this bill, taxes for the rich, billionaires and corporations will get reduced, while the rest of the country bleeds. It can also turn churches into a hub of dark money.

Since 2010, there was a landmark that was approved called “Citizens United,” where the funding of candidates’ campaigns was allowed to be done by anyone.

Because of these events that challenge the transparency of politics in the U.S., the End Citizens United PAC is fighting the unlimited donations, bolstered by the court decision by Justice Anthony Kennedy, corporations can make and it is clear that these unlimited donations can be used as a form of bribe or lobby tool to endorse their own political interest. It is clear that dark political money should be removed in our system, it is the only way politics can be truly free from corruption.

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Have you tried the new tantalizing EOS Vegan Crystal Lip balm?

There is no denying that the world of lip care has changed a lot since EOS got to the scene. EOS stands for evolution of smooth. According to, it is a company that has managed to change all the stereotypes that girls everywhere held about lip care and today, everyone knows that lip gloss can be spicier than the old boring tube of chapstick. Well, EOS are at their game again and this time round, they have created a lip balm flavor and design that is so exquisite that it will feel like a crystal ball for your pocket, grab one now! This is the reason why even Miley Cyrus sings that she cannot stop loving her EOS.

The first thing that will catch your eyes when you go to shop for this new flavor, which is absolute heaven by the way, is the fact that the previous spherical packaging has been switched up for an even more enticing spherical container. This shows you how much thought EOS has given to the launch of this new flavor.

Upon opening the refreshing and intriguing container, you will receive another surprise; the lip balm is crystal clear. If there is a fashion statement which screams elegance more than this colorless lip balm, it has not yet been invented. The great thing about the balm is its soothing and hypoallergenic ingredients. The excellent product will hydrate your lips perfectly while at the same time soothing them because of its perfect blend of Shea butter, castor, avocado and sunflower oils.

See also—Summer-Fruit/eos/Lip-Treatments.

The balm is available in two breathtaking flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchird. The first smells and tastes like five star holiday in the tropics. But, since the two flavors cost less than a meal at your favorite joint, why not just buy and enjoy them? EOS is the clearly the best thing that has happened to lip care in a long while.


OneLogin: Pursuit of Readiness

OneLogin is an access management and cloud-based identity provider. Their primary focus is to sell organizations and businesses. The GDPR or European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is on OneLogin’s radar, and policies are being put into place to prevent any upcoming issues. OneLogin has a goal to become prompt adopters of frameworks and regulations, consequently strengthening their privacy and security programs. The major areas they are working on are contract language, processes and policies, DPO, and trust.

Some contract language needed to be made clearer. That includes the following: subcontractor use, language notification from data breach, and the accountability of data processors. They have put these into their regular Data Processing Agreement and standard MSA. OneLogin also offers the ability to work directly with them, to get language priorities straightened out between parties.

For processes and policies, OneLogin has taken a “blank page” approach. They are producing highly detailed data mapping illustrations, and redrawing data flows within its programs. They used Article 30 for the diagrams, and found it to be a very useful exercise. This effort has been quite small. This is due to lining up with valued privacy frameworks.

For the DPO or Data Protection Officer, they have found an external legal counsel in the EU to serve. The original plan fell through due to GDPR plans consistently changing. This was an example of the Article 29, issued in 2016.

OneLogin values trust. These new regulation will prompt the newest documentations and certifications. With Article 42, a more endorsed GDPR program will happen. They will also go back through existing programs, making sure those are up to GDPR standards.

Through all these security measures, OneLogin will make adjustments toward the GDPR requirements happening in 2018. They will continue their journey to becoming prompt adopters of regulations and framework. OneLogin will be looking into contract language, processes and policies, DPO, and trust. They will make adjustments as necessary for the upcoming year.

Success Story of Adam Goldenberg

The extensive knowledge of Adam Goldenberg is behind his entrepreneurial spirit as well as the aptitude for making online advertisements which started at his tender age. While he was sixteen, he established the Gamer’s Alliance Inc. which is a network that facilitates the publications of the gaming sites. The establishment took place in the year 1997 before being purchased by Intermix Media which is a parent form of MySpace.

Initially, Adam entered Intermix Media to serve in the capacity of the Vice President concerning Strategic Planning. He encountered the promotion to Chief Operating Officer during twenty years. This classified him among the youngest Chief Executive Officers serving in publicly traded firms. At a worth of over $650 million, News Corp. acquired Adam’s Intermix Media in the year 2005.

In line with the provision of a better way of launching newly started firms in the current marketplace, Goldenberg worked in unity with Don Ressler towards the formation of Intelligent Beauty Inc. The implication, in this case, is that Adam Goldenberg has the capability and firmly believes in the idea of integrating the most intelligent brains within the industry. The intention associated with this is in line with the attainment of the outcomes that are outstanding. He currently serves as the Director of the Club W, Company.

TechStyle Fashion Group was initially referred to as JustFab Inc. It is a fashion retailer regarding online subscription. It executes the selection of various products such as handbags, jewelry, denim, and jewelry. Additionally, the firm enhances the provision of a personalized experience of shopping that has its basis on the fashion preferences of members. It is worth acknowledging the fact that the firm parent’s other companies and entails a portfolio featuring five kinds of online subscriptions. The groups include ShoeDazzle, JustFab, Fabletics, and FabKids.

After the founding of the firm by the two individuals, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, in March in 2010, Kimora Lee Simons entered to serve at JustFab in September of 2011. He got into the role of the President as well as the Creative Director.

During its operation under JustFab’s name, TechStyle managed to attain $33 million through the funds of the Matrix Partners which is a venture capital company of the United States. This happened in 2011. A year later, the firm got more $76 million courtesy of various organizations such as Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures.

End Citizens United Prioritizes the Johnson Amendment Protection


The 2016 presidential election brought the Johnson Amendment to the attention of many. The then-Republican presidential candidate and current President of the United States made repealing the Johnson Amendment his top campaign promise. The promise seemed not raise ripples as the implications of repealing the amendment did not seem to make much difference, especially to those who had never heard of it. The Johnson Amendment was passed in 1954 to prohibit tax-exempt nonprofit organizations including churches from campaign financing.

Conservative members of Congress are hell-bent on seeing Trump’s campaign promise through. The abolition of the Johnson amendment seems all the more likely now, prompting the End Citizens United to be up in arms in attempts to protect the amendment from the Conservative effort. The Republican Party tax plans include the decision to revoke the act.

The End Citizens United considers this to be a means through which illegal campaign funds will be channeled through churches. With a tax-exempt status, the institutions will have the unfair advantage of directing huge sums received as donations to political causes. To be precise, the nonprofit organizations will be used as avenues through which wealthy political financiers will channel undeclared campaign financing.

The End Citizens United has taken note of the way the Republicans are about the repeal. Instead of outrightly revoking the law, they are attaching several pieces of legislation to it. The House Financial Services Appropriations Bill, for instance, contained legal wordings and phrases whose result is weakening the Johnson Amendment. The tax bill made the law useless as it sought to forbid the Internal Revenue Service from using donations to investigate violations of the Johnson Amendment. This tactful approach is of cause supposed to avoid a lot of publicity.

The End Citizen United, a political action committee, formed in 2010 will now inevitably have to focus on protecting this law to safeguard campaign financing sanctity. The Citizens United decision of 2010 by the Supreme Court allowed corporations similar rights as individuals. Further still, the Supreme Court chose to interpret the first amendment rights to include political financing too. In other words, political funding is a means of free speech. To the founders of End Citizen United, the decision seemed to have upended all known rules that prevented dark money in political campaigns. It was now possible that illegal funds could be channeled through super PACs and other corporations.

The ECU wants the decision overturned through constitutional amendments in Congress. In this endeavor, the End Citizen United has opted to support several candidates to Congress. The candidates have to be pro campaign financing reform. The Johnson Amendment has been added to its list of priorities.




Mr. Milstein is not only the founder of Hager Pacific Properties he is also a very passionate philanthropist. The realtor started his journey to this career even before he graduated with an entrepreneurship MBA.

When recruiters came beckoning to USC, he felt that they were presented him with meager earnings and that is when he began working as a Real Estate Broker commercially. After working for three years in this capacity he started investing in the real estate business. Mr. Milstein is a hands-on person who believes in pushing until something happens and he doesn’t trust believes in trusting people do things for him. Philanthropy makes his work days more exciting. However, he believes that his business has become more structured throughout the years. The persistent Israeli-American philanthropist enjoys the real estate world with its ups and downs and fluctuating prices.

Mr.Milstein has never had a job that he hates and he doesn’t have any regrets about how his life has turned out. The secret to his successful entrepreneurship career is that he always chooses to be part of the solution. In addition to this, he makes sure that he understands the opposing issues and reflects on it before making a decision. He admits that although he is a successful real estate entrepreneur, it took a few years to make money and that’s how the industry is. The self-driven philanthropist believes that one shouldn’t cast their ideas on the stone because they will be limiting themselves. Moreover, he also thinks that anyone who wants to be successful shouldn’t listen to criticism. To know more about him click here.

Over the years, Mr. Milstein has grown to understand that it takes time to succeed and that it is never profitable to put all your eggs in one basket. The philanthropist advice every businessman to follow up on all the leads and contacts they get. Mr. Milstein loves his family and believes that it’s very important to spend time with the family. His partner at Hager Pacific, David Hager influences him hugely, especially with his thinking.


Mr. Milstein is the philanthropic man who belongs to various leading communities. He also belongs to the boards of various organizations. He is an active Jewish American community leader.