Mr. Milstein is not only the founder of Hager Pacific Properties he is also a very passionate philanthropist. The realtor started his journey to this career even before he graduated with an entrepreneurship MBA.

When recruiters came beckoning to USC, he felt that they were presented him with meager earnings and that is when he began working as a Real Estate Broker commercially. After working for three years in this capacity he started investing in the real estate business. Mr. Milstein is a hands-on person who believes in pushing until something happens and he doesn’t trust believes in trusting people do things for him. Philanthropy makes his work days more exciting. However, he believes that his business has become more structured throughout the years. The persistent Israeli-American philanthropist enjoys the real estate world with its ups and downs and fluctuating prices.

Mr.Milstein has never had a job that he hates and he doesn’t have any regrets about how his life has turned out. The secret to his successful entrepreneurship career is that he always chooses to be part of the solution. In addition to this, he makes sure that he understands the opposing issues and reflects on it before making a decision. He admits that although he is a successful real estate entrepreneur, it took a few years to make money and that’s how the industry is. The self-driven philanthropist believes that one shouldn’t cast their ideas on the stone because they will be limiting themselves. Moreover, he also thinks that anyone who wants to be successful shouldn’t listen to criticism. To know more about him click here.

Over the years, Mr. Milstein has grown to understand that it takes time to succeed and that it is never profitable to put all your eggs in one basket. The philanthropist advice every businessman to follow up on all the leads and contacts they get. Mr. Milstein loves his family and believes that it’s very important to spend time with the family. His partner at Hager Pacific, David Hager influences him hugely, especially with his thinking.


Mr. Milstein is the philanthropic man who belongs to various leading communities. He also belongs to the boards of various organizations. He is an active Jewish American community leader.