Contributions of David McDonald towards growth of the firm

OSI Group food manufacturing company is doing something that no other food company can do. It is opening food processing plants and supply food in almost every part of the world. The company has so far managed to penetrate over 16 countries directly. In the near future, it will be in many other since it has been able to acquire some of the biggest food companies in places like Europe. In its international plans, it has included even local concerns. In its home of Chicago, the company has bought one of the largest food processing plants in the world known as Tyson Foods. This plant occupies over two hundred thousand square foot. It was purchased at $7.4 million according to a report done by the Chicago Tribune.

OSI Group deals with products such as bacon, poultry products, hamburgers, hot dogs and vegetable products. These are not the only products that the company wishes to supply. Once it opens up business in various parts of the world, it will be dealing with customized food products that the people of those specific areas can relate to.

OSI Group has opted to acquire companies in other regions as opposed to setting up their own business as independent food companies because they realize this is an industry that can be very diverse. It is driven even issues of culture and beliefs. For instance, you can’t sell pork products in an area where a majority of the people are Muslims. One must make sure that they have taken into consideration all such issues with the intention of making sure the business is relevant to the consumers.

OSI Group was started in 1909 in Chicago by a man known as OTTO. He was running the business alongside his two sons who would later work with Sheldon Lavin to develop the company from 1970’s. The two sons later abandoned business and left Sheldon under the management of the company.

President David McDonald hopes that the company will maintain the growth momentum that it has picked lately and will perform even better in the coming days. He is optimistic that through the measures they have taken OSI Group will touch all corners of the globe. Through good management of the company, it has been able to reach levels that not many people would have expected. This is an achievement.

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Michael Lacey Is A Math Professor And American Mathematical Society Fellow

Michael Lacey is a mathematician and professor. He began his career in math by attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned a PHD. His thesis concerned Banach Spaces, and he was able to solve a problem concerning advanced probabilities.

He then proceeded to do significant postdoctoral research at Louisiana State University followed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research was notable for his research on the Central Limits Theory. This theory concerns the basic structure of probability and is applicable to practical statistics.

Michael Lacey began his teaching career in 1989 at Indiana University. He received a fellowship from the National Science Foundation. He rose to prominence for his work on the Hilbert Transformation. His papers contributed to other professors solving the problem, which lead to them receiving the Salem Prize.

Michael Lacey went onto become a full professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1996 where he has taught ever since. His continued work resulted in him receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004.

This is a prestigious award that is given out to persons who demonstrate groundbreaking work in science or arts. Michael Lacey became a follow of the American Mathematical Society in 2012. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

This position is offers to persons who demonstrate prominence in the field of teaching and researching math.

Michael Lacey is involved in mentoring students, and he has taught hundred of undergraduates along with over ten post doctoral students. He is the director of several major grants from the National Science Foundation.

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The Academy of Art University – Where a Passion For Fashion is Born

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, in San Francisco. It is accredited by CIDA(The Council for Interior Design) From it’s beginning, the academy has led the way in cutting-edge creativity and innovation in the education of their students. Its staff consists of industry leaders, and its campus is state-of-the-art.

NYC Fashion Week

Graduates of the Academy took a front seat at New York Fashion Week in September, 2917, showing their great talent for design in clothing for men and women. The designers all came with diversified backgrounds from the coast of Maine to the mainland of China and other in between places. Their designs displayed unique ideas and outstanding craftsmanship that left a positive vibe with the audience, including fashion icon Ms. J Alexander, a regular on America’s Next Top Model.

Presenting their vision of fashions of the future, the hard work of these young artists came to fruition at this event. Academy graduates featured in the show included Hailun Zhou, from China; Eden Slezin, San Francisco; Dina Maria Lam, Los Angeles; Carlos Rodrigues, Mexico; Saya Shen, China; Joanna Jadallah, Illinois; Cana Kiebanoff, New York; Ryan Yu, China and Jelly Shan, China.

More About The Academy of Art University

Along with those mentioned above, there are well over 25,000 Academy alumni from all parts of the world, The companies and businesses they’ve started or work for in the United State and worldwide are too many to mention. Alumni can read about classmate successes and endeavors by going to the Academy of Art University’s website.

With over 18,000 students, the academy is considered the largest art and design university in America. Those attending have a myriad of majors to chose from including fashion, acting, animation and visual effects, advertising, art education, architecture, art history, game and graphic design, industrial design, multimedia, sound and design, photography and more. All majors and courses are accredited and include BA, MA, BFA, MFA and MARCH. The academy also offers courses in pre-college and continuing education, as well as teachers’ grants.