Jason Hope: The Futurist

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and healthcare technology investor with a deep humanitarian devotion to anything that is focused on education, the curing of diseases, scientific research and biotechnology. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University, Hope began his venture in the mobile communication industry. While achieving success in his business, Hope is also a futurist, so he is consistently looking ahead into the changes coming for technology. He used this attribute to expand his portfolio from just owning Jawa to now profiting from the numerous investments he has made over time. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

All while forging a path in the mobile technology industry, Hope has also dedicated time and energy to children and teen charities and organizations. Hope is a major supporter of local educational programs and has worked with a numerous amount of youth organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix and The International Foundation for Education. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

A deep passion that Hope holds is in the field of biotechnology. Hope was recently recognized for making a significant donation of $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, an organization focused on rejuvenation biotechnology. Hope was quoted in an interview as saying that his donation will assist in funding the SENS Foundation to continue researching further into the anti-aging processes. He also stated that working with Dr. Aubrey de Grey and the SENS Foundation has become one of his most gratifying moments in his career so far. Hope holds an interest for how the advancements of anti-aging processes can assist in preventing age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

The SENS Foundation has made important strides in quite a few areas of study such as reversing heart disease, lung cancer and Alzheimer’s. Hope has a passion for this company and stated, “While most organizations focus on curing disease, the SENS Foundation goes beyond treatment and uses technology to slow down or reverse the aging process.” With no limit to the potential growth of technology and the passion of industry leaders like Jason Hope, the future is sure to be bright and filled with a multitude of breakthrough discoveries in all areas of life. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

The Medical life of Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran within a Persian Jewish community. He escaped after the Iranian Revolution took place with his brother at age 15. They went to school in Belgium in London then after coming to America where he finished his high school diploma in Roslyn New York soon after he attended Stony Brook University and completed his degree in Biochemistry. He then completed and received MD from SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine which was in Stony Brook New York in the year 1994. He then moved on to post graduate training which specialized in urology at MM Center (Montefiore Medical Center). He then attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine to study proctology in 1996. He then proceeded to follow through a fellowship program at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for oncology and in year 2001, followed by a radical prostatectomy Fellowship residing at Henri mondor Hospital, in France. His mentor was Professor Claude Abbou.

His SMART surgery procedure for prostate cancer is performed in less than 90 minutes. Majority of his clients come home and are outpatients shortly after the same-day of surgical procedure. This procedure also reduces the patient’s exposure to rapid blood loss. Some hard facts about this procedure is that after surgery, 89% of his cancer free patients have less than 2% of a reoccurring cancer 1 year after the procedure, Minimal urinary trouble within 12 to 13 months of surgery on clients and sexual drive at a higher level for men according to studies 18 months after an invasive prostatectomy.

The show dr. David Samadi TV provides correct and science-based evidence and factual information. He brings on guests of the medical professional variety who are specialized in their field of expertise, to share their passion and their day-to-day work lives with clients and surgeries. These people can be a variation of Health Medical product creators, writers of medical-related trilogies and books, peer-reviewed articles, etc. Dr. David Samadi broadcasts every Sunday live at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. viewers can also ask life questions before or after the show and as guests answering in real time.

He’s available on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, Google Plus, SoundCloud, and SlideShare. Dr. David Samadi has received numerous Awards including most compassionate doctor, New York magazine’s best doctor, America’s top doctors for cancer, Castle Connolly top doctors, patients Choice Award, New York Metro areas Top Doctors, America’s Top Doctors, Community partner award for American Cancer Society, and the New York Times best Regional hospitals, New York, NY Urology.

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CEO of Nabors Industry Ltd, Tony Petrello And His Contributions To Philanthropy

Having graduated from Yale University with a bachelors and masters in mathematics and one J.D from Harvard Law School, Anthony Petrello set out to be an exemplary individual in the society. He first joined Baker and McKenzie Firm as managing partner. Later in the years, he becomes the chief operating officer of Nabors Industries.

Mr. Petrello would later be president in the same natural gas and geothermal drilling service provider. In the same company, he is the deputy chairman, chief executive officer and also the chairman of the board. He has, besides, acted as the director at Stewart and Stevenson, LLC, Hilcorp Energy and MediaOnDemand.com.

Besides his success, the respected philanthropist and his wife Cynthia Petrello have a daughter, Carena. She was born prematurely and diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia at six months. This is a disorder that restricts oxygen from getting to the little girl’s brain. Later on, she developed Cerebral Palsy. Tony Petrello and his wife, as a result, made a donation towards the creation of Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, in Texas Children’s Hospital. This initiative began with the goal of researching further on the illness and treatment options. This was in order to help give their daughter a better happy life. It was also for the sake of other children suffering from neurological disorders.

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Moreover, in the bid to explain the man’s generous nature, during the 2017 Hurricane Harvey, Tony Petrello assisted the affected Huston Community at large. He sent out his staff to help in the rescue mission. Any willing employer was paid to offer a helping hand towards recovery and repair of destroyed houses, infrastructure, and personal belongings. Mr. Petrello also offered to raise funds which went into relief work and provision of the everyday necessities. In addition to what his employees raised, he made a personal contribution as well. In addition, his generosity extended to providing a kitchen where three hot meals were prepared for families affected while they were being assisted to resettle.

Anthony Petrello and his wife recently invited Tommy Tune, a Broadway celebrity into their home. This goes to show their enthusiasm for friendship and charity. The guests accompanying the Broadway performer were well entertained by his performance that evening. He performed his act entitled, “Tommy Tune Tonight”. Tommy had earlier on been awarded for appearing in different shows. The Tommy Tune Awards was thought of after him.

Find more about Tony Petrello: https://www.broadwayworld.com/houston/article/Tony-Petrello-Welcomes-Tommy-Tune-Home-To-Houston-20180104

Malcolm CasSelle and WAX Platform provide Safety for P2P Market Users

Virtual markets are rife with security problems and fraud. The use of centralized marketplaces leads to risk of incomplete assets and delivery problems. Blockchains can prevent this however. A blockchain is a continuous list of records linked using cryptography. The blocks record business transactions, establishing validation for transactions in a peer-to-peer networks. Centralized marketplaces use various intermediaries to prevent fraud, but it drives up costs. Decentralized markets get rid of third parties, but are way more susceptible to fragmentation and fraud. Using blockchains the WAX platform developed by OPSkins, and pioneered by Malcolm CasSelle, is creating a safer environment for players to conduct business, and the result may very well mainstream cryptocurrency.

WAX solves fraud problems for the virtual asset industry, eliminates the need for intermediaries, and allows for tokenization of assets for cross game sale. Using smart contract backed by blockchain technology the P2P market allows transactions to occur between players. Blockchain smart contracts ensure the complete and full delivery of goods, ensures that both buyers and sellers adhere to their contracts, and reduces cost. Also, by operating in a decentralized market the assets do are not relegated to the game they come from. As there are many forms of cryptocurrency the act of tokenizing virtual goods allows players to sell outside of the games. It is the definite future of the market and one CasSelle has been advocating for some time.

CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins and current president of WAX, was an early stage investor in Bitcoin. He has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency for years. His early investment paved the way for OPSkins to become the number one Bitcoin merchant on the planet. As an advisor and mentor CasSelle helps numerous investors navigate the cryptocurrency market.

CasSelle is also a graduate of MIT and Stanford, with a bachelor’s and master’s in computer sciences. Prior to OPSkins he served as a top executive of numerous companies most recently as CTO and President of new ventures at Tronc Inc. Under his stewardship OPSkins has grown to a top global seller of virtual goods.