A Review Of Tony Petrello’s Illustrious Career

Everyone has gone through a life experience that changed or improved who he or she is as a person. Tony Petrello’s daughter was born at 24 weeks with a neurological disorder. She was born weighing only one and a quarter pounds. The birth motivated Tony and his wife to engage in philanthropic activities.

When the daughter was born, Tony and Cynthia embarked on the search for a cure for her conditions. With the passage of time, the couple learnt that there was little that they could do to reverse it. This news was hard for them to digest. In the past, they had always fixed things. However, this situation frustrated them. According to the two, they learnt that having a child with neurological disorder leaves many parents confused. Tony noticed the lack of brain research for children and decided to use this opportunity to initiate a process of studying about neurological disorders. He has since donated millions of dollars to such initiatives.

Tony’s daughter, Carena was born in 1997. She was born with a disorder that prevents adequate supply of oxygen to infants born prematurely. The doctors immediately embarked on operations to correct the condition. These operations helped protect her sight and heart functions. However, they did not help restore the damage that the oxygen deprivation had caused to her brain. She will live the rest of her life with cerebral palsy.

Over the years, tony has embarked on an initiative that seeks to bring hope to parents with children like Carena. He has partnered with doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital. The institution is working towards understanding the causes of neurological disorders in children and handling such concerns effectively. Encouraged by the hospital’s ambition and commitment to the goal, Tony donated $7 million to the project in 2006. He has continued to contribute towards the project. So far, there are positive outcomes.

Despite of the challenges that he is facing in his personal life, Tony has always succeeded at his job. He rose from being Nabors’ chief operating officer to the company’s CEO, chairman, and president. Nabors is the world’s largest oil and gas drilling company. The company’s wells serve thousands of industries across the globe. Before joining Nabors Industries, Tony worked for Baker & McKenzie LLP as a managing partner. He joined the law firm as lawyer after graduating from the prestigious Harvard Law School. Tony Petrello has a sound background in mathematics having pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field at the esteemed Yale University.

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