Avaaz Celebrates France’s Election Results despite Harsh Weather

May 8th 2017 is the day Avaaz activists took to the streets, not because they were against something, but to celebrate a well-earned victory. To them, the victory did not belong to the president elect, Emmanuel Macron, but it was a win for all people who look for freedom, vigilance and those who uphold human rights for all. Avaaz is a group of people who advocate for human rights, climate change and economic issues among others. It has its headquarters in New York City, although it organizes demonstrations worldwide. It has over 400 million members and reaches out to them using 15 different languages.

The activists were joined by a World War II survivor, Mr. Elie Buzzy, who experienced the injustices inflicted on the minorities during the Nazi. Elie, being a Jew, was once a prisoner at a young age and was later forced to work in masonry. The protesters held signs saying that they are tired of the racial intolerance that has been rampant in France. They advocated for peace, unity and vigilance. President elect, Emmanuel Macron, has always been in opposition to extremism. He is among other European leaders who have shun this evil notion. In Netherlands and Austria, people have also voted out the extremists to embrace unity for all.

The demonstrations were attended by other nationalities as well. Allies of peace from other countries joined celebrations in France, and some hoped that their country would embrace the same spirit of unity. A man from Germany said he hopes the Germans would do the same come September during election.

Avaaz, which means “voice”, uses media outlets as well to communicate to people. They also encourage citizens to contact the government in regard to different issues. New members are always free to join Avaaz and belong to a group whose main purpose is to unite and promote peace.

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