Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff; The Real Story of Why Sean Penn Wrote His First Book

Sean Penn; Actor, war correspondent and interviewer, and founder of J/P Haitian Relief Organization. If that wasn’t enough, he decided to write and publish his first book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, which is described as an exceptionally funny book about a man that sells septic tanks that has a side job with the US government as a contract killer. Even though the book is fiction, Penn has said he is also allowing himself to vent.

Penn’s purpose of writing a book was for him to try to gain a creative outlet. The acting world has become self-censoring and Penn couldn’t implement his creative ideas. Writing this book gave him another avenue to discuss the political issues that are happening in America. It has been mentioned that the Bob Honey character, or Pappy Pariah, is actually related to Penn’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences with being alienated and an outsider and wants to break free from modern-day America. In the book, social equality is encouraged and he makes a point of stating people need to quit acting like it is the end of the world. He mentions the #MeToo movement also.

In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Bob, the septic tank salesman, kills the elderly with a wooden mallet because he thinks it is the right thing to do for society. This is eluding to the fact that America needs to be fixed in its chaotic state. The book is extremely controversial according to some, but Penn stated his work was just taken out of context and just wanted to write a book.

Penn said in a recent interview with Vogue that there is another book in the works. Rumors are it may be a sequel to Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. He doesn’t have any jobs lined up in the acting world, but wants to possibly direct a movie he has had his eye on recently. He openly admitted that he enjoys writing books much more than acting or directing and enjoys the solitude that comes with writing.

When asked who his influences were for writing, Sean Penn did not respond with a particular author, but instead described the feeling you get when an author writes their own words and having a sense of freedom to say what needs to be said influences him. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has been in Amazon’s Top 100 already and Penn mentioned he would be interested in making his book a movie if a director was interested.

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