Upwork’s To-Do List Tips

Upwork is a freelancing program company that is one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces in the world with a total net worth of $1 billion. Upwork allows clients to actually interview the people they want to work for them as freelancers. It now has a real time chat in a bid to reduce the time between clients finding freelancers. Recently, an article on Upwork written about self help titled “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To Do List” caught my attention. It is an article designed to give people advice on their day to day activities.


The article begins with its first tip, imploring people to “Capture Everything”. This means to write everything down. The author goes on to explain Zeigernik Effect; incomplete tasks will cause some anxiety. The next tip is to prepare your to-do list the night before so that you can use that morning energy to accomplish the most important tasks of the day.

The third tip is to organize all of your to-do list in one place and not to scatter it throughout different sources like emails and list making apps. The following piece of advice is to assign time attributes to your tasks. This means specifying when you are going to start and when you are going to end any given task on the to-do list. Tip number five is to define your priorities. If anything doesn’t go according to plan then you’ll be able to focus on your top priority first instead of trying to accomplish minor priorities that aren’t possible anymore.

Also, it is important to continue to re-evaluate. Ask you what kind of value any given task will provide your life. If it really isn’t that much, then there is no point in having it. The next tip is to delegate your tasks. Tip number nine is to batch process; group similar tasks together. The final point is to “assign energy levels”. Make sure you have enough energy for a given task at any part of the day and that you will be able to stay focused and use that energy.

Find out more about Upwork: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upwork

Clay Siegall Strives at Ending Cancer

Research on cancer has been going on for years, and as of late, the industry is making significant successful breakthroughs. Antibody Breakthrough Therapies is the new game changer that is likely to replace the older methods like Chemotherapy. These new breakthrough therapies have been considered to be more superior to traditional treatments. Clay Siegall is at the forefront of coming up with these new and advanced treatment options for battling cancer. Together with his team at Seattle Genetics, they understand every cancer differs from the other, and so deserves a treatment option specifically tailored to it.

Dr. Siegall’s Role at Seattle Genetics

As CEO, Siegall has led the Seattle Genetics to its current leading position in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) as well as in getting the 2011 FDA authorization of its ADC product, ADCETRIS. Collaboration with the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has led to ADCETRIS to become a global brand that has been approved by over sixty countries. The firm is also improving a different channel of proprietary ADCs.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Siegall, the firm has got into various strategic licenses for the ADC technology with firms that include GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, AbbVie, and Genentech. The collaboration has been able to generate over $325 million. Across the internal and collaborator programs, over twenty ADCs exist in clinical development using technology obtained from Seattle Genetics. Siegall has also led capital-raising activities of the firm, and he has been able to secure over $1.2 billion through private and public financings. Financing also included the company’s IPO in 2001.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is a scientist by training. He has focused more on targeted cancer therapies, which is what led him to co-found the Seattle Genetics in 1998. The institute was established on a foundation of rigorous research, scientific innovation and drug development in addition to a desire for helping patients.

Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked with Bristol-Myers Squip Pharmaceutical Research Institute, National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute of Health. He serves on the Board of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable. Dr. Siegall has been a recipient of various awards, including Maryland Alumnus of the Year, 2013; and the Pacific Northwest Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2012. He has authored over seventy publications and has fifteen patents.