Adam Milstein – Taking Great Pride In The Diaspora Jews

Adam Milstein continues to put his heart and soul into his heritage – that of the diaspora Jews. His most recent article on the subject was published last month, and is entitled, “Diaspora Jews Will Rise To Meet Our Challenges With Israel In Our Hearts.” In this article, he reflects on where the Jewish race has come from and on the stellar leadership they have had along the way. He also speculates who will take the torch. But in reflecting on past leadership, he knows that it will happen, and he cites many of the greatest past examples.

His heritage echoes of the superior leadership of David Ben-Gurion, who was Israel’s first prime minister; Chaim Weizmann of the World Zionist organization; Golda Meir, the first female prime minister of Israel; and Henrietta Szold, who was the founder of the Hadassah movement. Adam Milstein also revels in the fantastic tales of Mordechai Anielewicz, who boldly fought against Nazis in the Warsaw Uprising. Col. Mickey Marcus took his tough upbringing in Brooklyn and translated it into an illustrious military career in World War II and a career as one of the first generals in Israel immediately thereafter.

Even though we are well into the 21st century, Adam Milstein knows that the Jewish Nation still has its share of threats and problems. This is why he hopes individuals will continue to step up to the plate, to fight against anti-israel movement such as the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign, which has followers throughout the world. The individuals involved in this movement are taking coordinated steps to separate the Jewish Family – the very fabric of the nation of Israel – from their heritage entirely. If they are successful, the very foundation of the nation of Israel will be gone completely.

Adam Milstein knows that Jewish leaders will rise up to confront these challenges. The reason is because he sees the situation on people involved and activism on behalf of the state of Israel constantly. He knows that they are continually getting energized by their heritage, and he also knows that it is the job of him and others in the elder Jewish generation to give them a platform in order to lead. He is confident that this will happen.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists 

Nick Vertucci Says Success is Inevitable

Nick Vertucci believes that the past is not a dictator of the future. You should defy all the odds in your life to become a success. According to Nick, obstacles are a stepping-stone into greatness.


Nick Vertucci was born in an average family where albeit the basic needs were met, there was no excessive supply. However, the condition changed when he was 9 years old when his father died. The mother was devastated by the news but she had to pick up the pieces fast to fend for the family. She worked long hours and took multiple jobs to meet the needs. Nick says that most times her mother came when they were already asleep as she worked night shifts to make extra money.

When Nick Vertucci hit 18 years, he left the home and started living in a van. Life was difficult but he was positive that he would one day make it. The big break came when Nick started selling computer parts and became an instant success. He made enough money since the computers were in high demand during the period.

Dot Com Crash

However, the unforeseen came when the dot-com crash hit the computer industry in 2000.Nick lost his business as customers no longer bought the goods. Unfortunately, he had no savings, a factor that made him lose most of his assets. For a span of 18 months, Nick had no income, and he lived off debts.

Real Estate Conference

One day a friend who was going to a real estate conference invited him. Although Nick Vertucci was apprehensive, he attended the conference. It was in that meeting that he found his purpose. Albeit he did not understand most of the content, he felt it was his way out of debt.

It took Nick ten years to learn the secrets that would make him rich in real estate. He is now a billionaire who has set up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) to educate others on real estate. His vision is to ensure that no one is entrapped in debts while they can make millions in real estate.


NVREA teaches you how to tackle the daily challenges in real estate. Some of the main topics are how to identify a viable property, repair it, and sell it as finished products.

Igor Cornelsen Stresses the Importance of Starting Immediately On Investing

One thing that many aspiring investors need is to know when to start. After all, it takes a lot of time to be able to make a lot of profits from investing. This is why Igor Cornelsen says to start as soon as possible. For one thing, people have a lot to learn about the markets that they are getting ready to invest in. They also need the experience to gain profits. Therefore Igor makes sure that they have all of the tools available to help them on their journey no matter which market they choose to invest in.


Igor Cornelsen is a very successful and trustworthy investor because he has learned what it takes to make the right investments. He has taken the time to research the markets and find the assets that he is interested in. One of the best tactics he has as an investor is to hold off on making investments until he finds the right opportunity. At the same time, he knows how to minimize his losses. One of the worst things someone can do when trading in the stock market is to try to hold onto a losing trade. After all, it is very likely that the trend is going to continue.


This is one thing that Igor has learned when it comes to making trades in the stock market. The best thing to do is follow the trend so that one can make profits in the easiest manner. Igor shares this tip with anyone who is willing to learn about making investments and profits. As an entrepreneur, Igor is willing to help people build a stream of passive income. When one has passive income, then they are going to have a lot of comfort in knowing that they have something to fall back on in case one loses a stream of income.

Investor Igor Cornelsen Shares Investing Advice

Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian native and retired investment banker has managed some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. He has also served as an advisor to the country’s Ministry of Economics. Cornelsen’s financial savvy has elucidated much of the intrigue surrounding the success of Brazil’s banks despite the country’s troubled economy.


A proprietor of Bainbridge, Inc. since 2010, his impressive career has included involvement in assisting smaller private and large net worth investors with making sound international financial decisions, in setting up discretionary accounts and their own investment firms.


Sought after for his investment advice, which has also been featured in several financial journals and magazines, he urges investors to consider several factors before purchasing equities.


The big picture of investment is to make and not lose money. While he reminds that there is always risk associated with investing, he advises that investors need to keep focused on their outcome and be prepared to cut investments that are draining their accounts loose.


To manage loss, Cornelsen says that it is essential to have diversity within an equity growth portfolio. A diversification strategy allows an investor to receive the benefits of obtaining revenue from more than one source. The proper balance of risky to more mature companies involves several factors including the investor’s age, financial objectives and net worth.


An advocate of investing long-term, Igor Cornelsen also advises investors to begin as soon as possible. Capital growth is time-based and because of compounding effects, a few years can yield a financial outcome that is several times larger than waiting would have produced.


Obtaining an experienced advisor is essential. Especially for new investors, having access to a resource that can provide guidance and help with the early learning curve will result in fewer losses.


He cautions investors to look at the management team of the company that they’re investing in. High turnover, particularly of the CEO can mean that there are troubles internally that are best avoided. It’s also important to look at how the company makes money and what they are doing to continue that success.


Cornelsen knows what he’s talking about. He has a solid understanding of the stock market and international banking systems. His investment advice has produced successes across the globe.



Flavio Maluf’s Academic, Career, and Entrepreneurial Journey

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian business executive and entrepreneur. He is the current head of Eucatex Group for the last three decades. Now in his mid-50s, Flavio is the husband to his wife of 31 years- Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres. The couple resides in Sao Paulo together with their three children.


Flavio’s Early Life


Flavio Maluf is a professional mechanical engineer. He is an alumnus of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious institution of higher learning, Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). So as to sharpen his managerial and business administration skills, Flavio left Brazil for the United States after graduating from FAAP. While in the U.S, he worked briefly as an administrator before enrolling for a one-year administration course at the New York University. In 1986, he returned to Brazil to take up a role as a trade executive for Eucatex Group a year later.


Career at Eucatex


Flavio’s hard work and diligence in his job impressed the management board of Eucatex, and within a few years, he was moved to the company’s industrial department. In 1996, he was incorporated into the executive arm of the business, following a decade of excellence. While in the executive, he took a keen interest in understanding how the company operated. Being a fast learner and an intelligent team leader, it took him slightly over a year to convince the company’s leadership that he was ripe for the presidency. He was appointed as president towards the end of 1997.


Flavio’s Presidency


For three decades now, Flavio has been focusing on modernizing operations at Eucatex Group as a way of making it competitive. The highlight of his tenure is his hands-on leadership, which has made operations in the company more efficient. According to him, being hands-on doesn’t make him a micro-manager. He gives his staff room to innovate and experiment, all to the benefit of the company.


As a way of endearing Eucatex Group to the immediate community, Flavio Maluf participates in community empowerment programs and philanthropy. He is a leading donor to Maternidade Idio Carli Hospital.



A Brief History of Eucatex


Eucatex Group was established in 1951 as a plates and panels production company. Its name was derived from the act of using eucalyptus as the raw material for its products. The company opened its first manufacturing plant, Chapas Unit, in Sao Paulo in 1954.