The Founder of Learn to Trade, Greg Secker

Greg Secker rose to fame for his role not only as a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur but also an international speaker. Additionally, he owns some enterprises such as Capital Complex, learns to Trade and SmartCharts Software.

It is through founding the Greg Secker Foundation, which is a non-profit making association that he is committed to facilitating positive transformation regarding the living standards as for the individuals and the communities universally.

It is worth acknowledging the fact that Greg rose to the status of a multi-millionaire at his age bracket of the twenties. It is after then that he progressed to establish and facilitate the management of a firm that is among the leading European trading companies that have emerged victorious.

As at now, he owns European best trader coaching companies. Additionally, he has a lot of passion about assisting the other people on the ways and strategies that one can get to the field of entrepreneurship and emerge prosperous from the activities in which they take part.

The professional life of Greg began with his service at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is on leaving here that he moved on to the business of foreign exchange to facilitate the operation of the Virtual Trading Desk. VTD is prominent for having been the initial platform of Forex trading, alongside online real-time, that enables clienteles to get real-time quotations regarding the large transactions of foreign exchange.

The progress in his career role was fast. His good performance in the course of his duties made him rise to the position of Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President. At that moment, this was the key investment bank in the United States about the venture by Fortune 500.

Notably, he acquired the opportunity to work with the globally leading traders. From the experience and the strategies that he gained, he made up his mind to establish the Learn to Trade Firm. The fact that he was experienced gives the reason as to why it took a short while to complete its formation.

Additionally, he has won many awards. They include the 2010 London Excellence Awards, the 2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.

Greg Secker has therefore been successful in his initiatives throughout his course of operation. He is a role model that the current and future generations should look up to