Can Using Wen for a Week Change Your Hair?

If you’ve seriously been considering using new products on your hair, you may want to learn more about what WEN hair has to offer. The company was started by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, and features conditioners, styling products and hair cleansers that are free of synthetic, harsh chemicals. A number of celebrities have even endorsed Wen and say that the products have improved their hair significantly.

Still not convinced? Emily McClure from Bustle tried Wen for a week, and here’s what she found out.

McClure used the Fig conditioner from Wen and says that the product helps to make her hair feel fuller. She also shares that the conditioner added more moisture to her hair, but she had to use quite a lot of the conditioner to get the desired effect.

The conditioner also caused McClure’s curls to fall quickly after she styled her hair with a curling iron. This is because the product made her hair heavier and oilier. McClure shares that even though she wasn’t able to wear extremely curly styles while using the conditioner, she was satisifed with the health of her hair. McClure’s friends even pointed out how healthy her hair looked near the end of the experiment.

Emily says that Wen’s Fig conditioner is great for women with thin hair, and is a great product for retaining moisture, especially for women who wash their hair every day. Wen hair care products are available on eBay, Guthy-Renker and QVC, Try it today!


Wengie Does It Natural

Wengie is a person that is very known on YouTube. When it comes to everyday makeup, Wengie tries to keep things simple. Wengie applies a one-to-one ratio of moisturizer to concealer, so that the concealer does not look too heavy. After using a beauty blender to mix in her concealer, Wengie uses a dark shade of eyeshadow to fill in her eyebrows. Next, Wengie uses a neutral color on the top of her eye-lids. After applying the neutral color to her lids, Wengie fills in her eye creases with a darker color. Next, Wengie uses a neutral color to fill in the lower lids as well. After that, Wengie goes over the entire eye area with a neutral color to continue on with the blending process.


Wengie uses liquid eyeliner on her eyes. She makes a cat like design with the eyeliner, and then she fills in the wing. After applying the eyeliner, Wengie uses false eyelashes to make her eyes pop out. Wengie uses a full set of falsies on her eyes, because they make her eyes look more dramatic. After applying the falsies, Wengie fills in the rest of her eyeliner. After the eyeliner has been applied, then Wengie applies a mascara to finish up the look on the eyes. Wengie makes sure to apply mascara both to the top and the bottom portion of the lids. After the liner is finished, Wengie fills in her cheeks bone area with a darker color to sculpt her cheekbones and to give her cheekbones a little bit of color and definition. Wengie also does this sculpting around her hairline and her nose. This is the way to create more definition in the face, and it also makes a face look more even. Next, Wengie takes a beauty blender and blends all the make up together.


The last thing that Wengie does is use her favorite shade of lipstick. She uses this lipstick to color her lips and her cheeks. Wengie generally chooses to go with a neutral or pinkish type color. After the lips are finished, then her look is complete.


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