A Venus 3 Pallete by Lime Crime?

There seems to be much speculation behind Lime Crime’s mystery palette. First posted on their instagram feed, they alluded to a new product launch on April 24th. Many fans are speculating that it will be another version of the previous line Venus, which already includes the original Venus, Venus 2, and Venus XL.

The original Venus is a vegan and cruelty free palette featuring bright untraditional nudes which range from bright reds to rich sparkly brown. It is marketed to create a grunge look ranging from day to night versatility.

Venus 2, on the other hand, lands over on the darker side with deep greens,yellows, and reds. This palette features an array of pearlescent and matte shades. The set articulates a more night time feel with the deep color and reflective pearls within. It also could set the mood for a daring day look.

The Venus XL is the best of both words. It is an upgrade from both the Venus and Venus 2, containing eighteen shades compared to the regular six. It contains four unique finishes and easy coverage. This palette includes the original deep reds, berry, and neutrals that the Venus had. It also incorporates new concepts such as the four metallic shades eden(rusty rose), love(bronzed peach), inspire(metallic berry), Nu classic(bronzed brown), and ethereal(dusty blush). Compared to the Venus and Venus 2, you can’t go wrong with this one.

What could this mystery pallete be? An explansion on the Venus 2? Another neutral similar to the original venus? Maybe it’s something similar, or it could even be an entirely new line. With eight different spaces featured it in the picture it could very well be a whole new line. I guess it’s just a waiting game…for now.