Lime Crime – Offering Dynamic Hair Color Range That’s Sure To Tickle Your Wild Side

Lime Crime is one of the youth-oriented cosmetic brands that has a cult-like following, and its inspiration comes from the brand’s founder, Doe Deere, who herself is a self-professed Unicorn Queen. Taking inspiration from her hair styling and preferences, considering that she sported candy-rescue locks for years, the brand research on rainbow colored semi-permanent hair dyes for nearly three years, before finally launching 13 shades recently under the hair color range named Unicorn Hair. The shades available for color dye are naturally wild, gorgeous and lovely, and are targeted towards young and old alike, who the company likes to say, have a “wild” side to their personality.


The good thing about this hair dye range is that they are completely natural and is not stuffed with the harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your locks. It is a hair color that is completely based on Vegan ingredients with vegetable glycerin as its base, thereby leaving no scope of worrying to death about what it would do to your hair.


Most of the people, when they see the kind of flamboyant hair colors as offered under Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hairline, thinks that it would be stuffed with synthetic ingredients that would crush the quality of the locks. However, it is not the cause at all, and Lime Crime has spent over three years researching on the Unicorn Hair color range.


The colors available under the Unicorn Hair Color range are Jello, Salad, Blue Smoke, Neon Punch, LeeLoo, Strawberry Jam, Anime, Dirty Mermaid, Chocolate Cherry, Sext, Pony, Bunny, and Gargoyle. These colors are as wild and imaginative as it can be, and for people who love to make a style statement or does not mind flashy hair colors, it is the perfect range of hair colors to choose from.


The hair colors offered under the Unicorn Hair Range comes in two different formulas that deliver varying results, depending upon the kind of result you are looking for and your particular hair type. For people looking to go all guns firing with the innovative hair colors and want a full hair color results, going with the Full Coverage formula is an ideal choice. However, for people who want a more soothing end results with pastel color results, going for Tint Formula is a more suitable option.

Lime Crime Will Add Pizazz To Your Look

Lime Crime has many products including pop on nails, hair dyes, lipstick, eye shadows, and Hi-Lite palettes. Their hair dyes are available in colors such as Bunny, Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, and Pony. You can even get your hair dyed in Strawberry Jam, Neon Peach, Dirty Mermaid, Anime, Jello, or Leeloo. There is even Salad, Gargoyle, and Sext. These hair dyes are available in permanent or tint versions so you can choose how long and how bold your want to go. They fade gradually too so you will never end up with dull-looking strands.


The lipsticks are available in Matte Velvetines, Velve-Tins, Metallic Velvetines, Perlees, Unicorn Lipstick, and even Diamond Crushers. The Hi-Lite makeup is perfect for highlighting parts of your face such as your cheekbones and will melt into your skin for seamless application. It will last all day to give you that nice glow. The pop on nails come in Black Magic, Oyster, Storm, Babu Baby, Lizard, and Camel so you have something to match every one of your moods and every occasion.


Lime Crime was founded by CEO Doe Deere. Lime Crime is a quality product that is well known for its bright and fun colors that would otherwise not be available in makeup items. Doe Deere launched her unique makeup line in 2008, a couple of week before Halloween. She wanted to have the colorful and wild colors she was after in order to match them to her wardrobe. She introduced her Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009 followed by her Velvetines line in 2012. Lime Crime’s products are PETA and Leaping Bunny Certified and completely cruelty-free. Their products are not tested on animals and their products are also 100% vegan. This means that none of their products contain any byproducts such as beeswax, whey, lanolin, whey, or carmine.


Their headquarters are filled with employees who are animal lovers and many of them actively adopt and foster animals in need of love and attention. Everyone is committed to providing cosmetics that are cruelty-free and they are passionate about it. This is a company that values their furry friends.