Early Retirement: It’s Possible With David Giertz Help

The early retirement movement is growing. Many people are tired of working a job they have no passion for. Some people want to travel the world and enjoy life. David Giertz is an expert in helping people plan for early retirement. The entire concept is difficult for some people to grasp. A lot of people struggle to think of ways to build wealth in their youth. Many people do not even think about investing until later in life.

What is Early Retirement?

Early retirement is a confusing concept for most people. Few people understand how to build wealth, and a lot of people spend every dollar they make. Early retirement is about aggressively investing a large percentage of a person’s income. People who retire early generally save or invest over half of their income. Although it is difficult to invest that much money each month, it is possible for people who have the discipline to stick to a spending plan.

David’s Career

David Giertz is a prominent financial planning professional. During his career, he has helped thousands of people achieve their financial goals. He is the type of person who is continuously looking for ways to enhance his business. He wants to help more people than ever before. He writes a lot of online content related to early retirement. The entire early retirement community is active on social media.

Next Steps

No matter what a person’s current financial position is, they can start making changes to their financial habits. By avoiding debt and investing for the future, anyone can have financial success. David Giertz firmly believes that early retirement is possible for people who are willing to work hard and sacrifice right now. Anyone who wants to take their financial planning to a new level should consider working with David. He has an excellent track record in the industry.

Retirement Advice From David Giertz

Have you looked into the mirror lately and asked yourself if you are prepared for retirement? Are all of your “ducks in a row”, so to speak? Many people may be surprised at the honest answer to this question. This is why they need to follow the advice of David Giertz.

In a recent interview, Giertz was asked what he considered the best retirement planning advice that he could give. His response was many-fold. No matter what the size of your paycheck is, it is harder to save for retirement than many would have you believe. This is because it is not easy to estimate what you will need for living expenses in the future after you have retired.

The first thing to realize is that saving money as the sole retirement option simply will not be enough. The initial money saved and the interest it accrues will not hold one over during their retirement years. There need to be other income opportunities which are exploited.

Investment income is great but the age at which one retires plays a critical factor as to how much money they will be able to grow. For instance, if one retires at the age of 55, Giertz estimates that person will need to save 33 times their annual income to live comfortably during retirement. Based on an annual salary of $100,000, this means they would have to save $3.3 million to retire early. However, if that person waits until they are 65 to retire, they will only have to have saved $1.3 million to carry them through their golden years in a comfortable fashion.

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