Vijay Eswaran An Author, Businessman, and Motivational Speaker

Vijay Eswaran is a man that has achieved great success in a concise period in his lifetime. He is an inspiration to millions of young people across the globe, not only for the amount of money he has made from the business but how he started from nothing and now has everything one can want. Even though Vijay Eswaran didn’t belong to a poor family, he had a nomadic life in his school days, which as per him was tough nevertheless. It made it difficult for him to make real friends as due to his father’s job, they traveled and stayed in different parts of the country from time to time.

Vijay Eswaran moved to London after completing his schooling in Malaysia, where he finished graduation in Socio-Economics. Later on, Vijay completed MBA from the Southern Illinois University in the United States. Today, he is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the famous QI Group, which has a presence in more than ten countries. The company deals in a wide range of industries, including in real estate, beauty, wellness, luxury products, retail, telecommunications, and more. Vijay Eswaran is also an acclaimed writer and has written several books over the years, including Sphere of Silence, Two Minutes from the Abyss, 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of Thought, and In the Thinking Zone.

In most of these books, he has talked about how life and spirituality are interconnected, and how one can make most of their time on Earth by focusing on the present. He even talks about leadership and communication skills and how it can be developed. Vijay Eswaran says that focus on five C’s in life, which stands for care, clarity of vision, core values, commitment to growth, and creating a consistent will to compromise and sacrifice. Vijay feels that with these qualities, one just cannot fail in their endeavor. He says that people need to focus on their core values and ensure that they give their hundred percent to whatever they are committed to, whether it is in their personal or professional lives.

UTC Does Magnificent Because of Chenevert

Louis Chenevert single-handedly turned around the United Technologies Corporation during his run as their most successful chief executive officer.

He prepared for his moment as the chief executive officer by studying production management at the University of Montréal affiliate business school HEC Montréal.

His first job in the field of management and production occurred at General Motors. Here, for 14 years, he oversaw the production of the Pontiac. He was in charge of quality control and reducing costs.

After his 14 years at General Motors he was approached by Pratt & Whitney with a job offer to train to be the next president of the company. He would work for six years as the vice president learning underneath the one currently the position before taking over.

In 2006, he will become the chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. UTC was known for his research and development of the highest technology products in existence. Most of the money came from producing jet engines that were integrated with sensors, flight controls, aerospace systems, landing gear, actuators, breaks, and aerostructures.

Underneath his leadership, UTC will become highly diversified. They would purchase both Otis and Goodrich and use those to expand their portfolio. This allowed them to enter into the heating and cooling industry to become a dominant force to be reckoned with. The also allowed them to completely dominate the aerospace manufacturer market.

Underneath his leadership, the United Technologies Corporation would increase their net worth to $63 billion as a direct response of their shares increasingly 200%. During his tenure, he outperformed the leading executives for the Dow Jones industrial as well as the S&P 500. Dividends are paid on time for 77 years. In the years 2015 through 2017 dividend saw their payment increase by 10%.

He will become a spokesperson for the environment and lead by example. His company produced fewer emissions and consume less water because of his leadership.

Because of his work at the United Technologies Corporation, he received several awards. He was given an honorary doctorate by the University of Montréal an additional one by HEC Montréal.

Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares Philanthropic Program

Many businesses talk about giving back to the community. Now one energy company is going a step further by launching their own philanthropic program to help those in need. That company, Stream Energy is proud to launch the Stream Cares program.

So what exactly is the Stream Cares program? This philanthropic effort was designed to help local communities through a variety of fundraising events. Created by Stream Energy, Stream Cares has helped raise thousands of dollars through various fundraising efforts.

One of the most recent efforts includes a fundraising effort at the company’s recent Ignition 2016 convention. It was at this convention that employees for Stream Energy were able to raise over $3,000. The funds came from t-shirt sales as well as direct donations. And all of the proceeds went to help members of the military as well as members of military families. Efforts like this are one of many programs created by Stream Cares.

In addition to creating charity programs, Stream Cares also recently worked with other charitable foundations such as The American Red Cross Services To The Armed Forces, Operation Once In A Lifetime, and Cell Phones For Soldiers. By supporting a number of foundations, Stream Cares is able to spread its support far and wide.

In addition to the above mentioned charitable foundations, Stream Cares has also worked with a number of other charitable foundations in the past. Among the charities previously supported by Stream Cares includes Habitat For Humanity, Texas Tornado Benefit, Girls, Inc., and Hope Supply Co.

Stream Energy is known as one of the leading suppliers of direct essential services to hundreds of thousands of customers around the United States. With over a decade of service, the company has generated over $7 billion dollars of revenue since the company’s inception. As the company continues to revolutionize the energy sector, Stream Energy will also continue to focus their effort on helping as many people as possible through Stream Cares.

Malcolm CasSelle and WAX Platform provide Safety for P2P Market Users

Virtual markets are rife with security problems and fraud. The use of centralized marketplaces leads to risk of incomplete assets and delivery problems. Blockchains can prevent this however. A blockchain is a continuous list of records linked using cryptography. The blocks record business transactions, establishing validation for transactions in a peer-to-peer networks. Centralized marketplaces use various intermediaries to prevent fraud, but it drives up costs. Decentralized markets get rid of third parties, but are way more susceptible to fragmentation and fraud. Using blockchains the WAX platform developed by OPSkins, and pioneered by Malcolm CasSelle, is creating a safer environment for players to conduct business, and the result may very well mainstream cryptocurrency.

WAX solves fraud problems for the virtual asset industry, eliminates the need for intermediaries, and allows for tokenization of assets for cross game sale. Using smart contract backed by blockchain technology the P2P market allows transactions to occur between players. Blockchain smart contracts ensure the complete and full delivery of goods, ensures that both buyers and sellers adhere to their contracts, and reduces cost. Also, by operating in a decentralized market the assets do are not relegated to the game they come from. As there are many forms of cryptocurrency the act of tokenizing virtual goods allows players to sell outside of the games. It is the definite future of the market and one CasSelle has been advocating for some time.

CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins and current president of WAX, was an early stage investor in Bitcoin. He has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency for years. His early investment paved the way for OPSkins to become the number one Bitcoin merchant on the planet. As an advisor and mentor CasSelle helps numerous investors navigate the cryptocurrency market.

CasSelle is also a graduate of MIT and Stanford, with a bachelor’s and master’s in computer sciences. Prior to OPSkins he served as a top executive of numerous companies most recently as CTO and President of new ventures at Tronc Inc. Under his stewardship OPSkins has grown to a top global seller of virtual goods.

Successful Motivational Speaker Vijay Eswaran Advises Leadership through Caring

The successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran advise organizational leaders to provide leadership through the art of caring. Vijay Eswaran, the founding Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies has established himself as a renowned businessman and insightful philosopher in the realm of leadership both in business and in the personal areas. Vijay Eswaran has traveled the world giving speeches and providing valuable insight into the promotion of higher education and valuable leadership in establishing real-life concepts for both professional and personal success.

Vijay Eswaran has a successful philosophy on the art of leadership by caring for the people you’re actually leading. This concept arises from the thought that people work and perform at a high level of care and respect for their task when they feel they are cared for by the leaders that are actually leading them.

By giving your people a sense that you care for them and their well-being gives them the impetus to strive for greater success in accomplishing the task that you ask them to accomplish. It creates a sense of purpose and a value internally that influence them to seek your best interest because of the care that you have expressed to them. Basically, Vijay Eswaran has established himself as a servant leader that leads not only by example but through the care of his people. He leads with a realness that they can both respect and admires.

A staff that has a sense that you truly care for them will overcome any barriers or limitations that would be the result of the operation of their jobs. In fact, if your people respect, admire and believe that you actually care for them they will actually perform their duties with an inspired sense of care. Vijay Eswaran advises organizational leaders to act with the sense of care from a genuine place to generate greater levels success.

Contributions of David McDonald towards growth of the firm

OSI Group food manufacturing company is doing something that no other food company can do. It is opening food processing plants and supply food in almost every part of the world. The company has so far managed to penetrate over 16 countries directly. In the near future, it will be in many other since it has been able to acquire some of the biggest food companies in places like Europe. In its international plans, it has included even local concerns. In its home of Chicago, the company has bought one of the largest food processing plants in the world known as Tyson Foods. This plant occupies over two hundred thousand square foot. It was purchased at $7.4 million according to a report done by the Chicago Tribune.

OSI Group deals with products such as bacon, poultry products, hamburgers, hot dogs and vegetable products. These are not the only products that the company wishes to supply. Once it opens up business in various parts of the world, it will be dealing with customized food products that the people of those specific areas can relate to.

OSI Group has opted to acquire companies in other regions as opposed to setting up their own business as independent food companies because they realize this is an industry that can be very diverse. It is driven even issues of culture and beliefs. For instance, you can’t sell pork products in an area where a majority of the people are Muslims. One must make sure that they have taken into consideration all such issues with the intention of making sure the business is relevant to the consumers.

OSI Group was started in 1909 in Chicago by a man known as OTTO. He was running the business alongside his two sons who would later work with Sheldon Lavin to develop the company from 1970’s. The two sons later abandoned business and left Sheldon under the management of the company.

President David McDonald hopes that the company will maintain the growth momentum that it has picked lately and will perform even better in the coming days. He is optimistic that through the measures they have taken OSI Group will touch all corners of the globe. Through good management of the company, it has been able to reach levels that not many people would have expected. This is an achievement.

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Larkin & Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two people who have views that are on the left side of the political spectrum. They are all for the social and political acceptance of immigrants—whether those immigrants are undocumented or not.

A browse through their website and their social media reveals that they are very pro-DACA, anti-Trump, anti-Sheriff Arpaio and pro-DREAMER. They believe that the value of human life outweighs the theoretical economic and social benefits of keeping undocumented immigrants out.

Well, we all know who Trump is and what DACA and DREAMERs are. However, Sheriff Arpaio might be a hard one to recall. For those who don’t know, or for those who forgot, Sheriff Arpaio is a man who stood in authority over Maricopa County. Uncountable amounts of corruption, hate and bad jail conditions prevailed under his rule as Sheriff. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

He oversaw the establishment of a “tent city,” which housed prisoners who would have gone to jails that were too packed full of people. When some of us think of “tent cities,” we think of encampments of homeless people in cities and outside cities. Calling them “tent cities” does not have the same peculiar, negative ring to it as “tent jail cells.” The “tent cities” that were put up were not pleasant places to be.

A variety of abuses happened in jail settings under Sheriff Arpaio. For instance, inmates were haphazardly restrained in ways that were highly dangerous. Some of these inmates died.

There was a diabetic female who was not allowed to have her much needed medication. The list of horror stories goes on and on when we talk about jail conditions under the watch of Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Arpaio also maligned people who he did not like. He maligned two critics, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. First, he banned the two journalists from his press conferences.

Then, he issued unlawful subpoenas to Larkin and Lacey for requests that were too invasive. After the men published information about their experience in The Phoenix New Times, they were randomly arrested in a very surprising, scary, heart-jolting way.

The Phoenix New Times was regarded by larger publications as a small, alternative type of publication that wasn’t really radical or dangerous.

This leads us to beg the question of why Sheriff Arpaio thought that it was so important to persecute two men who were practicing their right of free speech. Was it because there was some truth to what they were saying, or was Sheriff Arpaio just asserting his dominance?

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The Frontera Fund, or Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s revenge against Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had done some pretty outrageous and egregious things during his tenure as Sheriff. While working as sheriff of Maricopa County, Sheriff Arpaio had done many things that were considered human rights abuses, such as building a tent city in order to deal with jail overcrowding, where inmates had to deal with very little water, and temperatures reaching 135 degrees Fahrenheit. His policies had caused many wrongful deaths, inmate suicides, and infirmed inmates who were ignored. He fed many of his inmates green meat and rotten food. His policies gave him all sorts of negative press and eventually led to his arrest once his tenure was over.


Origins of the Frontera Fund

Joe Arpaio’s political opponents didn’t fare much better. Anyone who was considered a rival or an opponent of his, would cause him to use his power to illegally detain, prosecute, or smear their reputations. Two of his victims include the main editors of Front Page Confidential and chairmen of the Frontera Fund, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. While writing for the Village voice, Lacey and Larkin ran afoul of Sheriff Joe for their expose that they wrote against him. Due to this, Sheriff Joe had them arrested. The county attorney dismissed their case in under a day due to overwhelming protest from both citizens and the media. It was because of this Lacey and Larkin received a 3.75 million Dollar lawsuit settlement for wrongful arrest. It was with this money that the two men set up the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund is a non profit organization that sends money to migrant rights groups in Arizona. The two men also run the aforementioned blog, Front Page Confidential, which covers abuses of and threats to free speech and the First Amendment.


Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helps Disadvantaged Kids Learn About College

For many disadvantaged and underprivileged children, the idea of going to college is something that gets wiped off their radar at an early age. Because they are growing up in poverty and living lives day to day, the concept that they might someday afford a higher education is easily pushed aside and forgotten about. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Of course, getting a university degree is among the most critical factors in determining how a person will fare economically in American society. It’s still a fact that those who achieve a 4-year college degree have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

That’s why people mired in the lower classes tend to stay there generationally. But now two Arizona women want to change that. Angelica Cruz and Nicole Fernandez have created what they call SySTEM Phoenix.

SySTEM Phoenix is a special charter school that focuses on children in grades 6 through 8. The idea is to get these youth thinking about college, but also in a way that makes them believe higher education is an attainable goal for them.

It includes programs which takes students on trips to college campuses to get them a first hand look of just what they are – and to get them thinking about what they need to do to get there some day.

The innovative program has received financial support from the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. This source of nonprofit revenue was established by journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey – to enterprising Phoenix newsmen who successfully sued Maricopa County (Arizona) for false arrest back in 2007. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The men were illegally detained by the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, the ruthless and unscrupulous Joe Arpaio – a man himself who was convicted of federal crimes, only to be shamefully pardoned by Donald Trump.

To make a long story short, Larkin and Lacey prevailed in their false arrest lawsuit against Arpaio and the county, and were awarded $3.7 million. This is the money that established the Frontera Fund – which now supports worthy causes such as SySTEM Phoenix.

It is significant to note that SySTEM Phoenix serves many children whose parents are undocumented workers and/or immigrants, the very group that were cruelly persecuted by the likes of Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and James Larkin are proud to assist efforts such as SySTEM Phoenix as part of the journalists’ mission to make the world a better place for immigrants in America.

David McDonald’s Role in Securing OSI Group’s Sustainability

The OSI Group, an American food processing company supplying value-added proteins is a global company with over 50 facilities in 17 countries. Having been present in China for the past 25 years, the OSI group has had an opportunity to grow with the country’s economy. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, OSI China supplied over 113 tons of pork, chicken, beef, eggs and dehydrated onions with the company receiving no complaints. Since then, the company has been providing for well-known brands such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Yum. In 2012, the OSI group celebrated 20 years of its operations in China.

The growth of the company has been steered by the group’s President and Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald. Growing up on a farm, David developed a passion for agriculture. At Iowa State University, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Upon graduating, David began his career in ISO Industries in Chicago.

His educational background coupled with his passion would see him rise to become the President and Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group. Under his exceptional leadership, the company has had outstanding achievements including receiving the Wallace E. Barron Senior Award.

Securing OSI Group’s Sustainability

To ensure that the OSI group keeps growing and that its sustainability is guaranteed, David plans to make it the largest poultry product producer in China. To achieve this, he ensures that all its outlets have the necessary facilities and that the group’s logistics team is equipped with vital skills required in the global market. He posits that despite being a global company, patience, flexibility and an understanding of local business are the catalysts for a successful business.

David has also forged partnerships with clients in product development which have ensured that necessary services for product development are offered. The company provides that technological mechanisms are used in the enhancement of safety as well as raising the quality standards of their products. The engagement of manufacturers gives them access to equipment high enough to detect foreign items in their products.

In a bid to expand their market, the OSI Group has recently been launching new processing and production plants around the world. In 2016, the OSI Group acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food, a Dutch company dealing with deli meat.

Speaking about the acquisition, David asserted that the company’s portfolio of products and brands complements that of OSI’s current processing strengths and would broaden OSI Group’s capabilities, to best serve their customers’ evolving needs. He also affirmed that adding Baho Food to the OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.
With these strategies in place, the OSI Group’s sustainability is secure, and the company can only continue growing.

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Making It Big In The Architecture- Robert Ivy

He is an architect who has been the industry for the longest time. Robert Ivy has seen and participated in the various developments as well as planning in the United States of America. Being an architect for an extended period of time; Ivy believes that architects should combine their skills with software programmers to bring out a perfect effect to designs.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) can well be described as a membership-based professional organization, and Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of the group. Mr. Robert has mainly been focusing on design, construction, as well as building and encourages other architects to be creative and think beyond their education and professional.

Robert Ivy believes that architect is everything in the world and it is fully relied on improving the running of most industries including; the health sector as well as offering a resolution for disaster. In an interview conducted by SmartPlanet ; Ivy said that design has been playing a major role in the public health sector in the United States of America. He mentioned that from design took place in the draining of swamps in Washington D.C, and also the Olmsted of Central Park in New York. Robert did not forget to mention that architect is one of the most interesting sectors as it is a circle and architectures do different projects with different themes at different times.

Robert Ivy has been a leader and has taken the American Institute of Architects to higher levels. He is responsible for transforming the architect industry. Before his responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of AIA; Robert held another top position in McGraw-Hill Construction as the Vice President and also the Editorial Director. Ivy also served as the Chief Editor of Architectural Record Magazine. As the editorial leader; the magazine was able to be honored on numerous occasions. Robert Ivy is not only an architect but he is also an author who has published books including; Fay Jones. Mr. Robert is a graduate of Tulane University with masters of Architecture, and bachelors Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South.

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