Flavio Maluf’s Academic, Career, and Entrepreneurial Journey

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian business executive and entrepreneur. He is the current head of Eucatex Group for the last three decades. Now in his mid-50s, Flavio is the husband to his wife of 31 years- Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres. The couple resides in Sao Paulo together with their three children.


Flavio’s Early Life


Flavio Maluf is a professional mechanical engineer. He is an alumnus of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious institution of higher learning, Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). So as to sharpen his managerial and business administration skills, Flavio left Brazil for the United States after graduating from FAAP. While in the U.S, he worked briefly as an administrator before enrolling for a one-year administration course at the New York University. In 1986, he returned to Brazil to take up a role as a trade executive for Eucatex Group a year later.


Career at Eucatex


Flavio’s hard work and diligence in his job impressed the management board of Eucatex, and within a few years, he was moved to the company’s industrial department. In 1996, he was incorporated into the executive arm of the business, following a decade of excellence. While in the executive, he took a keen interest in understanding how the company operated. Being a fast learner and an intelligent team leader, it took him slightly over a year to convince the company’s leadership that he was ripe for the presidency. He was appointed as president towards the end of 1997.


Flavio’s Presidency


For three decades now, Flavio has been focusing on modernizing operations at Eucatex Group as a way of making it competitive. The highlight of his tenure is his hands-on leadership, which has made operations in the company more efficient. According to him, being hands-on doesn’t make him a micro-manager. He gives his staff room to innovate and experiment, all to the benefit of the company.


As a way of endearing Eucatex Group to the immediate community, Flavio Maluf participates in community empowerment programs and philanthropy. He is a leading donor to Maternidade Idio Carli Hospital.



A Brief History of Eucatex


Eucatex Group was established in 1951 as a plates and panels production company. Its name was derived from the act of using eucalyptus as the raw material for its products. The company opened its first manufacturing plant, Chapas Unit, in Sao Paulo in 1954.




What Investment Funds Can Generate Higher Returns?

Tim Armour is the Chairman and CEO of capital group. The capital investment group is the home of American funds and is considered as a large investment manager worldwide.

Tim documented about Warren Buffet’s decision to bet $1 million in a charity aimed at achieving good investment returns. Mr. Buffet took this direction since the investment returns were better than those of a group of hedge fund managers. The bet made by Mr. Buffet was a simple investment that did not cost much. Tim Armour also praised Buffet’s bottom-up approach of investing which analyzed companies and built a durable portfolio hence trusted.

To add o Buffet’s idea, Tim Armour also believed that mutual funds provided poor long returns. Low cost investments like Buffet’s provided investment returns for a long term. Therefore, his advice was for investors to change their mentality of passive index returns as the safe path for retirement investments. Unfortunately, many investors were not aware that they are exposed to 100 per cent of losses if they invested in index funds and market experienced downturns and learn more about Tim.

Tim armour had witnessed the average actively managed funds doing bad over time. He also noted that those that invested in index fund 40 years ago had over half a million dollars to date. However, investing in the best active American funds could achieve more wealth and more information click here.

According to Tim Armour, it was not easy to tell the best funds to invest in. It was however, wise to choose the funds with low expenses and high manager ownership. Also, investing in the funds needed some long time to get good returns and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Armour further noted that millions of Americans were retiring at a tender age and the young ones were worried saving enough for their retirement. It was therefore good to discuss the steps and alternatives that were needed for the young investors to get higher returns within the limited years and resume him.

Tim Armour has been the CEO of Capital group Companies since 2015. Dr. Tim Armour is a graduate of Middlebury College. He is also the Chairman and Director of Capital Research and Management Company. He has been an Equity Investment analyst at Capital.

José Henrique Borghi: Advantages of Hiring an Advertising Agency

Are you planning to hire the expert services of an ad agency? Looking for a reliable way to promote your business or service, attract more customers and increase your profit? If so, check out José Henrique Borghi and his dedicated team of advertising specialists at Mullen Lowe. This popular Brazilian ad agency was c-founded by José Henrique Borghi and has provided excellent advertising solutions to countless businesses and entrepreneurs in Brazil.

Most business owners and establishments are in desperate need for customers and increased revenue. Smart marketers and entrepreneurs turn to advertising agencies and marketing experts for help in achieving their advertising goals.

When you hire the advertising specialists at Mullen Lowe, they will evaluate your business and how to approach your advertising needs. These experts will determine the most suitable media types to disseminate your advertising campaign. They will also employ proven cost structures, advertisement placements and proper scheduling in order to get a good understanding of which media will be right for the project. The objective is to use the most efficient and effective strategy to reach your target audience.

José Henrique Borghi has made a successful career out of helping all types of businesses and organizations, large and small, reach their goal. José Henrique Borghi has passion for the advertising industry and makes it a top priority to render superior ad campaign advice and marketing assistance to businesses and organizations. His clients come from many different industries and they rave about the high quality advertising and marketing solutions they have received and more information click here.

You will benefit from his many years of advertising, promotion and marketing experience. By relying on his knowledge and experience, clients get quality, helpful advice and expert guidance to make create marketing and promotions that deliver results and learn more about Borghi.

Troy McQuagge and His Leadership in USHEALTH Group Inc.

Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group, was named the Chief Executive Officer of the year in the prestigious One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is a global awards program that recognizes and honors professional and business excellence across all industries in the world. Before the awards, nominations are received from all types of businesses ranging from start-ups, non-profit organizations to public and private companies. These awards are conferred in groupings within sections such as new products and services, teams, executives, marketing, organizations, PR and corporate organizations across the world.

In 2010, Mr. Troy began working in USHEALTH, an insurance holding company based in Texas. The company centers on the provision of creative health coverage for small business owners and self-employed persons. When Troy joined USHEALTH Group, he rebuilt the company’s captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. He was later elected president and CEO of the company in 2014. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has had exceptional profitability, growth, and success in the individual health insurance sector that is highly competitive. USHEALTH aims at combining its employees’ and agents’ talents to offer profitable and competitive insurance products as they provide better customer service.

McQuagge felt honored to be named the Gold winner of One Planet Awards and stated that the award belonged to all members of USHEALTH. He also said that winning the award was a proof of the company’s commitment to solving health care affordability problem by providing inventive health coverage to customers and contact him.

Troy’s early career began in health insurance sales before joining Allstate Insurance in 1983. Later in 1995, Troy joined UICI/Health Market. Troy graduated from the University of Central Florida and had more than 30 years of sales job experience.

Other awards that Tory McQuagge has won include CEO World Awards where he was honored as the most innovative CEO of the year 2016. During his leadership, USHEALTH has received Gold Stevie Award for ‘Company of the Year’ and Company of the Year, Accounting, Banking, Financial &Insurance by the Golden Bridge Awards. These awards come as a result of his innovative marketing tools and exceptional leadership that incorporates teamwork and Tory on Twitter.

The Life Journey of Don Ressler

Don Ressler serves as the co-founder the co-chief executive officer at Intelligence Beauty, Inc. Don Ressler worked for FitnessHeaven.com before where he was the company’s president and also the cofounder. Don is the founding figure behind Hydroderm. This is a brand that specialized in skin care. This was after he founded Alena Media together with his partner. Don Ressler worked at Intermix Media where he was in charge of core ventures in boosting shareholders value. Don Ressler started his career on the internet by working as a consultant to companies that needed to make it big online. He has managed to raise more than $100 million worth of capital for companies on the internet.

Don Ressler has a reputation as a business and brand-building expert. Intermix Media was cofounded by Don Ressler at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. The News Corp purchased it at a value of $650 million in 2005. Don Ressler is also the co-founder of TechStyle Fashion Group that was formerly known as JustFab Inc. This is an online subscription fashion retailer that he cofounded together with Adam Goldenberg in 2010. JustFab Inc. provides their clients with personalized shopping experience depending on the fashion preferences of the customers. The company on Zimbio.com has four subsidiaries known as Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, and Fabletics.

Kimora Lee Simons joined JustFab in 2011. Kimora was named as the company’s president and creative director. JustFab managed to get a funding worth $33 million from the Matrix Partners. This is a corporation that was founded by Don Ressler together with Adam Goldenberg. The funding enables JustFab to expand internationally to the markets in Germany, Canada, and the UK. Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg announced that JustFab was internationally growing and it had plans of coming up with new products in 2013. JustFab runs a membership subscription service that costs each member $39.95 each month.

Don Ressler has risen to become a successful entrepreneur and businessman through the online platform reported on apparelnews.net. He says that part of his success can be attributed to hard work, passion, and commitment. Don Ressler mentors young entrepreneurs who would wish to venture in the e-commerce fashion market. Don has managed to register massive growth, success, and profitability in all companies that he has served. He teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and created the Matrix Partners. It has grown to become one of the most successful and fast growing companies. Don Ressler is a philanthropist. He is involved in various charitable organizations.

George Soros – Benevolent and Philanthropic Humanitarian

George Soros escalates his philanthropic efforts on a regular basis through humanitarian promotion, economic growth, training and policy reform, and freely investing and promoting democratic ideals. His efforts are noted around the world for the significant contributions he has made to advance health and education.

Soros left Budapest, Hungary before World War II, when the Nazi occupation took place in Hungary. He worked his way to England in 1947, where he continued his training at the London School of Economics. Soros worked as a porter and restaurant waiter while going to college and got a position working at a bank, coming to the United States working as a trader and analyst in New York City. It was less than 20 years when he founded the Soros Fund Management firm and succeeded in becoming a millionaire.

The net worth of George Soros today is about $25.2 billion. During the 90’s, it is mentioned that he kicked in hundreds of millions of dollars to relief efforts to causes in the old Yugoslavia. Other causes that have found a home in his heart are disability rights, and discrimination against Muslims, including counterterrorism. UNICEF and the International Crisis Group have received $5 million apiece in support of their cases. George Soros consistently gives his support both emotionally and financially to the causes he believes in and promotes.

Follow: https://twitter.com/georgesoros?lang=en

Budapest, Hungary still holds the heart of George Soros as he helped establish the Central European University in his birthplace expanding educational freedoms for thousands of students. The contributions to the University in Budapest totaled more than $880 million dollars since early 1990’s. It is important to Soros to support disadvantaged and educationally deprived students. Along with promoting higher education, he also encourages education throughout early educational years through K-12.

Minority rights are placed extremely high on the Soros list philanthropic support. Open Society Foundations are a major concern of his, especially when it comes to minority rights and the deprived. Chris Stone, president of the Soros Open Society Foundations is quoted as saying “We try to understand who is vulnerable, who is marginalized, who is oppressed, society by society, place by place.” Visit bigthink.com to know more about George Soros.

Today George Soros continues his desire for everyone to receive a higher education and advance their skills to create a brighter future.

Learn more about George at Biography.com.

An Important Aspect Real Estate Developers Should Employ To Succeed In the Market

The real estate industry has been growing over the years and has attracted notable names of influential personalities across the world. Many people have taken a key interest in understanding the principle of property development and management. Hussain Sajwani is a renowned figure in the real estate development and management. He has vast interest in the engineering field, architectural and real estate development. As such, he has earned recognition not only in his native countries but across many countries in the world. Hussain Sajwani comes from the United Arad Emirates and has properties spread across the major cities with his operating base in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chief executive officer of DAMAC Group. DAMAC Group is a property development and management company headquartered in Dubai. The company has focused on building luxuries and state of the art facilities that have changed the appearance of many cities. DAMAC Group has undertaken the construction of multi-billion projects that are supervised by established and recognized engineering firms. This has been its driving force towards developing the real estate industry move to another level.


Hussain Sajwani is known to be influential in all quarters. Through DAMAC Group, he has developed a business entity that has attracted personalities like the current US president Donald Trump. This is because they have partnered in undertaking real estate projects together thus strengthening their relationship. Since its establishment in 2002, Hussain Sajwani has been at the center of ensuring the company delivers on its promises. He has been at the center of helping many countries like the United States of America during their war in Afghanistan and Iraq where his companies helped in the provision of foodstuff. Hussain Sajwani retaliates that he is ready to work even more closely with Donald Trump especially after being elected as US president. DAMAC Group is also strategizing to have an upper hand in the real estate investment industry especially with the good prices being offered by London Stock Exchange. Hussain Sajwani has recently partnered with Trump International Golf Club in the building of luxurious villas that have skyrocketed to over $2billion dollars.


Scottsdale’s Jason Hope’s Thoughts On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and futurist. He is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the years, he has been vocal about technology. The graduate of Arizona State University holds a degree in finance.

In addition, he is an alumnus of Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business where graduated with an MBA. The entrepreneur has worked closely with True colors Fund, International Foundation for Education, The Tony Hawk Foundation and the Andre Agassi Foundation among many others.

Jason has been participating in different initiatives that seek to give back to the society. In particular, Jason has been involved in the research undertaken by SENS Foundation. Recently, he pledged $500,000 to the foundation. The corporation has focused in ensuring that people have better and longer quality of life. The foundation has a different strategy of dealing with anti-aging. Their research looks into finding the ideal treatment for illnesses that affect the body, especially those that cause people to age faster. Heart and lung diseases affect different functions in the body. SENS foundation seeks to stop the illnesses from happening. According to the organization, much time has been spent on treating diseases, but not on preventing the same.

In the last three years, Jason spent much of his time online to learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Jason, the success of IoT will be found in its marketing opportunities. Connected technology will enable marketing gurus to make realistic targets based on real-time data on consumer behavior.

Jason contends that by 2020, 75 billion devices will be connected across the globe. Each device will be collecting data about their users. Marketers that will use the data to learn more about their customers will have a competitive edge over their business rivals. Jason asserts that companies will be in a position to connect the data with their customer relationship management tools. This way, the marketing department will be able to take actionable steps that will help them reach customers in an effective manner.

Jason Hope is optimistic that sales data will include information on when and where products are being bought. This data will be essential to marketers, as they will know where to focus their marketing efforts. In the end, these efforts will help businesses to make higher returns.

Jeffry Schneider Journey Towards Becoming the Founder and President Ascendant Capital LLC

After finishing his studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Jeffry Schneider went back to his home hometown, Manhattan, to kick-start what has turned out to be a long life career in the world of financial services. He acquired a wide array of professional skills while working for a couple of reputable financial services companies. In the past, Jeffry has worked for Smith Barney, Alex Brown and Merrill Lynch. He has vast knowledge in matters of alternative investment strategies, as well as the ability to cultivate solid relationships with his clients.

It was during his tenure at Paradigm Global Advisors since 2002 that he obtained yet another crucial skill – how to analyze managers. The skills gained from the different capacities he served in many financial services companies, gave him the confidence to open his new venture with the potential to bring together his extensive knowledge in alternative investment space and his ability to develop deep relationships with his clients. Today, the resident of Austin, Texas, is proudly the Founder of Ascendant Capital.

As an alternative investment boutique firm, Ascendant Capital engages in the sourcing of leading real estate, private equity, as well as hedge funds that are almost always unavailable to the investors. Upon the identification of these funds, the company develops not only value-added but also innovative packages capable of meeting a wide range of the needs of qualified investors.

The sustainability of these offerings is guaranteed by the implementation of a full suite of educational, sales and marketing and operational services. Institutions such as Private Banks, Family Offices, International Markets, US Brokerage Firms and Registered Investment Advisors come in handy when it comes to the distribution of the offerings.

Jeffry Schneider has helped raise close to one billion dollars at Ascendant Capital LLC, besides spearheading the growth of the employee number to more than 30, in his capacity as the founder.

Besides business, Jeffry has an interest in other areas as well. For instance, he has shown unwavering dedication to offering help to the less fortunate. He works in close collaboration with several charitable organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and Cherokee Home for Children.


Mike Baur and his passion to develop the entrepreneurship sector in Switzerland

There are some Swiss individuals who are passionately working to flourish the entrepreneurship sector in Switzerland, and Mike Baur is a prominent name among them. He is a successful executive, investor, and entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio. He is mostly known as the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory as well as the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest. Besides these, he has also served in some leadership positions in different organizations and right now he is leading the revolution in the thriving entrepreneurship sector in the country.



Mike is a dynamic individual with multiple expertise which includes but do not limit to Private Banking, Investment, Start-ups, Finance and so on. He completed his Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from University of Applied Sciences, Bern and Executive Master of Business Administrating (EMBA) from Universität Bern. He also has a degree of Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester.



After completing his studies, Mike started his career in UBS Wealth Management in 1991 and worked here till 2008 in different leadership positions. Afterward, he joined Clariden Leu in 2008 as the Business Area Head of Private Banking and worked here till 2012. Later on, he became the Head Private Banking at Sallfort Privatbank AG and served in this position for two years.



Once Mike had a substantial amount of expertise in banking sectors, he wanted to start his entrepreneurship career and founded Baur IS in 2014. In 2015, Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory AG which is one of the leading and pioneering startup accelerator platforms for tech entrepreneurs. Through this platform, Mike has been helping young entrepreneurs to realize their tech ideas into a money-making business. Mike has been serving as the Executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory since 2015 and providing guidance and mentoring to young entrepreneurs. To boost the momentum of entrepreneurship in Switzerland, he also took the role of Vice President at Innovation Lab Fribourg in 2015, and he is now empowering student entrepreneurs from engineering, business and natural sciences background with their start-ups.



In the same year, Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Association and took the position of Director in this association that has been working passionately to create a positive entrepreneurship environment in the country. In 2016, he became the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest which is another platform to finance new startups to grow. Also, he is also the owner of Think Reloaded as well. Although he has been involved with some organizations and sectors, his true passion lies with entrepreneurship, and he has been working very hard to boost the entrepreneur sector in Switzerland.