What Does The SAAS Company Glen Wakeman Founded Really Do?

Sometimes the biggest mark of success in entrepreneurship is not what you do but how you do it, and the how is what business leader Glen Wakeman has emphasized throughout his career. Wakeman has been a part of business expansion projects that not only have added to the parent company’s client base, but have seen new leaders brought in who were personally mentored by him and have added to the overall value of those companies. Wakeman currently runs his own business leadership company, Launchpad Holdings which runs in a software-as-a-service (SAAS) format at LaunchpadToolkit.com. This collaborative platform assists people with turning a business idea into a plan.

Glen Wakeman said he founded this company because he did some research into the startup market and saw a lot of businesses get started, but many either didn’t get access to funding that could have helped them, or failed even despite the funding because they didn’t have the organization needed to prevent failure, see also ideamensch.com. In fact, Wakeman has even mentioned that most startups will fail within the first five years because they don’t have a sustainable plan in place. What Launchpad Toolkit does is ask business owners hard questions about how they’re going to govern their company, how their finances will be managed, how they plan on getting investors a return on funds and many other questions in route to building a company that will thrive when confronted with competition.

Glen Wakeman started his business career at GE Capital after graduating from Scranton University with a bachelor’s in business. He later completed an MBA at the University of Chicago and right from the get-go was interested in building businesses under GE’s auspices. He helped establish several branches of GE Capital and subsidiaries in the UK, the greater part of Europe, the Asian Pacific market and Latin America. His duties included reforming struggling financial businesses with new administrative policies, restructuring debt and liquid assets in those companies, and helping make deals in mergers and acquisitions. Wakeman also was a founder of the Nova Four company. In addition to currently presiding over Launchpad Holdings, Glen Wakeman also is an advisor to Sitterbees and DreamFunded.