Perry Mandera’s Recipe For Success: Do It Right The First Time

Perry Mandera is the owner and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. The Chicago-based transportation and logistics company was founded in 1976 shortly after he left the marine corp. Actually, Perry Mandera gained a great deal of logistical experience during his stint in the military where he was in charge of transporting supplies for troops (Ideamensch).

Mandera loved his job and he also loved how it molded camaraderie within the troops. His drive towards helping other people transferred into his civilian life. After leaving the military in 1984, he ran for office and was elected Republican Ward Clerk for Chicago. He uses this platform to help people in his community.

Perry Mandera believes in charity and giving back. His philanthropic efforts are legendary, especially during the holiday season when it is a point of pride giving to those who are less fortunate. And while people know him for his giving, he is also well-respected for his business savvy. In 2000, he was recognized as one of the top 100 executives of the millennium.

Mandera says such accolades make him even more driven. Perry Mandera’s company is equipped with some of the most high-tech software in the industry. He also has a number of in-house programmers who knows how to successfully customize software. With all of those impressive features, it’s know wonder customers trust Mandera’s company.

There are many sources of inspiration he leans on to get him through. Motivational speakers have helped unlock his potential. He also leans on his religion to help him when things get difficult. Perry Mandera says since he’s gotten older, he’s become wiser. He admits when he was younger, he was impulsive. Today, he looks at that time as a learning experience.

Perry Mandera says he’s just glad that god has given him such an enormous opportunity to grow and help others.