The Medical life of Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran within a Persian Jewish community. He escaped after the Iranian Revolution took place with his brother at age 15. They went to school in Belgium in London then after coming to America where he finished his high school diploma in Roslyn New York soon after he attended Stony Brook University and completed his degree in Biochemistry. He then completed and received MD from SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine which was in Stony Brook New York in the year 1994. He then moved on to post graduate training which specialized in urology at MM Center (Montefiore Medical Center). He then attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine to study proctology in 1996. He then proceeded to follow through a fellowship program at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for oncology and in year 2001, followed by a radical prostatectomy Fellowship residing at Henri mondor Hospital, in France. His mentor was Professor Claude Abbou.

His SMART surgery procedure for prostate cancer is performed in less than 90 minutes. Majority of his clients come home and are outpatients shortly after the same-day of surgical procedure. This procedure also reduces the patient’s exposure to rapid blood loss. Some hard facts about this procedure is that after surgery, 89% of his cancer free patients have less than 2% of a reoccurring cancer 1 year after the procedure, Minimal urinary trouble within 12 to 13 months of surgery on clients and sexual drive at a higher level for men according to studies 18 months after an invasive prostatectomy.

The show dr. David Samadi TV provides correct and science-based evidence and factual information. He brings on guests of the medical professional variety who are specialized in their field of expertise, to share their passion and their day-to-day work lives with clients and surgeries. These people can be a variation of Health Medical product creators, writers of medical-related trilogies and books, peer-reviewed articles, etc. Dr. David Samadi broadcasts every Sunday live at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. viewers can also ask life questions before or after the show and as guests answering in real time.

He’s available on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, Google Plus, SoundCloud, and SlideShare. Dr. David Samadi has received numerous Awards including most compassionate doctor, New York magazine’s best doctor, America’s top doctors for cancer, Castle Connolly top doctors, patients Choice Award, New York Metro areas Top Doctors, America’s Top Doctors, Community partner award for American Cancer Society, and the New York Times best Regional hospitals, New York, NY Urology.

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Clay Siegall, Targeted Therapies & The Fight Against Cancer

Cancer has been around for a very long time. This disease has destroyed the lives of millions of people across the globe. The fight against cancer seems to be a never ending process, but there is hope. This hope comes in the form of targeted cancer therapies. Anti-body Drug Conjugates are the name and saving lives is the game. This is one of the 21st century’s most coveted cancer fighting medications thanks to the great results it’s yielding. These powerful medications are produced by biotech company Seattle Genetics, and this company is making an impact on a worldwide scale. Seattle Genetics has been around since 1998, and it has grown into a cancer research powerhouse.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO here, and he uses his broad educational background to run this huge organization. This guy has decades under his belt since he began his successful career in biomedical studies. The National Institute of Health and Bristol Myers Squibb are just two of the prominent companies that he has worked with throughout the years. Dr. Siegal has many different titles such as being a scientist, a doctor, a guest speaker and an entrepreneur. There isn’t anything this guy can’t do, especially when it comes to fighting cancer. He has the fortitude, the passion and the ability to save lives. The dramatic growth of Seattle Genetics is a reflection of what he has brought to the table. There is no more time for guessing, especially when lives are at risk.

By securing strategic multiple licensing with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie and Pfzer, Seattle Genetics have been able to distribute its powerful medications worldwide. In 2011, these medications secured FDA approval and the rest is history. Over 65 countries around the globe are supplying the medications to cancer stricken patients. These medications just happens to yield much better results than other medications of the past. Cancer research has come a long way and Dr. Clay Siegall is steering this huge ship to even more success.