Alex Pall, Opportunity In The Big City

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are known for weaving their humanness into the music they write, as opposed to the coldly calculated beats that bands like Deadmau 5 produce. They seek to open up their personal affairs and cough up their innermost information with each passing song they compose.

Usually, the emotion this style generates is a sense of intense happiness and elation, but The Chainsmokers take on a unique prowess to the art and add in their own flavor to the mix as their audience grows in loyal fans and regular consumers of their craft. Ever since Alex Pall was a kid he would play the disc jockey, which would later form the backbone of his current affairs.

He would love to perform musical notation from the instrument, and it became an activity that gave him immense pleasure, and a specialty in the music scene. Alex Pall used his passion for the DJ to play venues in the hustling and bustling City of New York, which became an amorous occupation of his. Although the gigs alone served a core element to his ardent relationship to music, what added to his already stirring harmonic passion was the adventure of pursuing a fun loving purpose in the midst of an industrious location, where the norm was to work for money rather than to ambitiously leap towards something higher than himself. It was at this point when Alex Pall was laboring in an Art Gallery inside the parameters of New York City, where he learned that his entire desire for cultivating music was so intense, it overpowered his paradigm of working a job to pay the bills for a living. Soon enough as fate has it, his music advisor introduced Andrew Taggart to Alex Pall, and the two quickly adapted to their lucky break to form what is now The Chainsmokers.

These Old Actors Are Still Alive And Well


You may have thought that these old actors have passed away. However, they are still alive and well. Below I name a few of them and describe how old they are today.


Roger Moore is a British actor that played the character of James Bond in films. He is now 89 years old. Moore also played Simon Templar in the Saint Movie Series. Roger holds the record being the oldest actor play a James Bond role. In addition to acting, Moore served as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.


Kim Novak is a female actress from Chicago that is now 84 years old. The Chicago native’s career took off in 1954 when she played a major role in the film called Picnic. She has also been featured in popular films such as The Golden Arm, Pal Joey, Vertigo and Middle of the Night.


Tipi Hedren is a former fashion model and actress from New Ulm, Minnesota. She is now 87 years old. Besides her acting and modeling career Tipi is known for founding the Shambala Preserve which is an animal sanctuary in Acton, California. Hedren also helped create numerous Vietnamese-American nail salon businesses in the USA.


Kirk Douglas is an actor who is currently 100 years old. The male actor from Upstate New York was a star in the 1950s. The films he has starred in include ancient war movies like Spartacus, The Final Countdown and Paths of Glory. Douglas’ first debut film was The Strange Love of Martha Ivers where he starred alongside Barbara Stanwyck.  Not necessarily feel good movies, but pretty darn good regardless.