Perry Mandera: The Prototypical Citizen

Perry Mandera is the President and founder of The Custom Companies Inc. He founded the transportation company in 1986 with the vision “to provide a broad base of transportation solutions under one roof to our customers.” His company provides a plethora of services which includes international air freight, mail distribution, trucking and logistics management. Perry Mandera is known for his hands on management style and employs over 350 people nation wide.


Providing Support to the Community

Perry Mandera is also known for his commitment to his country and his community. Upon graduating from high school in 1975 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. It was while serving in the Marines he learned how to drive a truck and developed an interest in transportation. From 1984 to 1988 Mandera served as a Ward Committeeman in Chicago’s 26th ward where he became well informed on the needs of his community. Those two experiences prepared him to build a highly successful company and provide charitable services on a grand scale.

With his history of service it was only natural for Perry Mandera to become a most effective philanthropist. He has provided charitable services on both local and national scales. Being a sports enthusiasts he has coached youth sports and helped develop olympic athletes. In Chicago he has been actively involved in fighting hunger through the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. He has also been directly involved in providing winter coats to children in the Chicago area. On a national scale Perry Mandera has provided relief to hurricane and tornado victims. He has donated truckloads of supplies for victims of California’s wild fires and serves on several national charity boards.

Perry Mandera has served his community and nation for over 40 years. Along the way he has also built a highly successful business. In 2000 he was honored as one of the top 100 American transportation executives of the by the Illinois Transportation Association. His Custom Cares charity has provided relief to veterans and under privileged children. Perry Mandera is the prototypical citizen.