Fabletics Expands Online and in the Brick and Mortar World

Athleisure clothing on facebook.com is a booming retail trend. Nearly $44 billion was spent on active wear in 2015 and not all of that clothing was purchased for the gym. The desire for clothing that is both attractive and comfortable is not something new. However, the changing work environment has made it easier for everyone to take advantage of the comfort wear now available.

More than ever employers are happy to keep their offices casual. It is not considered unusual to see professionals dressed down on average work days. With so much work performed online it is common to reserve suits and more formal clothing for meetings with clients or when representing a business in public.

Much of the credit for the popularity of active wear has to be given to Fabletics. This popular clothing company, co-founded by Kate Hudson, has grown consistently since it first began advertising in 2013. The clothing is known for its extensive line of colorful, vibrant prints in its modern athletic wear.

The company offers their items at much lower prices than most other branded athletic wear. Fabletics has been able to build a client list of loyal customers by offering the same large inventory and same level of quality as other pricier brands.

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Their unique sales technique has also helped to get them noticed and keep them busy. Their customers are able to take a short quiz and see items chosen according to their own preferences. A VIP membership of Fabletics allows shoppers to preview and accept or decline a professionally chosen outfit every month before it is released to the public. In addition, anyone can shop the complete inventory any time they would like and no one ever has to feel pressure to purchase anything unless they want it.

Fabletics is continuing to expand and has moved from an online-only company to offering their clothing line in brick and mortar locations. Fabletics opened six shops in the United States in 2015 and are planning to have 20 or more in operation before the end of 2016. Their entrance into the world of brick and mortar retail is not designed to take away from their online sales as customers are encouraged to shop online as well as to check out the retail location nearest to them.

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