A Closer Look at EOS Lip Balm Products

EOS Lip balm is all natural, organic, paraban free and the products contain no petroleum. EOS lip balms have a pleasant flavor and they are made with Vitamin C. Vitamin C nourishes the lips and gives them an appealing look and glow.

In addition to Vitamin C, EOS lip balm products also contain jojoba oil and shea butter. Jojoba oil and shea butter also assist in conditioning the lips for a soft and simply beautiful look. It is important to note that EOS does not test any of its products on animals. Read interesting articles here on blogwebpedia.com.

EOS balm “Organic Smooth Sphere” lip balms are available in a variety of pleasant flavors including Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Blueberry and Raspberry Pomegranate. Sweet mind and Honeysuckle are two of the newest flavors that have been added to the EOS lip balm collection, see related site at allure.com. These luscious lip products are reasonably priced under $4.00 a piece.

Visibly Soft & Smooth Sphere lip balms are available in Vanilla Mind, Coconut as well as Blackberry. All lip balm comes in an attractive decorative container which is compact and be carried just about anywhere. The Soft & Smooth Sphere collection of lip balms can also be purchased for under $4.00. All lip balms are sold separatly.

Shimmer Smooth Sphere lip balm is available in Pearl and Sheer Pink. The Shimmer line of lip balm comes in a black decorative case with an impressive design on the top cover. This line of EOS lip balm products are priced under $6.00.

EOS active protection lip balm comes in Lemon and Grapefruit. The active protection lip balm can be applied at any time however, one application will last most of the day. This product also carries an impressive price tag. You can easily purchase the active protection lip balm for under $4.00 a piece.

The “Organic Smooth Stick” lip balm is available in Mint as well as Vanilla Bean. Two very tasty selections offered by EOS.

Finally, EOS makes a fine selection of lip balm products. Lip balm nourishes your lips and it will give them a healthy look that is quite noticeable. You can visit the EOS web site for additional product information nd ordering instructions. Please see www.evolutionofsmooth.com.

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