Lime Crime Brands New Cool Palette

Lime Crime has branded a very popular Pocket Candy Palette to the beauty care industry. Their designer, Doe Deere, successful technology analyst, and marketing specialist believes cosmetics should give her wearers to find their unique identity. Her new PCP collection offers 5 buttery colors with a color palette that reminds you of your childhood. They take their wearers to the early 90’s when putting your doll in your favorite Jordache jeans was mandatory. Pocket Candy Palette also comes in bundles for cosmetic artist with a need for color. Best of all, their long lasting formula is completely waterproof, and will hold well under the continious camera lights.

Deere, was the first of her kind to experiment with the super-foil base ingredients that have made her cosmetic’s a go-to beauty care secret for thousands of women nationwide. LC cosmetics are great on sensitive skin, and hypoallergemic. Experience amazing colors that are completely unmatched by your. competitors. Being out your best features with trendy colors like Radical Metallic, and Mint Kisser. Doe Deere, admits her unconventional color ideas were not always popular among her peers. However,after design school; her certification led to design school, and an soon silenced her naysayers.

You can encourage others on creative ways to wear Lime Crime products by visiting their exclusive YouTube channel. You can also explore how others are wearing LC cosmetics. They are also proud to announce the expansion of their cosmetics with a unique hair dye. The new Unicorn hair dye collection features a line of permanent, and temporary hair dye options. Their hair dye is also hypoallergenic, and safe to use with all hair types. Choose a completely new hair color with one full, or two semi-permanent applications in a 700 ml jar. The Unicorn hair dye collection is changing the face of hair color options.

You won’t find LC cosmetics in retail stores, or local beauty outlets, but you can order their products discreetly from their website. Lime Crime has a detailed website listing their colors on models of all skin types to wearers know how it will look on their skin type. Join LC cosmetics, and discover a new, or upgrade look today.