How Boraie Development Has Helped New Brunswick

There was an article published recently on Central Jersey Working Moms which highlighted a company that has been an instrumental part of revitalizing New Brunswick; Boraie Development. It explained how Sam Boraie, the founder of the company, came to entering the United States and doing good for the community of New Brunswick. He is of Egyptian descent and originally moved to the United States forty years ago in order to pursue his education, intending on earning a Ph.D. in Chemistry. As often happens to people he changed his focus and after entering the United States he saw an opportunity in the real estate market which changed his life. Visit Fundacity for more details.

When Omar Boraie first entered the United States he was an immigrant that landed in New Brunswick, New Jersey. At that time New Brunswick was a failing community with most of its youth leaving the city for better opportunities elsewhere. The saving grace was that Johnson & Johnson made a commitment to stay in New Brunswick which immensely helped with saving the city as without them the city would have likely become a ghost town. Once Omar Boraie saw that Johnson & Johnson was staying put he saw an opportunity to begin a career in real estate.

How Omar Boraie got into the real estate market was by buying neglected properties that were grouped together in a way that he could buy them and then build a tower on the property. He focused on providing space for retail, homes, and office space. The first building he completed was Albany Street Plaza Tower One in the downtown core of New Brunswick. That tower was joined in 2007 by Albany Street Plaza Tower Two which was completed in 2007. Another building that Boraie Development has built in New Brunswick is the One Spring Street development which is a condominium structure which was completed soon after Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was finished.

While Boraie Development is primarily focused on the community of New Brunswick they have also developed properties in other communities. They have development plans that will result in building in Atlantic City and they also have a building going up in Newark, New Jersey. The Newark property in Newark was announced by the former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal who said that he was proud to be part of something that would help the youth of Newark.

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