Why Classdojo is the Next Step in Evolvement in Education

Classdojo is an education app that allows parents, teachers, and students to work as a team to share the classroom experience to share what is and isn’t effective as well as sharing breakthrough ideas. Classdojo recognizes that an effective education does not work in a one-size-fits-all category as students differ in learning styles and abilities. It is currently translated in over 35 languages, is used in over 90 percent of K-8 classrooms, and teaches ideas about working positively from the inner self. The very latter refers to the fact that it teaches about things in a way that actually applies to the student, such as about the neural network of the brain and more effective ways to become a goal-setter. It also teaches students how to navigate from the inner self by teaching them how to better manage their emotions and strengthen their emotional intelligence in areas such as empathy and mindfulness.

Classdojo was ranked number eight on Fast Company’s 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year in September 2016. This is due to the fact that it not only promotes effective education but it also helps parents keep tabs on their children throughout the school day, shares important announcements about the school as well as snow day alerts. It also allows teachers and parents to instant-message each other and teachers can set aside “Quiet Hours” to let the parents know when they will not be available. The Stories category allows for students to make their own timeline or portfolios of what they learned and also allows teachers to share with all parents and guardians whose children are students in their classrooms.

As time goes on, we can probably expect to see more apps like Classdojo and even better. Classdojo helps to better globalize education and gives access to sharing great ideas around the globe.