Glen Wakeman: The Entrepreneurial Mastermind

Glen Wakeman has been a CEO, President, business developer, and has held many Board of Director administrative positions. He has gained funding for companies and started and helped many start up businesses. So what is his key to success? To put it plainly, he has perseverance and curiosity. He will not give up on an idea, unless it is absolutely detrimental, and pushes through to see it come to reality. Glen will analyze and criticize his idea, in a positive way, so that he can make sure the idea takes off and becomes a successful business or product. Mr. Wakeman also uses his curiosity to fully research an idea to the point that he knows it inside and out. This allows him to better understand how something works fully and utilize that to his benefit. It also allows him to know if it is worth the time and investment. Once he does this, he goes about obtaining the funding needed to get the idea off the ground.

Glen Wakeman also helps people to people to further their business or help them rejuvenate their failing one. He does this by teaching three different steps: 1: focus on benefits not features, 2: seek dis-confirming evidence, and 3:build a dispassionate support group. In the first step, he advises to focus on how your idea might benefit your demographic or customers and not to just concentrate on what your idea is and what it can do. The second step says to not only find evidence that your idea will work but also things that disprove your idea so you can learn how to push past those negative qualities. Lastly, the third step is about not only finding people who care about you and your idea, but individuals who won’t be afraid to challenge your idea as well. This will help you better understand your product and be able to have more epiphanies in boosting or enhancing your business. With this kind of business model and way of thinking, it’s no wonder as to why Glen Wakeman is such a successful businessman and entrepreneur.