Keith Mann Establishes Scholarship For Graduating High School Seniors

Thousands of children graduate from high school every year. All over the country, students graduate from high school, and they all have dreams for their life. Some of these children have the dream of going to college. While some of these children will be able to go to college, many of the children who want to go to college will not be able to go to college because they cannot afford the cost of college.


Attending college has become more and more expensive over the years. Today, many people who go to college have a hard time trying to pay for college. Some are able to pay for college through the help of family. However, for students who want to attend college without the potential financial help from family, it can be almost impossible. For some, it is impossible.


There has always been help available for graduating high school students who want to go to college but do not have the money to attend. One of the ways that some of the students are able to receive financial help is through the receipt of a scholarship. Many students attend college by earning a scholarship or multiple scholarships. Although scholarships are available, many graduating high school seniors either are not aware of the scholarships or do not take the time to apply.


For Keith Mann who is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, he wants to help as many graduating high school seniors as possible attend college who want to go to college. One of the ways that Keith Mann is helping to send some students to college is by providing a scholarship. Keith Mann established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School located in Brooklyn to help with the cost of their college education.


As a successful businessman, Keith Mann feels that providing scholarship opportunities will give many deserving students the chance to attend college who may not have been able to attend college without the assistance. Keith Mann believes that every child deserves the chance to go to college and earn a college degree. The importance of a college degree cannot be overstated in the technology driven world that people live in today.