Ryan Seacrest Beats All Odds To Emerge At The Top

Ryan Seacrest, success in the entertainment industry he has several titles under his belt; Ryan has worked as a television host, a radio presenter as well as a television producer. Ryan has been featured in ‘American Idol’ where he worked as the host, ‘Eve,’ ‘American top 40’ just to mention a few. Ryan’s most recent venture was in 2017 where he worked as a co-host in the show ‘Live with Kelly & Ryan

Ryan’s career can be traced back to around the 1990’s where he grew the passion to become a radio presenter, to pursue his dreams Ryan moved to Los Angeles and worked in an afternoon show. This humble beginning helped shape him into who he is today.

After gaining experience and showing the enthusiasm in his work, Ryan received an opportunity to host American Idol; this was the most significant step in his career as it propelled him to greater heights. The platform to host the American Idol gave him an opportunity to be signed with other companies such as NBC.

With time, Ryan Seacrest developed his skills to become one of the most professional television producers; he worked in the production of keeping up with the Kardashians which is one of the most viewed reality shows globally.

As a television personality, Ryan has had the opportunity to work closely with Dick Clark, working with Dick had been one of his longtime dreams, Ryan Seacrest is a go-getter who works endlessly to achieve his dreams, his desire to work in the entertainment industry has been a long and successful journey.

Despite being teased as a young person, Ryan never allowed negative comments to drail him from his ambitions and this trait has helped him to emerge as a success. Ryan Seacrest has also established some production company Ryan Seacrest productions which have been behind many successful reality shows.

Later in 2012, Ryan together with Mark Cuban, established Ryan Seacrest Media, the production has helped in the production of AXS TV which is a pop culture program.

Ryan’s work stands out, and his passion has driven him to great heights with determination and hard work we learn from Ryan no dream is too far or impossible to come true.

The Academy of Art University – Where a Passion For Fashion is Born

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, in San Francisco. It is accredited by CIDA(The Council for Interior Design) From it’s beginning, the academy has led the way in cutting-edge creativity and innovation in the education of their students. Its staff consists of industry leaders, and its campus is state-of-the-art.

NYC Fashion Week

Graduates of the Academy took a front seat at New York Fashion Week in September, 2917, showing their great talent for design in clothing for men and women. The designers all came with diversified backgrounds from the coast of Maine to the mainland of China and other in between places. Their designs displayed unique ideas and outstanding craftsmanship that left a positive vibe with the audience, including fashion icon Ms. J Alexander, a regular on America’s Next Top Model.

Presenting their vision of fashions of the future, the hard work of these young artists came to fruition at this event. Academy graduates featured in the show included Hailun Zhou, from China; Eden Slezin, San Francisco; Dina Maria Lam, Los Angeles; Carlos Rodrigues, Mexico; Saya Shen, China; Joanna Jadallah, Illinois; Cana Kiebanoff, New York; Ryan Yu, China and Jelly Shan, China.

More About The Academy of Art University

Along with those mentioned above, there are well over 25,000 Academy alumni from all parts of the world, The companies and businesses they’ve started or work for in the United State and worldwide are too many to mention. Alumni can read about classmate successes and endeavors by going to the Academy of Art University’s website.

With over 18,000 students, the academy is considered the largest art and design university in America. Those attending have a myriad of majors to chose from including fashion, acting, animation and visual effects, advertising, art education, architecture, art history, game and graphic design, industrial design, multimedia, sound and design, photography and more. All majors and courses are accredited and include BA, MA, BFA, MFA and MARCH. The academy also offers courses in pre-college and continuing education, as well as teachers’ grants.


Fabletics Loves Using Positive Reviews

Fabletics is one of the savviest brands in the fashion industry today. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, it’s also one of the only celebrity-owned companies where the celebrity actually works. Kate Hudson doesn’t use Fabletics as a free-cash business, in which, she just collects checks every few months.

She’s a big part of making the company successful. Sure, being world-famous for her acting talents and fashion sense is a huge bonus. Her fame didn’t make Fabletics a $250 million business. It also didn’t increase the brand’s sales by 43 percent last year. All her fame did was help the brand get its name out into the world.

Once people knew what Fabletics was, it was up to their creativity to stay in people’s minds. So far, Fabletics has done a brilliant job at creating an amazing culture around itself. For a start, it was one of the first affordable, on-trend fashion brands producing activewear.

Fabletics also produces lines for all women – regardless of size or age – that women actually want to wear. Their fashion is meant to inspire women to embrace a healthy lifestyle. That personable trait comes from Kate, who wants to help America with its struggles with health.

There’s a lot to be earned in the activewear market these days. As millennials influence society’s trends, the world becomes more health conscious and relaxed. According to NDP Group, activewear generated $44 billion in the U.S. last year. By 2020, they predict that U.S. consumers will double that number.

As more companies try to get a piece of the multibillion-dollar pie, the economy is shifting its favor. For the longest time, companies had the power to easily persuade customers to buy anything. All a company needed was good products or services at fair prices.

These days, companies don’t have as much power. The truth is that people no longer trust traditional advertising or marketing. As everyone’s life becomes more digital, consumers developed a new way of determining final purchases. Now, they research a company before buying, which includes reading online reviews. It’s just a simple matter of trust. Without trust, companies have no customers.

People trust online reviews like they’re recommendations from people they know. Unlike traditional advertising, online reviews aren’t sponsored. Technology has allowed average people to effectively crowdsourcing their purchase decisions.

Fabletics Teaming up with FTBC in October

Businessman Don Ressler collaborated with Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson and teamed up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America for FTBC (Fashion Breast Cancer) in order to promote awareness of breast cancer.

The actress and businesswoman have been working in a collection featuring pinks and blues and branded FTBC. The profits from the collection will benefit the organization directly, as was stated by Kate Hudson herself while at an even Del Amo Fashion Centre Mall located in Torrance, Calif.

The collection was on sale in October as it is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The FTBC collection included three attires each comprised of two pieces which included a pair of high-waist leggings and a sports bra. The outfits were available for purchase not only on the online store of Fabletics but also in the 22 physical locations of the brand.

Fabletics has been around for almost five years, and it has established a game-changing blend of fashion and fitness. The athleisure brand has been achieving streamlined success since 2013 and is now using its success and influence as a tool to support the FTBC on a global scale.

The brand of Fabletics was conceived by business partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who wanted to create something entirely different. Their main goal was to figure out what was lacking in the fashion market according to women. They picked activewear as their avenue and moved n to consulting women about what the market needed. Fabletics was born from the recurring answers of female consumers.

The two entrepreneurs took on Kate Hudson who took part in the funding of the brand and is now the ambassador of fabletics. Kate Hudson directs most of the parking of the Fabletics brand. She has been the ace and the voice of Fabletics.

The brand has been focused on expansion and achievement. Earlier this year in the summer months Fabletics launched a line of footwear. At first, it was available only to VIP members. Memberships are the primary way for Fabletics to operate and sell products although regular purchases are possible.

Kate Hudson takes great pride in the VIP memberships of the brand which is understandable considering Fabletics has been doing something unique with consumer data. The brand is one of the most advanced regarding data collection which allows them to know their clients very well and personalize the merchandising experience on a more advanced level.

Lime Crime – Offering Dynamic Hair Color Range That’s Sure To Tickle Your Wild Side

Lime Crime is one of the youth-oriented cosmetic brands that has a cult-like following, and its inspiration comes from the brand’s founder, Doe Deere, who herself is a self-professed Unicorn Queen. Taking inspiration from her hair styling and preferences, considering that she sported candy-rescue locks for years, the brand research on rainbow colored semi-permanent hair dyes for nearly three years, before finally launching 13 shades recently under the hair color range named Unicorn Hair. The shades available for color dye are naturally wild, gorgeous and lovely, and are targeted towards young and old alike, who the company likes to say, have a “wild” side to their personality.


The good thing about this hair dye range is that they are completely natural and is not stuffed with the harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your locks. It is a hair color that is completely based on Vegan ingredients with vegetable glycerin as its base, thereby leaving no scope of worrying to death about what it would do to your hair.


Most of the people, when they see the kind of flamboyant hair colors as offered under Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hairline, thinks that it would be stuffed with synthetic ingredients that would crush the quality of the locks. However, it is not the cause at all, and Lime Crime has spent over three years researching on the Unicorn Hair color range.


The colors available under the Unicorn Hair Color range are Jello, Salad, Blue Smoke, Neon Punch, LeeLoo, Strawberry Jam, Anime, Dirty Mermaid, Chocolate Cherry, Sext, Pony, Bunny, and Gargoyle. These colors are as wild and imaginative as it can be, and for people who love to make a style statement or does not mind flashy hair colors, it is the perfect range of hair colors to choose from.


The hair colors offered under the Unicorn Hair Range comes in two different formulas that deliver varying results, depending upon the kind of result you are looking for and your particular hair type. For people looking to go all guns firing with the innovative hair colors and want a full hair color results, going with the Full Coverage formula is an ideal choice. However, for people who want a more soothing end results with pastel color results, going for Tint Formula is a more suitable option. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html

Lime Crime Will Add Pizazz To Your Look

Lime Crime has many products including pop on nails, hair dyes, lipstick, eye shadows, and Hi-Lite palettes. Their hair dyes are available in colors such as Bunny, Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, and Pony. You can even get your hair dyed in Strawberry Jam, Neon Peach, Dirty Mermaid, Anime, Jello, or Leeloo. There is even Salad, Gargoyle, and Sext. These hair dyes are available in permanent or tint versions so you can choose how long and how bold your want to go. They fade gradually too so you will never end up with dull-looking strands.


The lipsticks are available in Matte Velvetines, Velve-Tins, Metallic Velvetines, Perlees, Unicorn Lipstick, and even Diamond Crushers. The Hi-Lite makeup is perfect for highlighting parts of your face such as your cheekbones and will melt into your skin for seamless application. It will last all day to give you that nice glow. The pop on nails come in Black Magic, Oyster, Storm, Babu Baby, Lizard, and Camel so you have something to match every one of your moods and every occasion.


Lime Crime was founded by CEO Doe Deere. Lime Crime is a quality product that is well known for its bright and fun colors that would otherwise not be available in makeup items. Doe Deere launched her unique makeup line in 2008, a couple of week before Halloween. She wanted to have the colorful and wild colors she was after in order to match them to her wardrobe. She introduced her Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009 followed by her Velvetines line in 2012. Lime Crime’s products are PETA and Leaping Bunny Certified and completely cruelty-free. Their products are not tested on animals and their products are also 100% vegan. This means that none of their products contain any byproducts such as beeswax, whey, lanolin, whey, or carmine.


Their headquarters are filled with employees who are animal lovers and many of them actively adopt and foster animals in need of love and attention. Everyone is committed to providing cosmetics that are cruelty-free and they are passionate about it. This is a company that values their furry friends. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/brands/lime-crime

The New Fabletics Campaigns With Celebrity Buzz

Celebrities are a substantial part of the marketing process. There are a lot of companies that benefit from having a celebrity in place to build a brand. When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler started JustFab they acquired the help of Kimora Lee. She was a supermodel and the wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. There was a huge fan base that she was already connected to so it made it much easier for this company to thrive with her in the driver’s seat.


Once Fabletics came into play Kate Hudson would be a co-founder that was also part of the entertainment world. She will be the one that would set things in motion for this company. There was instant growth fort his budding company that was appealing to a social media crowd. Kate Hudson was already admired by many fans for her acting, and this made it relatively easy for her to establish the brand in a short time frame.


There is most certainly a domino effect in which celebrities build up on other celebrity endorsements in order to further the strength of brands. This is exactly what Fabletics has been able to benefit from. Kate Hudson stepped into the leadership role as a co-founder and a celebrity with fanfare.


She would move on and continue the celebrity chain as she connected with friends like Chrissy Teigen that would comment about Fabletics through her Twitter account. Now there is a connection with Demi Lovato and a limited edition for her Fabletics activewear. This is another great aspect of Fabletics that has allowed this company to reach an even younger than fan base. This is another aspect of marketing that allows Fabletics to transition quickly as Kate Hudson makes plans to open more stores.


Demi Lovato has been part of the Disney Channel entertainment in her teenage years. As an adult she has acquired a very significant fan base. She tweets about this upcoming Fabletics partnership, and she is promoting the brand at every point. There are a lot of people they’re going to hear about this just because it is connected to Demi Lovato.


Celebrities have been able to make a huge impact on clothing companies. This is no secret because celebrities receive multi-million dollar endorsement deals. Kate Hudson is not another paid celebrity though. She is the co-founder of Fabletics, and she is passionate about building her brand.

The Life Journey of Don Ressler

Don Ressler serves as the co-founder the co-chief executive officer at Intelligence Beauty, Inc. Don Ressler worked for FitnessHeaven.com before where he was the company’s president and also the cofounder. Don is the founding figure behind Hydroderm. This is a brand that specialized in skin care. This was after he founded Alena Media together with his partner. Don Ressler worked at Intermix Media where he was in charge of core ventures in boosting shareholders value. Don Ressler started his career on the internet by working as a consultant to companies that needed to make it big online. He has managed to raise more than $100 million worth of capital for companies on the internet.

Don Ressler has a reputation as a business and brand-building expert. Intermix Media was cofounded by Don Ressler at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. The News Corp purchased it at a value of $650 million in 2005. Don Ressler is also the co-founder of TechStyle Fashion Group that was formerly known as JustFab Inc. This is an online subscription fashion retailer that he cofounded together with Adam Goldenberg in 2010. JustFab Inc. provides their clients with personalized shopping experience depending on the fashion preferences of the customers. The company on Zimbio.com has four subsidiaries known as Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, and Fabletics.

Kimora Lee Simons joined JustFab in 2011. Kimora was named as the company’s president and creative director. JustFab managed to get a funding worth $33 million from the Matrix Partners. This is a corporation that was founded by Don Ressler together with Adam Goldenberg. The funding enables JustFab to expand internationally to the markets in Germany, Canada, and the UK. Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg announced that JustFab was internationally growing and it had plans of coming up with new products in 2013. JustFab runs a membership subscription service that costs each member $39.95 each month.

Don Ressler has risen to become a successful entrepreneur and businessman through the online platform reported on apparelnews.net. He says that part of his success can be attributed to hard work, passion, and commitment. Don Ressler mentors young entrepreneurs who would wish to venture in the e-commerce fashion market. Don has managed to register massive growth, success, and profitability in all companies that he has served. He teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and created the Matrix Partners. It has grown to become one of the most successful and fast growing companies. Don Ressler is a philanthropist. He is involved in various charitable organizations.

Fabletics Is Popular Among Shoppers For Their High Quality Merchandise With Low Prices.

Approaching this from the client’s judgment, it has been fashionable for quite awhile as being sensible that if the cost for a commodity is understood to be high-priced, that this in one way or another needs to draw a parallel directly to the commodity being constructed with unrivaled excellence. The client will encounter today, contrarily, that in the preponderance of those comparative examples, this is not a tremendously academic position for one’s monetarily feasible procurements. The recession has governed the direction of shoppers to apply different approaches in their exploration for apparel. Shoppers will explore for garments that have collected judgments or commentary, flashy and particularly modern markings, and merchants that will inquire if the buyer is comfortable with their apparel, despite if that apparel was found at a reduced cost.


The rise in the fashion apparel enterprise known internationally as Fabletics is revered for being a stylized, confident trendsetting range of apparel venture that a great may clients want for their athletic apparel and they’re much cherished by their clients. The trendy apparel product venture Fabletics was made acclaimed by the adept actress and producer of the venture, Kate Hudson, recently in 2013, with accompanying aid by Don Ressler including assistance from Adam Goldenberg. The retailer Fabletics has developed into such a popular outlet as a fashion outlet that it is always current with trendy and current styles. That very trendy facet of the apparel is the basis for Fabletics standing in the apparel category “activewear.” The in style worldwide merchant internationally referred to as Amazon, contributes a multiplicity of in style apparel, has captured 20% of the worldwide apparel platform, and Fabletics, has matured to form a $250 million apparel powerhouse in less than five years. The apparel warehouse Fabletics uses innovative methods to provide a unique and intelligently chosen run of in style apparel at their electronic based merchants on the worldwide web, and their physical Fabletics’ warehouses.


Fabletics exploits the use of an electronic monitoring plan that focuses intently on the items that guests to the warehouse are pulling up on their computer monitors, by storing the guest’s browsing habits online, at Fabletics digital warehouse locations. This storage of data is momentous and it gives Fabletics evidential data concerning the assortment of apparel that guests are interested in. If a guest of the plan pulls up any of the apparel listed on the Fabletics digital warehouse, that evidence is directed to the brick and mortar Fabletics warehouses. This is precisely how Fabletics remains in style with the very apparel that the monitoring plan has established that guests are wanting. This helps physical warehouses to use this evidence to realize which apparel to keep on display and which apparel to take away.


Other physical warehouses have been closing their outlets down and directing their apparel to worldwide web warehouses. This is related to the guests browsing at brick and mortar locations, and afterwards, making buys from another worldwide web located warehouse.