Fashionable Lip Balm With EOS

EOS really took off when it hit the market. With it’s easy to hold and stylish design, these little spheres stand out from any other lip balm product on the market. They were created from a survey of opinions that discovered most people don’t get satisfaction from applying regular lip balm. That is what makes EOS stand out from the competition.

EOS, also known as Evolution of Smooth, created products with new trends in mind. These products are natural and hypoallergenic. They are also paraben and petrolatum free. To keep them interesting, these little spheres come in fun flavors to make it more enjoyable to apply.

With eight awesome flavors to pick from, EOS has a product for everyone. They even have two shimmer spheres to add a little shine to your lips! The original organic smooth spheres include flavors such as vanilla bean, summer fruit, passion fruit, and sweet mint just to name a few. The shimmer spheres come in sheer pink and pearl.

If you aren’t crazy about the sphere designs but would like to see what all of the hype is about, then you are in luck. EOS also has their amazing product in the classic tubes. Known as organic smooth sticks, you can try three of their tasty and effective lip balm products. The flavors include vanilla bean, sweet mint, and pomegranate raspberry.

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EOS has made such a name for themselves with their organic and natural products that they have expanded to other areas. These include lotions and shaving creams. So if you find yourself being a fan of the wonderful lip balm, try some of the other products provided as well. Most can be found at major retailers such as Walmart at or some local drug stores and cost about as much as other brands.  Additional article on

Vist EOS website at  and learn more about the products.