Rocketship Education Facility, the State-of-the-art Public Charter School

The Rocketship Education is not yet complete, but parents are already hopeful that their children are going to join the school soon. With a lot of facilities including, a big gymnasium, computer lab, and a sanatorium, parents have identified their favorite buildings.

Rocketship Education is an organization that is non-profit planning for public chartered schools. They execute their work together with other stakeholders like parents, churches, teachers, and community-based organizations. They want to improve the level of education in public schools to optimize kids’ potentials. The organization wanted to build the school in San Jose’s low-income neighborhood so that the kids would go straight to college without hindrance.

Their excellent work has been seen in more than 25 schools that Rocketship Education has built since it was formed in 2007. Research done by The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University reveals that English and Math pupils have more lessons of study as compared to other pupils. Some schools are also partnering with the organization so that their students prepare well for college and even increase their basic knowledge and comprehension.

People who are in constant support for the success of Rocketship Education are philanthropist billionaires like Reed Hastings of Netflix who gave 100 million dollars to promote local education, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is also helpful. He and his wife Priscilla Chan have given a lot of technology investments and part of their wealth so that the children can learn. Their engineers have been sent to the local charter school to make a perfect learning platform that can be shared with other schools in the USA.

Jacque Patterson who is the Rocketship regional director wants to operate as a community institution. They would like to have children coming from the Ward 8 community. People who are mostly applying for chances are families that stay in the Woodland Terrace complex.

Parents will also be privileged to have a computer lab that will be available for them whenever they come to pick up their kids from school. In case they want to apply for a job, they will just use the computer lab and ask for the vacancies.