George Soros – Benevolent and Philanthropic Humanitarian

George Soros escalates his philanthropic efforts on a regular basis through humanitarian promotion, economic growth, training and policy reform, and freely investing and promoting democratic ideals. His efforts are noted around the world for the significant contributions he has made to advance health and education.

Soros left Budapest, Hungary before World War II, when the Nazi occupation took place in Hungary. He worked his way to England in 1947, where he continued his training at the London School of Economics. Soros worked as a porter and restaurant waiter while going to college and got a position working at a bank, coming to the United States working as a trader and analyst in New York City. It was less than 20 years when he founded the Soros Fund Management firm and succeeded in becoming a millionaire.

The net worth of George Soros today is about $25.2 billion. During the 90’s, it is mentioned that he kicked in hundreds of millions of dollars to relief efforts to causes in the old Yugoslavia. Other causes that have found a home in his heart are disability rights, and discrimination against Muslims, including counterterrorism. UNICEF and the International Crisis Group have received $5 million apiece in support of their cases. George Soros consistently gives his support both emotionally and financially to the causes he believes in and promotes.


Budapest, Hungary still holds the heart of George Soros as he helped establish the Central European University in his birthplace expanding educational freedoms for thousands of students. The contributions to the University in Budapest totaled more than $880 million dollars since early 1990’s. It is important to Soros to support disadvantaged and educationally deprived students. Along with promoting higher education, he also encourages education throughout early educational years through K-12.

Minority rights are placed extremely high on the Soros list philanthropic support. Open Society Foundations are a major concern of his, especially when it comes to minority rights and the deprived. Chris Stone, president of the Soros Open Society Foundations is quoted as saying “We try to understand who is vulnerable, who is marginalized, who is oppressed, society by society, place by place.” Visit to know more about George Soros.

Today George Soros continues his desire for everyone to receive a higher education and advance their skills to create a brighter future.

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George Soros Leads The World Investors In Betting On Gold

George Soros has led major international investors in buying gold after he predicted challenging times ahead in the global economy.

Through his hedge fund Soros Fund Management, Soros disclosed publicly that the fund had reduced stock holdings by 37% to $3.5 billion by the end of March. Soros Fund Management disclosed to have owned bearish options that included $431 million from Standard & Poor’s 500 Index represented by the purchase of 2.1 million shares.

Soros has made a similar bearish investment in the biggest producer of gold, Barrick Gold Corp., through buying 1.7 percent shareholding of Barrick worth $264 million at the end of March. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins At 2016 Telly Awards

It is not only Soros who is buying gold in fear of the future of the global economy, his chief strategist and billionaire investor Stan Druckenmiller, has also gone bullish on gold buying large amounts and saying the current economy is an “absurd notion of negative interest rates.”

The shares of US Money Reserve have also risen to double the price as the miner implements cost-cutting efforts and reducing debt.

Once again it looks like the bet by Soros was well calculated and he is again about to win the rise in the price of gold. The rush to buy gold has been practiced by many investors who fear the world economy could decline and result in negative interest rates.

The fact is that the global economy is affected by the state of the world institutions and the stability of the governments that regulates the paper currency. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Since the paper currency like the dollar is dependent on the stability of the U.S. government and how US Money Reserve can control the inflation and growth of the economy, many investors feel paper currency is not the best way to safeguard their wealth.

On the other hand, gold is much more stable because its value and prices are mainly affected by scarcity and demand of gold across the world. The trend has favored gold because many individuals are buying gold from agencies such as U.S. Money Reserve.

Also, Eastern nations such as Russia, China, Poland, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia are substituting the U.S. dollar with gold as the reserve currency.