Sussex Healthcare Gives Attention To Patients Who Need It

Sussex Healthcare tries to always help their patients. Whether they’re helping those who are in need of healthcare or they’re helping people who simply need preventative care, they do what they can to help. They’ve spent a long time refining their business practices so they don’t need to do things the way other companies do. As long as Sussex Healthcare can keep helping people, they know what it will take to give the community what they need. They also know there are things that will allow them to get better no matter what issues they face on their own.

Depending on how hard Sussex Healthcare works, people see how things will get better. They also see there are opportunities they can use to take advantage of the industry. The medical industry may change, but Sussex Healthcare knows how they can help. They also know things will get better without the problems that come from offering things to them. For Sussex Healthcare, their customers will do what they can to give them the attention they need. It is their way of promoting positive interactions between patients and healthcare providers.

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Perhaps one of the best things they have done for other people offers patients the chance to try things on their own. Sussex Healthcare knows independence is important no matter what stage of life people are in. If they can be independent, their life will get better. The organization believes this to be true if they’re helping even seniors get better from the issues they face. Thanks to Sussex Healthcare, the point of the company is to grow and help people. They want seniors to feel as if they are an important part of the community. They use their healthcare facilities to show seniors they can have a better life no matter what issues they have.

Thanks to Sussex Healthcare, the business continues growing. They know they want to help people and they stop at nothing to make things better. For 25 years, Sussex Healthcare gave others what they needed. They also tried to show people how their own lives would get better. If Sussex Healthcare could help others, they knew they’d make things easier on their own. For Sussex Healthcare to do all this, they had to be sure they could bring a positive attitude to the industry. They also had to make sure people could see they were doing something that would make a difference.

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Eric Lefokofsky Makes New Discoveries in Medicine

Unfortunately, about 40 percent of adults in the United States will get a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Mostly everyone has a friend, family member or colleague who has battled cancer. The National Cancer Institute even asserts that about 14.5 million citizens in the U.S. had cancer in 2014. By the year 2024, this number is expected to increase to over 19 million. Thanks to advances in medicine being made by Tempus and similar companies, however, the future of cancer treatment is looking a bit more optimistic. Erik Lefkofsky is the cofounder of of Tempus, and Lefkosky is also one of the founders of Groupon. Tempus is shaping up to be a leader in data-enabled precision medicine.

It would stand to reason that since there was such a demand for the medical industry to develop EHR or electronic health records, that the healthcare world would be more familiar with modern technology; however, this has not been the case. Lefkosky had never had real experience with cancer treatment until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was surprised to learn about the work that still needed to be done in terms of digital technology and data collection in the world of healthcare. Even though a considerable amount of data is collected about patients and their medical treatments, there hasn’t been an efficient and easily accessed way to gather this information. That’s where Tempus comes in.


The company has very impressive objective: to change the way that patients receive cancer care. Tempus has developed a system that analyzes the molecular and clinical data of the patient. The organization is also committed to gathering data and scientific information that will hopefully get rid of cancer for good. Lefkosky and his wife are committed to furthering their cancer treatment efforts and improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.