The Takeover: How EOS Is Dominating The Competition

Oral care products are some of the most sought-after products in society. These actual products can help keep your mouth, teeth, gums and lips healthy. For the lips in particular, lip balms are some of the best items in history for ridding you of chapped lips, dryness and even cold sores. Evolution of Smooth is the brand of choice for combating these symptoms, and it does it much better than anyone else. Unlike other brands that are full of hype, Evolution of Smooth uses tried and true methods for bringing in moisture, see also  The lips are vulnerable, and they can become dehydrated in both cold and hot weather. Evolution of Smooth has a ton of ingredients for proper hydration.

The brand’s new Crystal lip balm has the game on lock. It has caused a stir ever since it was released a few months ago. This lip balm has an outstanding appearance with its see-through attributes and triangular shaped physique. There isn’t anything about this product that screams bland. It comes in two unique flavors, which are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, shop here. These flavors aren’t overbearing like the competitors and the tantalizing aromas or intoxicating. EOS certainly hit the ball out of the park with this one. The brand’s huge social media presence is on another level as it is generally jam-packed on most days.

EOS uses innovation and scientific logic to create the very best products. These lip balms come in many different choices such as organic, medicated, shimmer, active and visibly soft lip balms. The options are nearly endless. They’re also vegan made, which makes them perfectly safe to use on a regular basis. The competitors just isn’t bringing this amount of benefits to the table and EOS lip balm is simply winning the game through hard work.