Madison Street Capital, Helping To Make The World A Better Place

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized investment banking firm. The company is well known for its role in the mid market financial investment industry, as well as an important contributor to the United Way Fund.


In fact, a recent article published on highlighted the Madison Street Capital reputation. The article discussed the recent investment, and expansion, of the company; Sterling Packaging. It discussed the role that Madison Street Capital had in facilitating the investment, and facility, of Druid Capital Partners. The leading individuals in the transaction were also interviewed for the article. Both individuals stated they were excited about the new partnership between Druid Capital Partners and Sterling Packaging. These individuals were the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, Jay Rogers, and the Manager Partner at Druid Capital Partners, Martin Holt. The article also gave a brief description of each of these three companies involved. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. The company is a global force in the investment banking industry with offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. The company’s headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. The Chief Operating Officer of the company is Anthony Marsala. Jay Rogers, as previously mentioned, is the Senior Managing Director of the company. Madison Street Capital is a privately held company. Learn more:


The company specializes in the middle market investment banking industry. The experienced staff offers the company’s clients a wide range of banking tools to utilize. These products and services include; corporate advisory, business valuations for tax purposes, mergers and acquisition, venture capital services, and more.


Madison Street Capital is also very much invested in helping better the lives of underprivileged individuals, and those who suffer from catastrophic losses. The company has partnered up with The United Way to work diligently with helping individuals in these situations. The company has donated a tremendous amount of money and time to the charitable organization since they teamed up together. Learn more: