Chris Linkas: Encouraging the Youth to Invest

Chris Linkas is a financial management expert who advocates the younger population to start investing. He stated that investing while young reaps more benefits, and it would help them someday when they are all grownups. He pointed out that the younger population has more advantage when it comes to investment, so what they have to do is to start now and see how it would result in a few years’ time. Chris Linkas also shared his views about which kind of investment the youth should be focusing on, and he stated that the investment options applicable for the younger generation are those which yield more money as time passes by, like the stock market or anything which provides compound interest.

Aside from advising the youth on where they should invest their money, Chris Linkas have also shown the challenges that the youth face, which makes it difficult for them to invest. He said that the society should also understand the burden that the youth are facing, and there should be an additional understanding for them to know how investment works without the pressure coming from the outside. Some of the problems that the youth are facing today include the excessive financial illiteracy. Some basic information about investing is not taught in schools, and Chris Linkas had a great suggestion – the school curriculum should add a subject dedicated to investing ( It will help the children understand how investment works, and why it is important for them to learn.

Another problem faced by the youth today is the burden of paying their student loans. The best schools in the United States are not for free, and as a result, the majority of students are taking advantage of the student loans that the United States government provides. However, after they graduated from the university, it would give them a burden to pay everything that they have loaned from the government. This is a never-ending cycle of debt if the student would not work hard to clear out everything that he or she borrowed. For Chris Linkas, the youth should be taught about how they can earn from investments and what the risks are if they would want to enter this industry.

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