Kevin Seawright, Financial, Administrative and Community Leader

Today’s financial leaders are busy, busy with an ever changing, evolving industry. When asked if they have time for anything other than work, their answer is most always “Not really.” That isn’t the case with Kevin Seawright, financial and administration operations leader.

After graduating from Notre Dame Kevin has been VP and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation for the last thirteen years. He has been responsible for re-engineering business strategies that have streamlined responsive accounting/finance programs, such as payables, receivables and collections.

Kevin’s phone rings off the hook with people wanting, demanding his expertise as a technological strategies adviser. He has proven knowledge and years of experience helping businesses with their organizational and economic goals. He has spent many years effectively transforming corporate earnings into processes that have helped contractors and sub contractors worldwide.

His expertise is vast and has been a proven asset to many different companies who need someone who can think outside the box.

Kevin Seawright might be one of the most sought after financial and capital advisers out there, however, he is also figuring out ways to better local communities.

Kevin brings a lot of expertise to the table and is eager to meet with city planners and government officials. He has a diverse blend of business acuity, team building strategies and financial prowess that has helped many small businesses make a legitimate go of it. Kevin Seawright also donates his time and money to organizations that invest in local artists, musicians and small businesses that need a little help.
With his youth, his experience, his skill-set and his passion; he is going to continue to fix problems and help communities thrive.