Talk Fusion Awarded 2016 Product of the Year for its innovative Video Chat

The Technology Marketing Corporation named Talk Fusion’s Video Chat the 2016 Communications Product of the Year. This is the second award that the company has received in 2016 from the media giant. The company’s video chat was labeled a revolutionary cross-communication platform. The awards honor exceptional products or services that facilitate data, video, and voice communications and were introduced to the market or significantly improved within the year.


Rich Tehrani, the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) said that he was pleased to honor the 2016 recipients of the Communications Products of the Year Award. He added that all the honorees were industry leaders who represented the best products and services presently available in the market.


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat


Talk Fusion powers its Video Chat product using WebRTC technology. It allows free face-to-face communication between users anywhere, with anyone, and on any device – tablet, smartphone, or desktop. The application is also available on Google play stores and iTunes.


The award demonstrates the power that the revolutionary cross-communication platform has to change how people communicate. The fact that it is a second accolade only shows the respect that the product has garnered in the market. The first version of the application was released in March 2016.


According to Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, the company’s IT team has set big plans for the near future with its revolutionary all-in-one video marketing services. He added that his team is dedicated to remaining ahead of the rest. Ryan Page, the company’s Chief Technical Officer, said that the award was a confirmation of work well done. Ryan added that Talk Fusion’s team is innovative, efficient, and fully capable of creating brilliant applications.


Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion offers innovative and dynamic ways of making marketing more memorable, persuasive, and engaging using video. Bob Reina, a former policeman turned marketer, established the company in 2007. Today, its creative products are marketed by independent associates operating in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion has a 30-day free trial period for new customers. Today, it is one of the biggest video communication companies globally. The company gives back to communities, families, friends, and animal charities.