Desiree Perez Takes Tidal To The Top.

Let’s face it, taking any company to the top of any market requires skill and know how. Everyone knows success is hard work. It gets even tougher when your company is trying to reach the top of the streaming music industry. That was the huge problem that Tidal was faced with before Desiree Perez got on the Tidal team. For anyone who does not know, Tidal is owned by R&B and Rap Star Jay-Z. As Jay-Z started to set higher expectations for Tidal, more and more of their management stepped away. Jay-Z knew he needed to do something and ask Desiree Perez to become an executive of Tidal. This was a great idea and with Desiree at the wheel, Tidal is seeing new levels of success.  Check for additional article.

Desiree Perez is no stranger to business or getting clients with big bucks on board. Under the wing of Desiree, Tidal is growing. The company has attracted customers, artists to the platform. The customers know that Desiree has been working hard to get things where they need to be and it shows by Tidal’s rapid growth. Additional articles to read on  The music is higher quality than some of the other streaming platforms too. That is another thing that current customers seem to like.

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Jay-Z knows how to surround himself with success and the right people. He certainly did that when he brought Desiree Perez to Tidal. She is taking Tidal to the top of a global market place. There is no doubt that with Desiree’s skills and know how.  More on  Tidal will show the world some amazing things. Jay-Z might very well be the next greatest music mogul. Regardless of what you know about Tidal, J-Zee or Desiree Perez, you owe it to yourself to check out the service offered by Tidal and see if it a good fit for you. Related article here.

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Tidal needed a good Leader to Succeed

Achieving success in business is not something that is easy and straight forward. Some things must be considered since a company can also fail to produce the expected results and instead it can go down. That is why the majority of great entrepreneurs always have a secret weapon that they can use when the time comes. If a time comes and they see that their company is not doing well as it should do, then go ahead and advantage of their secret and as a result, the company picks again, and that leaves people wondering. For instance, Apple, a company that has succeeded in the online streaming business, had to look for a secret weapon to achieve that success. It had to buy Beats by Dre and even worked with Drake who performed radio shows hence marketing its products and services.

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Jay-Z who is both a musician and great entrepreneur had to look for a way to maintain his company which had begun experiencing problems. There are already giants in the music streaming business that had started approaching Jay-Z because they thought that he would not make it in managing the company. At this point, Jay-Z had to hire someone to ensure that Tidal can get firm and work towards ensuring that the business is sustainable. That person is none other than Desiree Perez who is known in the trade world as a strong negotiator who always works diligently to ensure that deals have succeeded under her watch. That is the secret weapon that Jay-Z had to use to rescue his company from the sinking state.  Based on


Desiree is someone who is always resilience in what she does. Jay-Z knows her well because of the great help that she has given him. She has supported him in many deals, and she will also help him succeed in music streaming business contrary to what many people were thinking.

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Is Desiree Perez Working Out a Tidal Deal with Samsung?


The South Korean company Samsung is looking to buy Tidal from Jay Z. Samsung have already helped Jay Z launch the Magna Carta…Holy Grail. They have also helped Rihanna launch ANTI at the start of 2016.


 Rumors are that Samsung wrote out a check to Kanye West for their work with The Life of Pablo.


“Samsung is re-engaging. They are working on something really big, and they’re keeping it very quiet in case it leaks.” says a source.


I.B. Bad who is an industry insider, claims that Tidal is losing about ten million dollars a year. Even exclusive features -such as the releases of Kanye, Beyoncé and Rihanna albums- do not seem to have improved subscriber numbers enough.


Samsung are not the only ones looking at Tidal with interest. Spotify and Google have also been eyeing the Tidal company.


Whatever does happen next for Tidal, will be determined by Jay Z and his right hand woman Desiree Perez.


 Desiree -or Des- Perez and her husband Juan Perez have both been long time friends of Jay Z. It’s no wonder that Jay Z trusts them with his businesses Tidal, Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sport. Desiree Perez in particular is known for being tough and a strong businesswoman. If the future plans for Tidal are to sell the music streaming service, Desiree Perez will only allow it to happen if she can get Jay Z the best deal possible. Or if Tidal is not going to be sold but Desiree and Jay Z decide that they want to partner with another company to help gain more subscribers to Tidal and more management, she would ensure the best partnership would be struck.


When Tidal was first purchased, it was worth $250 million. Now it is said to be worth $100 million.


Rumors are that Tidal needs to be bought and handled by someone else for it to not die out completely. Of course these observations are merely based on rumors.


Tidal and Samsung management teams have both declined to discuss whether or not Tidal is going to be sold to Samsung.