A New Chapter of Electronic-Dance Music & The Chainsmokers

Are you into high-rhythmic movements? Do you like to listen to music that is high in tempo? How about songs that are full of melody? If you answered yes to some of the questions, then you’ve surely heard about The Chainsmokers. This group/duo is composed of two members, and they were brought together by a manager named Adam Alpert. Since the inception of the duo, electronic-dance music has seen a resurgence in activity thanks to the duo’s dynamic range in producing music. Alex Pall is one-half of the duo, and he already had plenty of disc-jockey experience. The other half of the duo is Drew Taggart, and he interning at a prominent record label. This match seemed to be destined for greatness as both figures shared the same interests.

In 2012, the two individuals got started by making remixes, which is very popular with this specific style of music. The remixes were for indie music and the band got its foot in the door by collaborating with Priyanka Chopra, Indian actress. This collaboration introduced the world to the somewhat hit song “Eraser.” Between 2013 – 2014, the band had found its footing and started doing live performances. Released in December 2013, “Selfie” became an instant hit, and it put the band on everyone’s radar. After a string of other chart-topping singles, the band had become a household name. “Roses” was a huge commercial success, and it thrusted the band into the limelight. This up-and-up trajectory has continued to this very day.

Reflecting the moment is something that The Chainsmokers does very well, and its new single epitomizes this notion to the fullest. “Sick Boy,” the band’s new hit, is a lot different and is a lot darker than the previous singles of the past. As of now, The Chainsmokers are riding high on success from this distinct sound, but who knows exactly what’s in store in the years to come.


Clayton Hutson Creates a Name for Himself in Music Industry

Clayton Hutson is someone that gets the job done when it comes to sound engineer. He has a great amount of experience when it comes to creating a spectacular show for the artist that he is working for. This is a good thing because in the music world concert-goers are going to want the best experience that they can get. They’re not going to want a concert that sounds choppy. This is why a sound engineer has such an important job. They play a vital role in the outcome of the concert. The concert can often determine just how well fans receive this artist.


It goes without saying that getting connected to a whole new genre of artists that do things differently can be an adjustment, but Clayton Hutson has years of experience. He knows how to go from a setup for an R&B artist like Maxwell to a rock artist like Kid Rock. He knows how to transition from someone like Kid Rock to pop artists like Pink.


The ability to gain so much exposure in the music industry makes Clayton Hutson a very vital Source. He knows about the things that are required of different people because he has worked with a multitude of celebrities. His experience has given him the ability to build a business where he never has to worry about bad reviews from clients hell. This is what he puts a large amount of energy into. He wants to create and environment where his clients are in favor of his work. He wants to be able to establish a base where people are actually going to utilize him again. He has been successful with doing this for more than two decades, and it appears that Clayton is prepared to do this for an even longer period.


It’s easy to see how someone like Clayton Hutson can thrive in the music business. He knows it very well, and he knows how to stay on the job even when the artist that he is working for may be out all night with a party. He realizes that staying up late and partying into the early morning hours is not an option when he has to be up early before 7 am for a sound check the next day. He has realized that his clients are not going to tolerate any excuses when they are on the road. Learn more: https://www.clayhutson.com