OSI Food Solution Doubles Food Solution

OSI is the world number one supplier of customized and value-added food commodities to retail and food service brands around the globe. It is a private entity with headquarters in the U.S., and its services range from custom food product’s manufacture to world-wide food supply management. The company sources, processes, and distributes its food products, delivering customized products that fit different client’s operations to help them maximize their opportunities.

OSI Food Solution has the ability to offer world’s food solution as it has 65 facilities in 17 countries and has offered employment to over 20,000 people. The company serves its customers from there many facilities located in different places in the world like in the United States, Germany, Austria, China, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Hungary, Philippines, Taiwan, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, India and Brazil.

With the company’s recent growth and expansion, OSI Food Solutions has increased pork, chicken and beef products drastically. This has led to an increase in employment opportunities in addition to the existing work force. This kind of growth has been fueled up by the fast growing demand of chicken products in Portugal and Spain.

OSI Food Solution bought Baho food which is a Dutch company which dealt with meat processing and other food items for different food service industries and retail. David G. McDONALD, the chief operating officer and president of the OSI groups said that their move to add Baho Food to the OSI Food Solution would broaden and increase their presence in Europe. In the companies’ continued international expansion, OSI Food Solution Company has also bought the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. The information acquired from OSI was that after acquiring Tyson Foods Plant, this would increase their ability to meet the rapidly increasing needs of their customers. Another great and progressive development by OSI Food Solutions was by the purchase of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe dealt with supply of frozen poultry, pies and sous vide products. According to the president OSI, this also gave them a wider presence in Europe.

OSI Food Solution industry was rated among the top 100 food companies in America because of its high rate of expansion over the years. The company was also credited with responsiveness and consistency to the customers’ needs. The company has recently been presented with a prestigious Globe of Honor Award for the 2016 from the British Safety Council for their exemplary management of possible environmental risk.

About OSI Food Solution: www.osieurope.com/en.html