End Citizens United Rallies Behind The Johnson Amendment

John F. Kennedy once said: “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.” This is one of the most important discussions that need to happen for Americans to understand the situation that the U.S.’ politics is in today. Read more on amazon .com to know more about end citizens united.

The separation of church and state is essential in a nation because everyone who does have a religion and follows it with their heart, tends to worship their beliefs as sacred, and therefore they must act when there are times that this is being breached. We only have to look in third-world countries for a lesson where religions almost have equal power to the government of those nations, and their politicians are afraid to go against the church because, if the church speaks against them, they will surely lose votes.

Although we can all agree that this is not exactly the state of the United States, and politics is a very separated entity from religion, but recent news might show otherwise.

You can hear stories of politicians giving brand new SUVs to bishops, sometimes women and other bribes, in exchange for that church or religion’s support. And, through this, churches become political tools and lobbyist.

There is nothing wrong with supporting the church that you believe in, or trying to gather as many votes as possible, but people need to be aware of what is happening since 2010 and why it has to stop.

These are the kind of things the Johnson Amendment is trying to prevent. It prohibits churches, welfare organizations, and charities from endorsing political candidates. However, this essential amendment is under threat right now, especially with the very unpredictable political climate we have right now.

Trump is one of the many examples why there is so much uncertainty and fear for the future in the air. In 2016, he promised that the Johnson Amendment is one of the laws that he’s going to work hard on repealing. Furthermore, with the GOP tax bill, it’s is being threated even further. With this bill, taxes for the rich, billionaires and corporations will get reduced, while the rest of the country bleeds. It can also turn churches into a hub of dark money.

Since 2010, there was a landmark that was approved called “Citizens United,” where the funding of candidates’ campaigns was allowed to be done by anyone.

Because of these events that challenge the transparency of politics in the U.S., the End Citizens United PAC is fighting the unlimited donations, bolstered by the court decision by Justice Anthony Kennedy, corporations can make and it is clear that these unlimited donations can be used as a form of bribe or lobby tool to endorse their own political interest. It is clear that dark political money should be removed in our system, it is the only way politics can be truly free from corruption.

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End Citizens United Prioritizes the Johnson Amendment Protection


The 2016 presidential election brought the Johnson Amendment to the attention of many. The then-Republican presidential candidate and current President of the United States made repealing the Johnson Amendment his top campaign promise. The promise seemed not raise ripples as the implications of repealing the amendment did not seem to make much difference, especially to those who had never heard of it. The Johnson Amendment was passed in 1954 to prohibit tax-exempt nonprofit organizations including churches from campaign financing.

Conservative members of Congress are hell-bent on seeing Trump’s campaign promise through. The abolition of the Johnson amendment seems all the more likely now, prompting the End Citizens United to be up in arms in attempts to protect the amendment from the Conservative effort. The Republican Party tax plans include the decision to revoke the act.

The End Citizens United considers this to be a means through which illegal campaign funds will be channeled through churches. With a tax-exempt status, the institutions will have the unfair advantage of directing huge sums received as donations to political causes. To be precise, the nonprofit organizations will be used as avenues through which wealthy political financiers will channel undeclared campaign financing.

The End Citizens United has taken note of the way the Republicans are about the repeal. Instead of outrightly revoking the law, they are attaching several pieces of legislation to it. The House Financial Services Appropriations Bill, for instance, contained legal wordings and phrases whose result is weakening the Johnson Amendment. The tax bill made the law useless as it sought to forbid the Internal Revenue Service from using donations to investigate violations of the Johnson Amendment. This tactful approach is of cause supposed to avoid a lot of publicity.

The End Citizen United, a political action committee, formed in 2010 will now inevitably have to focus on protecting this law to safeguard campaign financing sanctity. The Citizens United decision of 2010 by the Supreme Court allowed corporations similar rights as individuals. Further still, the Supreme Court chose to interpret the first amendment rights to include political financing too. In other words, political funding is a means of free speech. To the founders of End Citizen United, the decision seemed to have upended all known rules that prevented dark money in political campaigns. It was now possible that illegal funds could be channeled through super PACs and other corporations.

The ECU wants the decision overturned through constitutional amendments in Congress. In this endeavor, the End Citizen United has opted to support several candidates to Congress. The candidates have to be pro campaign financing reform. The Johnson Amendment has been added to its list of priorities.

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End Citizens United Fights For The Political Legacy Of President Lyndon Johnson

The End Citizens United PAC has recently announced it will fight for the political legacy of President Lyndon Johnson in the wake of President Donald Trump looking to take away the power of one of the major laws introduced by one of his predecessors. The Johnson Amendment has been on the law books since 1954 when then-Senator Johnson introduced his own law to the Senate threatening the tax-exempt status of any Church, charity, or university providing funding for political parties or candidates. Johnson understood the need for charities to take part in the political process and allowed voter registration drives and other political programs without providing direct funding for any political party or candidate.

End Citizens United has been on a collision course with President Trump since the election of 2016 when the Republican entered the Presidential race at the same time as the PAC began its life focused on bringing an end to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010. Since the arrival of End Citizens United on the political scene the group has operated as a traditional PAC which limits the political donations of any individual to just $5,000; despite the low threshold placed on donors the End Citizens United campaign raised a reported $25 million for the 2016 Presidential election cycle. Soon after its establishment, End Citizens United announced it would be supporting Democratic candidates for office as the political party shares many ideas with those of the majority of Democrat’s who support bringing an end to the Citizens United decision.

One of the Executive Orders signed by President Trump was designed to bring an end to the Johnson Amendment’s powers by limiting the role of the IRS in enforcing this impressive piece of legislation. President Trump has been an opponent of the Johnson Amendment for many months and made its repeal one of his major campaign promises; the irony of the situation remains the fact Johnson’s law was not controversial when introduced and passed the Senate with ease without a large amount of pushback from the Churches of the U.S.

End Citizens United CEO and President, Tiffany Muller explained the problem her PAC sees with the repeal of the Johnson Amendment is the misuse of the opportunity to bring more campaign funding into the politics of the U.S. Not only will Churches be able to fund political parties and influence individual candidates individual donors will also be able to funnel campaign finance funds from their personal accounts to political parties and claim tax refunds on these donations. Bringing an end to the Citizens United decision is just one aspect of the work of the PAC which has become a grassroots movement.

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George Soros – Benevolent and Philanthropic Humanitarian

George Soros escalates his philanthropic efforts on a regular basis through humanitarian promotion, economic growth, training and policy reform, and freely investing and promoting democratic ideals. His efforts are noted around the world for the significant contributions he has made to advance health and education.

Soros left Budapest, Hungary before World War II, when the Nazi occupation took place in Hungary. He worked his way to England in 1947, where he continued his training at the London School of Economics. Soros worked as a porter and restaurant waiter while going to college and got a position working at a bank, coming to the United States working as a trader and analyst in New York City. It was less than 20 years when he founded the Soros Fund Management firm and succeeded in becoming a millionaire.

The net worth of George Soros today is about $25.2 billion. During the 90’s, it is mentioned that he kicked in hundreds of millions of dollars to relief efforts to causes in the old Yugoslavia. Other causes that have found a home in his heart are disability rights, and discrimination against Muslims, including counterterrorism. UNICEF and the International Crisis Group have received $5 million apiece in support of their cases. George Soros consistently gives his support both emotionally and financially to the causes he believes in and promotes.

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Budapest, Hungary still holds the heart of George Soros as he helped establish the Central European University in his birthplace expanding educational freedoms for thousands of students. The contributions to the University in Budapest totaled more than $880 million dollars since early 1990’s. It is important to Soros to support disadvantaged and educationally deprived students. Along with promoting higher education, he also encourages education throughout early educational years through K-12.

Minority rights are placed extremely high on the Soros list philanthropic support. Open Society Foundations are a major concern of his, especially when it comes to minority rights and the deprived. Chris Stone, president of the Soros Open Society Foundations is quoted as saying “We try to understand who is vulnerable, who is marginalized, who is oppressed, society by society, place by place.” Visit bigthink.com to know more about George Soros.

Today George Soros continues his desire for everyone to receive a higher education and advance their skills to create a brighter future.

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More Than Seventy-Five Percent Of All Venezuelans Are Suffering From Extreme Poverty According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

The situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate. Severe shortages of all the necessities that are needed to survive are scarce. There’s hardly any food, and if people do find something to eat the cost is astronomical. A dozen eggs cost $150. The lack of clean water, hospital supplies, medicine, clean water, and electricity have created crime-ridden streets in this oil-rich nation. There is one man is to blame for the agony that is taking place, and his name is Nicolas Maduro, according to Deputy José Manuel González. José Manuel González is a member of the National Assembly from the farming state of Guárico.  President Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked successor of socialist Hugo Chavez has managed to destroy the economy of Venezuela. He has single handily bankrupted the government, and he has turned Caracas into one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

González has been watching and trying to stop Maduro ever since he took office after Chavez passed away in 2013. González wanted Maduro to invest in domestic food production after Chavez passed, and he wanted to help the farmers get new equipment and supplies, but Maduro did the opposite. The inept president confiscated farms and let them sit dormant. What González calls one of the most successful socialist governments in the world under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, is now an inflation-ridden mess that is spiraling out of control.

The downfall of Venezuela could have been avoided if Maduro would have changed the domestic policies that put imported goods in front of domestic production. He could have avoided the lack of money if he would have focused on exporting more and experimenting less, but González said that’s Maduro doesn’t have the sense to change, even now. Even Peru’s president is concerned about its neighbor. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski talked about Venezuela’s issue at the United Nations recently, and all Maduro could do was accused the Peruvian President of meddling.