Nick Vertucci Says Success is Inevitable

Nick Vertucci believes that the past is not a dictator of the future. You should defy all the odds in your life to become a success. According to Nick, obstacles are a stepping-stone into greatness.


Nick Vertucci was born in an average family where albeit the basic needs were met, there was no excessive supply. However, the condition changed when he was 9 years old when his father died. The mother was devastated by the news but she had to pick up the pieces fast to fend for the family. She worked long hours and took multiple jobs to meet the needs. Nick says that most times her mother came when they were already asleep as she worked night shifts to make extra money.

When Nick Vertucci hit 18 years, he left the home and started living in a van. Life was difficult but he was positive that he would one day make it. The big break came when Nick started selling computer parts and became an instant success. He made enough money since the computers were in high demand during the period.

Dot Com Crash

However, the unforeseen came when the dot-com crash hit the computer industry in 2000.Nick lost his business as customers no longer bought the goods. Unfortunately, he had no savings, a factor that made him lose most of his assets. For a span of 18 months, Nick had no income, and he lived off debts.

Real Estate Conference

One day a friend who was going to a real estate conference invited him. Although Nick Vertucci was apprehensive, he attended the conference. It was in that meeting that he found his purpose. Albeit he did not understand most of the content, he felt it was his way out of debt.

It took Nick ten years to learn the secrets that would make him rich in real estate. He is now a billionaire who has set up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) to educate others on real estate. His vision is to ensure that no one is entrapped in debts while they can make millions in real estate.


NVREA teaches you how to tackle the daily challenges in real estate. Some of the main topics are how to identify a viable property, repair it, and sell it as finished products.