How Roberto Santiago’s Passion has enabled him to thrive in Business

Roberto Santiago is a hard working entrepreneur who has always been determined to be successful. At the age of 59, he is worth millions of dollars and is the proprietor of Manaira Shopping. Santiago has been venturing into business since he was a teenager. He schooled at the University of Joao Pessoa and specialized in business administration. The first business that Roberto established was a small cafeteria in Santa Rosa. The enterprise was profitable, and it enabled him to accumulate capital that he used in founding a cartonnage business. By 1987, the businessman has enough wealth to venture in the real estate industry. He started the construction of Manaira Shopping, which was completed in 1989.


The business center is the most preferred shopping place in Joao Pessoa. It covers about 135,000 square feet, and its parking lot is big enough to accommodate over 8100 vehicles. The building has a variety of facilities that attract both tourists and shoppers from different parts of Brazil. Some of its features include a food court, a game zone, spa, salon, banks, a school, bowling area, electronic amusement park, over 200 shopping stores, and eleven movie theaters. The mall is open daily. Manaira Shopping is the largest business center in the Paraiba state. Santiago has invested in cutting-edge facilities that make it stand out. The constant renovations of the building enable it to look modern despite being in business for the past 28 years. Its size has also been increased about three times to ensure that it is big enough to accommodate the rising population of the city.


Manaira Shopping boasts of a very spacious concert hall that was constructed on its roof top in 2009. The Domus Hall is designed to host a variety of events that include conferences, fairs, exhibitions, and concerts. It has two floors that make its big enough to accommodate approximately 10,000 standing guests during a music concert. It is considered as one of the best in the city due to its excellent sound and air conditioning systems. The mall’s food court offers a relaxing environment where families and friends can hang out and enjoy the cuisine that is provided by its restaurants. It has both cheap and high-end eateries.


Santiago believes in offering the best products and services to his clients, and this has enabled Manaira Shopping to be successful. He has managed to grow his businesses and accumulate wealth due to his commitment, passion, discipline, and hard work. His achievement has made him an inspiration to many young business people. In 2013, the entrepreneur established Mangeria Shopping, which is a high-tech building that is also based in Joao Paulo. He donates to support various community-based projects in the city, and this has made him popular.