Celebrate the Summer with These EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Summer Fruit

A delicious mix of strawberry, blueberry, and peach, EOS’s Summer Fruit Lip Balm will remind you of family BBQ’s and poolside fun. Summer Fruit is also a certified organic and completely natural flavor, so you’re confident that your lip balm will be providing the best care for your lips.


Lemon Twist

If you’re missing those refreshing and energizing glasses of fresh Lemonade, look no further than Lemon Twist. With SPF 15, Lemon Twist promises over an hour of sweat and water resistance so you can keep celebrating the summer all day long.


Pink Grapefruit

Featuring SPF 30, this active lip balm will keep your lips protected from the harsh late summer sun while you enjoy the bright, fruity flavor. Pink Grapefruit is also a flavor that is completely petrolatum and paraben-free, available here at makeupalley.com.


Honeysuckle Honeydew

Celebrate the final days with Summer with the refreshing Honeysuckle Honeydew. The light and aromatic flavor will keep you dreaming of the delicious melon eaten during the summer. Click here to great ways to beauty.


Passion Fruit

If you’re craving a more tropical flavor, look no further that delicious Passion Fruit. The flavor is also good for your conscience, as Passion Fruit is made with sustainably sourced ingredients and a recipe that has never been tested on animals. Go to usmagazine.com for more fun articles to read.


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